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characters Banker by Dick Francis ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì It is difficult to say which was the first step towards the distant cataclysm Looking back Tim Ekaterin sees it as the day his boss stepped into a fountain From there he is drawn into events and meets people as yet unconnected but which when woven togetheThere he is drawn into events and meets people as yet unconnected but which when woven together by time and chance lead to violent action and the threat of dea. Partway through I really wondered why I'd read that this book is reputed to be Mr Francis' best It's an interesting story with likeable characters but it didn't really seem to be going anywhere But then things changed When I got to the end I saw how all the rest of the story contributed to the conclusion and how the time spent on character development caused it to have impact

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Th Set in the world of merchant banking and thoroughbred racing Banker is a terrific story which grows from seemingly harmless seeds to a wholly horrific harves. In Banker Dick Francis is able to take two things I know very little about — merchant banking and thoroughbred breeding — and twist them together in such a way that I can’t put the book down I always find reading Francis to be effortless He pulls me in from the start with an unusual situation Young banker Tim Ekaterin finds his boss standing in the fountain in front of the bank with his clothes on This situation is what leads to Tim being responsible for deciding whether or not the finance the purchase of Sandcastle a star racehorse He becomes uite close to Sandcastle’s owner and his young daughter after birth defects begin to appear in the horse’s progeny — they all have too much to lose Francis tends to set his main characters up in almost but not uite inappropriate relationships with young 17 in this case girls which is a little weird but things never cross the line Regardless I know when I pick up a Dick Francis book that I’m going to be sucked in until the last page

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Banker by Dick FrancIt is difficult to say which was the first step towards the distant cataclysm Looking back Tim Ekaterin sees it as the day his boss stepped into a fountain From. This is among the better novels written by Dick Francis The protagonist Tim Ekaterin is an investment banker at a large and venerable firm The firm is approached by Oliver Knowles who owns a stud farm Knowles wants to borrow 5 million to buy a racehorse named Sandcastle and put him out to stud The horse has run brilliantly and on form would probably do eually well at stud This is not the sort of a loan that a staid conservative bank would normally even consider but several of the bank's directors including Tim and his boss have seen the horse run and are intrigued by the propositionTim is assigned to investigate Knowles his operation and his finances and make a recommendation to the board Tim develops an immediate affinity for Knowles is impressed with his operation and recommends that the bank make the loan with all sorts of precautions being taken The bank agrees with Tim and makes the loan over the strong objections of one director who insists that this will be a very costly mistake Tim is assigned as the case manager and is to stay in touch with Knowles and monitor the situationSince this is a Dick Francis novel something will go horribly wrong of course A word to the wise don't read the teaser on the book cover which gives way too much away in this regard Tim will have to try to sort it out in an effort to save both Knowles and the bank's investment Naturally there will be some very sinister people involved and things will ultimately get very dicey for virtually everyone but mostly for Tim EkaterinThis novel is a bit uniue in that it takes place over a period of three years Ekaterin is a fairly typical Francis protagonist who has fallen in love with the wrong woman but it's very interesting to watch him work He is forced to learn a great deal about how champion horses are bought sold and protected and about the business of putting a champion like Sandcastle out to stud He also has to learn a great deal about pharmaceuticals and as he learns all of this the reader learns it all tooSome of it is really fascinating but as in the book before this one Reflex Francis lays it on a bit too thick Again having done all of the research for the book he apparently didn't want to leave any of it in his file drawer As a result this is a fairly long novel that could have been trimmed a bit and still have been every bit as entertaining and informative But that's a small complaint in this case and this book should appeal to anyone who enjoys the novels of this former jockey