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SUMMARY I Am Number Four 109 Ò Nine of us came here We look like you We talk like you We live among you But we are not you We can do things you dream of doing We have powers you dream of having We are stronger and faster than anything you have ever seen We are the superheroes you worship in movies and comic books but we are realOur plan was to grow and train andPerheroes you worship in movies and comic books but we are realOur plan was to grow and train and become strong and become one and fight them But they found us and started hunting us first Now all of us are running Spending our lives in. The Mogadorian caught Number One in MalaysiaNumber Two in EnglandAnd Number Three in Kenya I am Number FourI am nextCatchy isn’t itUnfortunately the story itself isn’t uite as catchy I was rather underwhelmed to be honestThe plot was ok but somehow it only managed to hold my attention for a period of about 10 minutes After that I found myself getting bored and my thoughts kept drifting off to random topics like what’s for dinner or shit I really need to iron that white blouse of mine While some parts of the story were uite entertaining other parts were just so cliché that I almost gave up on the book entirely I found myself slapping my forehead often than is healthy and several times I surprised myself and random people around me by shouting out loud Oh come on SeriouslyThe scenario in a nutshellAlien hides out in small town alien falls in love with human girl alien goes to party with human girl party escalates house starts burning alien saves human girl from flames said alien is resistant to fire alien tells human girl about true identity human girl has no trouble at all accepting this alien and human girl lie to police about rescue that should have been impossible nasty reporter dude gets suspicious of alien and fishy rescue story chapter ends with reporter dude yelling after alien I will find the truth I always doNow tell me is this worn out or is this worn outAnd this was just one of the scenes that made me want to bang my head on the table There were The characters also felt kind of flat to me John aka #4 was nice enough imagining him as Alex Pettyfer actually helped a lot I also liked Sam Henri and even Mark but just like John’s and Sarah’s relationship the girl herself was dull and just plain boring I didn’t feel the love there was absolutely no tension no tingling no butterflies nada zip zero zilch Just nothing at all that could have triggered any kind of emotion on my partI think the characters I liked best were Six she really kicked ass and the dog oOOverall this was a solid two stars read for me seeing as the story did entertain me at times especially towards the end and I made it through the book but it was definitely nothing memorable for me I’m really looking forward to the movie though I think this might be one of those rare cases where the movie is actually better than the book We’ll see

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Shadows in places where no one would look blending in We have lived among you without you knowingBut they knowThey caught Number One in MalaysiaNumber Two in EnglandAnd Number Three in KenyaThey killed them allI am Number FourI am next. Full review still in progress but here's approximately the first half pre reading comments at the endEDIT Okay I'm never going to finish this thing Frankly I don't care But I added a list of things I was planning to put into it at the endEDIT 2 Everyone who is even THINKING about reading this book should read this article and find out exactly what you're dealing with and what you're supportingIntroduction I Am The Fourth MatrixThere is a theater in my city that shows movies after they’ve left the other theaters for two or three dollars a ticket It’s a pretty good deal On Friday night they showed The Matrix which I’d never seen and I went with a couple of friends It was decent A little bit predictable a little bit too violent at times but overall pretty good The problem was I’d been reading I Am Number Four that same day trying to finish it and put it behind me and I watched one of the released movie clips of Six to reassure myself before I encountered her in the book that someone actually cool would show up eventuallyThis tainted my viewing of The MatrixYou see I Am Number Four is what you get if you took the coolest seuences of The Matrix and the premise of Superman tossed them in a blender and added a sprinkling of generic Love Interest Powder to the top But ah be sure not to blend it too smooth it has to be choppy and jolting to experience and you can’t have that if things meld together seamlesslyI’m frustrated with ‘Pittacus Lore’ for making me think of his characters when I was watching Keanu Reeves stop bullets in midair But on the other hand there’s a wonderful irony to going to see the original on the opening night of the cheap poorly concealed knock offI’m not going to see the movie obviously It’s not worth my time But I did spend time on the book so let’s talk about that for a whileBad Researcher No CookieIt is painfully obvious that ‘Pittacus Lore’ doesn’t know jack about science I’m not sure if he’s trying to bill this as science fiction or not but if so someone should go hit him over the head with the entire collected Dune series or something because this is pretty much the worst science fiction I’ve ever read Why do I say this Oh where to begin well actually that’s obviousLorien is a cheap imitation of Earth and its inhabitants are eually cheap imitations of humans Think about it The fact that they look enough like us to pass as us without extra technology or spells or whatever should have given it away If that wasn’t enough maybe someone else noticed the color scheme of the planet Really Mr ‘Lore’ do you think that all plants are automatically green everywhere in the universe Or for that matter that all water is blue It’s a matter of chemicals and elements and since you take great pains to point out that Lorien has a different concentration of mineral resources than Planet Earth we know that the ratios of elements in the soil have to be different And even if the readers were inclined to let that slide did you really think you get away with giving the Loric people all of these human structures They drive cars and park them in driveways for heaven’s sake They have grass Air shows Fireworks They even have the same kind of names In essence they are exactly like humans except for the ones with sparkly Sue powers Ah and those powers Did you think I’d miss that too Treat it as science fantasy whatever but let’s talk a little hard evolutionary science for a moment When explaining the origins of the Legacies Henri tells John that they were ‘like a gift from the planet’ or some crap like thatUmNoThat is not how evolution worksIt goes like this New traits come to be through random mutations Some of them will be beneficial some simply not detrimental; some will be fatal or sterilizing Events in the environment lead to one trait being favored over others but it must already exist within the population Evolution doesn’t spontaneously create beneficial traits; it amplifies them in the population at large So there would have to have been Legacies already present among the Loric for them to become prevalentOkay change gears herePlanets and starsLorien is one tenth the size of Earth and its star is twice the size of our Sun It’s fourth away from this star All of these should have shaped the kind of life that evolved there For this I have the manga Planetes to thank because without it I might not have noticed; but gravity affects the way body shapes develop Growing up in lower gravity hypothetically should result in a taller individual because there’s less strain on the body Now unless you’re going to tell me that Lorien is superdense that wasn’t accounted for in this bookAnd as for that planet Smaller than Earth It can’t hold as much atmosphere Still relatively close to the Sun It should be BAKED before it can ever support life outside of Kingdom Archaea Granted I may be incorrect on this point; biology is my strong point than astronomyCulture physiology solar system OH WAITParallel evolutionIf you’re not familiar with the term this is what happens when sci fi writers get lazy and decide that every sentient race in the universe looks almost exactly like humans except maybe with pointy ears and funny eyebrows or some crazy forehead makeup TV shows can get away with it or they could until technology caught up with them Books just can’t You don’t have to worry about how to simulate this alien; you’re just describing it anyhow That’s how we get things like the gaseous race that shows up in one of Anne McCaffrey’s ‘The Ship Who’ booksIt’s possible to explain parallel evolution to reader satisfaction The Lighthouse Land by Adrian McKinty did this well ‘Pittacus’ didn’t do so And what’s worse it’s not just one race that looks suspiciously humanoid there are two alien races that are nonetheless capable as passing as native Terrans with a minimum of work Even given that the book was optioned for a movie before it was published this is unacceptable Parallel evolution is the cheap trick that as far as I’m concerned should never be usedAnd on that note let’s talk about humans and the LoricHumans Lame Aliens Awesome Your Accomplishments Mean NothingThis is a theme of I Am Number Four that particularly stood out to me and here is why One of the roleplays I’m doing on Gaia right now is about human settlers reaching the first planet they intend to colonize and finding an existing alien civilization As I’m in control of the aliens I’ve been doing all the worldbuilding for this place and that included figuring out why they resembled a cross between humans and Terran birds My solution was a little like McKinty’s I tossed in an ancient race that meddled with both the younger species and made them in their own image When I first proposed this though I hadn’t really figured out how it would go yet and so my partner raised a point isn’t this cheapening human achievements as a species if you credit their whole existence and all their achievements to other aliensAnd he was right you know So I backed off and made it work a different wayI wish Pittacus Lore had had to run his ideas by a similar audience Because he didn’t we get things like this “We helped the humans taught them to make fire gave them the tools to develop speech and language which is why our language is so similar to the languages of Earth”Okay really No one language can be similar to all the languages of Earth It’s simply not possible Apparently Pittacus hasn’t seen a language family tree well ever Grammar alone even if every language had the same sort of pronunciation would make it impossible; add in the fact that letters are pronounced differently or that you have tonal languages and languages that use percussive sounds as well not to mention myriad dialects and this whole sentence is shown to be complete bullshit But it’s not the worst This is“What happens if we try to have children with humans”“It’s happened many times before Usually it results in an exceptional and gifted human Some of the greatest figures in Earth’s history were actually the product of humans and the Loric including Buddha Aristotle Julius Caesar Alexander the Great Genghis Khan Leonardo da Vinci Isaac Newton Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein”I’m going to ignore the suggestion that the Greek gods were also just half Loric humans because this is than preposterous enough According to Pittacus Lore you see not only would humans not have developed fire or language on their own they wouldn’t have come up with things like the Four Noble Truths or the theory of Relativity if the speshul aliens hadn’t been involved Frankly seeing this list I’m kind of surprised that Lore stopped here why not claim responsibility for Muhammad or Jesus or Confucius for example while we’re undermining world religions Why not assert that Michelangelo or Van Gogh were half Loric Hell what about George Washington or since Genghis Kahn made the roster Adolf Hitler Because clearly noooooothing important can go on without alien involvement Oh and how did the two species crossbreed This goes back to the evolution thing I guess if there’s an explanation there it might solve this problem too but I doubt there isFormerly planned sections The Hero Is Exempt From MoralsIn which I would have discussed John's flagrant abuse of his power including some incidents of untempered and unregretted harm caused to others who were barely than bystanders and that one time he attacked Henri Also the fact that he never cared about Henri enough to remember his name until he was dead And All Characters Are Exempt From BrainsIn which I would have discussed Henri's abominably stupid decision to investigate a Mogadorian threat on his own and John's decision that staying in the town where his girlfriend lived was important than his own life or the future of his planet We Should Have Expected This From James FreyIn which I would have discussed the way Frey wrote his own pen name into the story and glorified himself by making 'Pittacus' one of the most famous Lorics of all time Of Course He Wasn’t Being Paid That WellIn which I would have discussed Frey's book factory business plan and the truly horrible writing in this book Minor FailsIn which I would have discussed the anvilicious and obvious attempt at trend riding environmental 'message' presented in the contrast between the Lorics and the Mogadorians the absurd plot convenience of Sam just happening to mention the Mogadorians and the fact that it is impossible to see vegetation moving under wind if the globe you're looking at is the size of a rauetballLong story short Don't waste your time or your money If you want sci fi go read some CJ Cherryh or Frank Herbert or watch Firefly or Doctor WhoWhile readingForget Alex Pettyfer Let's see Tom Baker in this partBefore readingI've got a galley of this sitting on my bookshelf and I was uite looking forward to it until I saw an add for the movie trailer on FacebookNo book should be made into a movie for release the year after publication I'm sorry but that's just wrong And now I 'm kinda not looking forward to reading this I still will but I'll take my time getting to it

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I Am Number FourNine of us came here We look like you We talk like you We live among you But we are not you We can do things you dream of doing We have powers you dream of having We are stronger and faster than anything you have ever seen We are the su. This book is so strange and awful it's hard to explain exactly why I dislike it Thank God this book didn't live up to its hype like Twilight did At least I hope it didn't because I don't really hear much about this one I couldn't get past chapter nine It was such a bloody bore I decided to give it time for me to find that little spark But no Now here are the problems1 Lore can't use the word and in the proper way Which seems like it's not a big of a deal but it is He randomly places it and tries to get his readers to understand his reading and it's uite awful 2 The characters are all bland and pathetic John seems to have a false sense of bravado Henri makes me want to bang my head against the wall And don't get me started on Sarah The characters are so emotionless No depth 3 Lore tends to forget the most significant details regarding his plot It's like OH I FORGOT TO MENTION WHAT MY POWERS ARE OH WAIT MY NAME IS 4 His writing is dull and boring in every possible way It reminds me of Fitzgerald's writing