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kindle Þ Hyperion Ø ↠ On the world called Hyperion beyond the law of the Hegemony of Man there waits the creature called the Shrike There are those who worship it There are those who fear it And there are those who have vowed to destroy it In the Valley of the Time Tombs where huge brooding structures move backward through time the Shrike waits forS set forth on a final voyage to Hyperion seeking the answers to the unsolved riddles of their lives Each carries a desperate hope and a terrible secret And one may hold the fate of humanity in his hands It's the 28th century through a little accident some people do not believe it was Earth has been destroyed by scientists over 400 years before the inhabitants have dispersed they struggle in two hundred different planets to survive in the vast galaxy an Empire called Hegemony rises to protect or is it to exploit them ? But with civilizations growing and changing in desert planets ocean worlds jungle lands mountains regions the expanding universe goes on forever how can any rule ? On the world called Hyperion a strange frightening looking being lives the Shrike some hate it others love all fear and many want to kill the creature animal or machine no one knows in the valley of the Time Tombs huge structures some kind of time travel device uite incomprehensible the evil thing kills without mercy or feeling but a cult evolves from this ruthless entity the bizarre church has many shrines around the empire Now war against merciless barbarians Ousters descendants from Earthlings living outside the Hegemony is about to begin faster than light speed transportation has been achieved total destruction is now possible billions can be slaughtered by unseen powerful weapons only dreamed of by their ancestors The Shrike by way of his followers invites seven humans on a pilgrimage to visit him yes this is a homage to the Canterbury Tales The priest Father Hoyt sick tired taking drugs losing his faith the soldier Kassad who has seen too many deaths in too many battles retired the boisterous poet Silenus famous for his first poem now unable to finish one not liked by his companions the scholar Weintraub carrying his infant daughter Rachel the one person he loves medicine has failed she gets dangerously younger every day he would do anything to save her the Starship captain Masteen from the mysterious Templar Brotherhood keeping secrets from the others the detective and only woman in this group Lamia as tough as any man who still can weep having lost her love and last but far from least the cynical brooding consul name not stated he has information from the top the legendary Meina Gladstone she controls the empire the omniscient computers in reality by unethical political maneuvers enemies would say that a spy is among them maybe he knows than anyone else returning reluctantly to the planet he formerly governed and always enjoys looking at the nightly sky as the meteor showers light up the darkness They go up endless rivers stormy seas remote lands in aerial trams high above the ground telling stories when the pilgrims stop to rest and finally walking slowly in the eerie valley of the Shrike to their doom all believe still continue on holding hands one begins singing an obscure song from old Earth everybody joins in We're off to see the Wizard A brilliant novel that of course has a seuel three in fact

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On the world called Hyperion beyond the law of the Hegemony of Man there waits the creature called the Shrike There are those who worship it There are those who fear it And there are those who have vowed The updates I posted while reading this book pretty much capture how I felt the entire way so rather than just rewrite them I'll focus on my overall impression upon finishing Hyperion It's about the journey it's not about the destinationI was deeply disappointed that there was no resolution once the pilgrims arrived at the Time Tombs but I don't see how there could have been a satisfying resolution without adding at least another 100 pages to the book So I just reminded myself that this book was about the journey and not the destinationI almost wish they'd left the entire OusterSpyGalaxy is on the edge of Armageddon story out and simply focused on the pilgrims and their story letting their individual tales hint at the wider galaxy and its various conflicts I guess the Consul's story wouldn't have been as meaningful without the greater understanding we got about the Hegemony and the Ousters but if not knowing that meant not having this disappointing unresolved feeling that I have right now I just finished the book a few minutes ago I think it would have been a fair trade If the whole thing is telling us about these people going to see The Shrike fading out just before they do is like dropping Luke into the trench on the Death Star and never letting us know what happens nextI understand that much of the resolution I currently find lacking is provided in Book Fall of Hyperion but every book even those that are part of a series should provide an entirely satisfying experience to someone who reads them in isolation of the other volumes To that end Hyperion succeeds I think even if it doesn't tell us what happens when they finally get to the Shrike or if they even do as long as we accept that it is about the journey and not the destinationI still loved it I still thought it was a wonderfully written novel that absolutely deserved the Hugo I wish I could give it 35 stars but thinking back on how much I enjoyed it while I was reading it instead of how unresolved I feel at this moment I'm bumping it up to 4

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HyperionTo destroy it In the Valley of the Time Tombs where huge brooding structures move backward through time the Shrike waits for them all On the eve of Armageddon with the entire galaxy at war seven pilgrim Posted at Heradas ReviewThis is another one of those classics of SF literature that I have somehow missed reading over the years Had I been of an active reader in the nineties I’m sure I would’ve come to it much sooner Thankfully I finally got there and Hyperion was not what I expected in the best way possible It’s most often compared to Dune The Book of the New Sun or other great works of Science Fantasy Obviously coming into the novel my expectations were high and I knew the most basic gist of the plot a pilgrimage across a world to meet an unimaginable being What I got was partly what I anticipated but in a very left field form which was such a refreshing subversion of my what I thought I was getting myself into It delivered on what I thought it was but in a way I never imagined and it was fantasticInstead of straight forward narrative momentum Hyperion is almost entirely the backstories of these pilgrims It’s heavily character based and the only book I can honestly say is 100% both a novel and a story collection These stories are technically novellas because of their length but you get what I’m saying Each story genuinely adds to the forward narrative by going backward It’s really uite breathtaking to see this done so well I’ve read other collections that are also novels but they’re always one or the other This is eually bothEach tale feels like a slightly different genre married to science fiction and the interstitial sections weave them together tightly Only one of them fell slightly flat for me Mostly because it was akin to cyberpunk than anything else and I have a real lovehate affair with cyberpunk I tend to judge the genre entirely too harshly at times mostly because if I have any sort of professional knowledge it’s in the Information Technology arena and I have a difficult time suspending my disbelief about the realities of virtual worlds in regards to how they’re represented in cyberpunk That’s a topic for another dayHyperion has that indescribable almost lovecraftian terror dread and brooding present throughout and one tale in particular left me unbearably heartbroken There’s honestly only one thing I can objectively complain about here and it’s endemic to the genre during the time period this was written in than anything else the way the narrator spends an inordinate amount of time describing women’s bodies broken down into parts particularly breasts and nipples It’s just kind of eye roll pervy but it’s my only real gripe Thankfully it’s not uite at a Haruki Murakami level and this doesn’t much happen any in the really well written stuff of the genre but I’m embarrassed for the author than anything else award winning fiction like this is fairly written in stone for future generations to examineI was torn whether or not to dig straight into The Fall of Hyperion after finishing this but ultimately I decided not to just yet I want to let this percolate and grow in my mind but mostly I’m one of those anti bingeing types that prefers to spread great stories out over a long period of time to elongate my enjoyment of them and better unpack their themes I think it’s time for a non genre novel and then I’ll dig back in when the time is right That being said I can’t wait to come back to the world of Hyperion and see what new terrors await these fantastic characters