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A Piece of Cake Read ✓ 8 Ó Amazing Ebook, A Piece of Cake author Jill Murphy This is the best favorite book format Paperback and others 32 pages and has a text language like English isbn 9781406320930 The best favorite book format Paperback and others 32 pag. I have mixed feelings about this book Despite there being potential links available for PSHE and the Science topic of healthy eating and different food groups I feel the message being sent to the readers who would most likely be children or adults reading this story to them is all very negative For example on the first page of the story we are greeted by Mrs Large looking incredibly angry that she's fat then rather than explaining to her children the benefits of healthy living she sets rules such as No cakes No biscuits No crisps No sitting around all day From now on it's healthy living Not only does this tell the reader that being fat is a really bad thing it also sends a message to children that healthy living is a very negative and boring aspect of life I know when I was child if I were to have been described healthy living as this I don't think I would have wanted to take part Later on in the story the readers are told how awful it is being healthy and that by the time evening came everyone felt terrible Then when a homemade cake from Granny arrives we see the whole family give up on their healthy living scheme and eat the cake that night Overall despite the possible links to PSHE and Science this story describes the negative aspects of healthy living and ends with the whole family giving up on it which again puts healthy living in a negative light

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Es and has a text language like English isbn 978140632093. I’ve mixed feelings about this book because it does portray healthy eating and exercise in a negative light and as a chore but then again I often feel like that so it feels accurate I’m still not sure I want to I still that mentality into my child though Mrs Large the matriarch of a family of elephants feels fat No amount of praise for her curves from her children can persuade her otherwise and so she forces the entire family to eat ridiculously unappetising “healthy” food and go for lots of exercise Alas the pounds don’t shift and temptation is thrown in the way in the form of a cake gifted by a relative While the ending involves everyone giving in to the lure of the cake it also ends in Mrs Large accepting that perhaps elephants are supposed to be big It’s this acceptance of her form at the end that redeemed this in my eyes and I suppose I can make it a teachable story when my daughter is a bit older we can work out how to make the healthy food nicer Despite the concerns of perpetuating diet culture myths this was still a fun book to read with lively illustrations and my daughter enjoyed having it read to her

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A Piece of CakeAmazing Ebook A Piece of Cake author Jill Murphy This is. A mother elephant decides she's too pudgy so she starves her entire family in an attempt to lose a few Pointless and cruel Avoid this one at all costs