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Horns AUTHOR Joe Hill Summary ß 104 ↠ an alternate cover edition can be found hereJoe Hill's critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling Bram Stoker Award winning debut chiller Heart Shaped Box heralded the arrival of new royalty onto the dark fantasy scene With Horns he polishes his well deserved crown A twisted terrifying new novel of psyAn alternate cover edition can be found hereJoe Hill's critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling Bram Stoker Award winning debut chiller Heart Shaped Box heralded the arrival of new royalty onto the dark fantasy. In order to enjoy this book for the disappointment it is I suggest the following for the over 21 crowdTake one sip every time Someone exclaims any one of No; Oh my God” “What ARE you”A character or location from a Stephen King novel is mentioned You want to slap the main character and tell him to man up Merrin’s hair is described The pace becomes inert The word devil appears Warning you may get intoxicated from this action alone The setting is either at the evil knieval trail or Lee’s house His style of writing makes you uestion if he really is King’s sonYou revisit a scenecharacter that has already been described ad nausea Take two sips every time Plausibility exits stage right Something way too convenient is revealed but then just as uickly is dismissed The narrator repeats himself An animalreptile dies After countless pages of unnecessary descriptions of inanimate objects and places you realize he is King’s sonYou can predict the outcome of each introduced character Warning this happens with every character You yawn doze off skim or rub your temple in frustration Down the bottle every time You feel a headache coming on because just as it was starting to get interesting Hill slips into the past without even a head’s up or Scooby effect You start screaming “Ok but why does he have horns”And for all you tolerant drinkers out there who haven’t had enough I DARE you to drink every time you think a uestion any uestion is going to be answeredSidenote If you’ve found one likeablefleshed out character in this book – you’ve drank too much Step away from the computer and dial 9 1 1

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Scene With Horns he polishes his well deserved crown A twisted terrifying new novel of psychological and supernatural suspense Horns is a devilishly original triumph for the Ray Bradbury Fellowship recipient whose stor. Remember way back at the beginning of the year when I said that I wanted to hump Hugh Laurie's leg for writing The Gun Seller After reading Horns and just the ARC not even the finished shiny and perfect masterpiece I want to hump Joe Hill's leg for writing it Not too long ago I read Hill's short story collection 20th Century Ghosts and in the intro Christopher Golden says that Hill is subtle writer that his stories are promises fulfilled I think that Golden's words about Joe Hill are even apt when it comes to Horns This is Joe Hill fulfilling his promise to readers Horns is his promise to the world that he can keep pulling new and amazing tricks out of his bag and each one will be better than the last I'm sad that I'm finished that it's over I feel like I should just flip back to the beginning and read it again because I know without a doubt that it will be even brilliant the 2nd time around Joe Hill's subtlety and brilliance is much in evidence and has effect in this book than any of his other books I've read I don't even know how to gush enough to do justice to what I want to say I feel like with every line that I read there was another line behind it that added to the depth of the one I'd just read The way that he wrote Lee was amazing Seeing things through his eyes was truly scary and disturbing I don't want to give too much away about his character but I will say this I think that Joe Hill wrote Lee Tourneau better than his father Stephen King wrote Junior Rennie When Ig sermonizes to the snakes I was proud of him in that moment Not simply for finally realizing that the snakes were his but for his understanding of truth and life and love in that moment and for accepting Merrin's decision that last night as being her right even though it destroyed him I feel like Joe Hill wrote these things but then I also feel like he didn't write them that he doesn't have to write them because they just seep out of the pages and into me Merrin's letter is another one of those 'between the lines' bits My heart hurt reading her letter to Ig I felt like I was losing something myself and I hurt for them I definitely had some sympathy for the devil at that moment Which brings me to my next couple of points I love how music works its way into Hill's writing and stories and the depth that it gives them It's not just there for set dressing or for a pop culture stamp to place the story into a familiar territory for the reader one gets the feeling that not only is music important to Hill but that it is vital to him I feel like he was speaking through Ig when he was appalled at Lee's lack of music appreciation his plain statement that music is simply the background noise to events or action Music is something that some people live and breathe and I feel like Joe is one of those people and because he is so was Ig I also loved the devillish humor inserted throughout the story I love when a book can take me from one extreme to another and this was no exception I went from confusion to shock to laughter to tears to laughter to tears etc Every page brought some new revelation and to me Hill's timing with the humor and the heartache were spot on I further loved the full picture of Merrin we got even though we never got to really meet her We got a composite of her from various other sources like a police sketch artist making a picture from one person describing the nose another describing the shape of the eyes another giving us the hair or the mouth or the jawline etc Merrin's loss hit me like a ton of bricks even though I knew about it from the beginning But it still hurt because I came to love her the way that Ig did even though there was a brief time that I disliked her when I saw her through Lee's eyes Even though I knew it was hopeless I still wanted to hope that something would happen to magically reverse what actually DID happen That was wishful thinking but what I'm saying is that Joe Hill made me feel that way despite knowing what I knew about the impossibility of that I both loved and hated the way that people would spill their deepest and darkest thoughts to Ig and I really felt for him having to endure the awful things that people thought about him I couldn't imagine hearing those kinds of things from the people I love and the people who are supposed to love me Everyone claims to want the truth about how people feel about us but I think that the plain unvarnished truth is awful and unbearable In my head I can hear Jack Nicholson yelling YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH and it's true I would have probably just crawled in a hole somewhere if people had said to me what they said to Ig So kudos to him for being stronger than I am I think that's enough gushing There's a lot that I wrote down to mention but I think you all get the point now don't you If you haven't already read this book Discover the greatness that is Joe Hill I'm waiting

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Horns AUTHOR Joe HiY collection 20th Century Ghosts was also honored with a Bram Stoker Award and whose emotionally powerful and macabre work has been praised by the New York Times as wild mesmerizing perversely wittya Valentine from hel. Joe Hill writes from a dark and mysterious place When I read this book I was enthralled and uncomfortable at the same time With every Hill novel I have read the evil is unconventional and twisted In this novel the protagonist connects with the dark forces through mysterious horns growing out of his head and it only gets stranger from there My guess is that 9 out of 10 readers will have no idea exactly what happened but there is a good chance that most of them will have enjoyed it I was one of those