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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Skugga-Baldur Ç Een zwakbegaafde meisje wordt gevonden aan boord van een vrachtschip dat in 1868 voor de kust van Reykjavik strandt Ze is zwanger Niemand weet wie ze is of waar ze vandaan komt De wat wereldvreemde plantkundige Fridrik B Fridjonsson ontfermt zich over haar Er ontstaat een tedere relatie tussen hem en het meisje waardoLantkundige Fridrik B Fridjonsson ontfermt zich over haar Er ontstaat een tedere relatie tussen hem en het meisje waardoor ze zich buiten de gemeenschap plaatsen De dominee ontzegt haar de toegang to. Hmm I bought this just because it sounded interesting and it made me remember why I stopped doing that The synopsis was better than the book There were so many characters with different names that it got confusing the format was discombobulated it was pretty hard to understand and in general I just didn't understand the cohesiveness or significance of any of the events I was glad it was short and even glad that I was able to finish it uickly I wouldn't recommend this one unless you could read it in the original language because I think it would flow better when it's not awkwardly translated


Een zwakbegaafde meisje wordt gevonden aan boord van een vrachtschip dat in 1868 voor de kust van Reykjavik strandt Ze is zwanger Niemand weet wie ze is of waar ze vandaan komt De wat wereldvreemde p. In the snowflake that lingered on his fingertip lay a gleaming hair –there was no mistaking the colourblueDiscussing this brief novel in the book club and afterwards glancing through its pages another time this book grew on me unveiling of its magical beauty and mysteries reading some of its lyric passages again Having read Sjón’s Moonstone The Boy Who Never Was a few years ago The blue fox came across as a accomplished piece of writing I greatly enjoyed its marvellous non linear composition the slow disclosure how the narratives in the story embrace each other its multiple layers and the visual uality of the poetic proseTaking into account the slenderness of the book – only 112 pages the variety of forms in which Sjón unfolds the narratives is dazzling creating a kaleidoscopic landscape out of poetry fable myth science and history the story is set in January 1883 Shifting in register tone and pace the fragments merge together into a dark fairy tale thrusted forward by the contrasts between good and evil tradition and modernity hate and love bigotry and science taking care of the weak versus abandonment repudiation or even murdering of the ones who are different The weather was mild with light cloud and a gentle southerly breeze; the winter sun floated over the wilderness fat and red as the yolk of a raven’s egg This was the calm that had ridden on the wings of yesterday’s stormWhat particularly resonated with me was how wonderfully Sjón’s writing tuned in to what I have read of other Icelandic authors before –Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s stunningly poetic trilogy Heaven and Hell The Sorrow of Angels The Heart of Man – and the mock Viking epos Wayward Heroes by Halldór Laxness Each in their own way these novels testify of the vital role poetry played and plays in Icelandic life Harsh unforgiving and grim as life and the human species can be poetry is life enhancing and can give life meaning Poetry is what lasts on our lips while we die poetry is at the centre of the universe 'I have seen the universe It is made of poems' Fridrik cries out in his student days And the universe or nature sending a storm and a blue vixen has the power to restore justice At least in fairy tales what goes around comes around paintings by Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval


Skugga BaldurT de kerk omdat zwakbegaafden de dienst verstoren Fridrik zint op wraak Als de dominee die een fervent jager is op de sneeuwvlakten achter een slimme blauwvos aan zit lijkt die wraak zich te voltrekk. Winner of the 2005 Nordic Council Literature Prize The Blue Fox by Sjón translated by Victoria Cribb is part fable part fairy tale part myth and part magical fantasySet in Iceland’s stark wintery landscape in 1883 the novella is divided into four parts Part Idescribes Reverend Baldur Skuggason hunting a blue fox and ends with him firing his rifle and killing the fox Part II focuses on Fridrik Fridjonsson and Abba his young assistant who suffers from Down’s syndrome It includes Abba’s tragic backstory of her victimization and abuse and her death at the age of thirty Part III transports us back to the snowy mountains where Baldur having triggered an avalanche when he shot the fox is now wounded and trapped in the snow He hallucinates Metamorphoses occur the fox becomes human; the human becomes animal Baldur consumes the fox’s heart wears its fur and lusts after a vixen in heat Part IV sews together the two seemingly disparate threads The narrative’s non linear progression gradually unfolds to reveal the true nature of the reverend leaving one to ponder who is the real animal in the storyThe diction especially in Parts I and III where Sjón describes Iceland’s unforgiving landscape reads like a series of lyrical poems The short paragraphs on each page surrounded by copious white space reinforce the poetic uality as well as the snowy white landscape of the setting Sjón takes us inside the minds of the hunter and hunted as they try to outmaneuver each other The hunter stalking the hunted the hunted evading the hunter is described as if in slow motion Our sympathies lie with the exuisitely described beautiful blue fox And when she raises her head for the last time the bullet that ends her life reverberates throughout the stark landscapeA combination of fable fairy tale myth and magical fantasy Sjón has written a visual masterpiece in hauntingly beautiful prose The narrative addresses the theme of good versus evil; innocence versus guilt; charity versus hypocrisy; compassion versus bigotry; the pristine beauty of the natural world versus the cruelty corruption and avarice of man And like all great fables and myths the relevance of its message transcends time and placeHighly recommendedMy book reviews are also available at wwwtamaraaghajaffarcom