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Review ↠ Wild Seed Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Doro is an entity who changes bodies like clothes killing his hosts by reflex or design He fears no one until he meets Anyanwu Anyanwu has also died many times She can absorb bullets and make medicine with a kiss give birth to tribes nurture andE until she meets Doro From African jungles to the colonies of America Doro and Anyanwu weave together a pattern of destiny that not even immortals can imagi. 455As Woolf once said Middlemarch is one of the few English books written for grown ups so too is this one of the few pieces of science fiction written for the real world not marketing and academia Of course so chock full is this work with critical engagement and unflinching history that the cries of 'polemic' and 'bias' would not be an unlikely reaction If that doesn't work 'prosaic' could always be used as a strong condemnation via completely arbitrary standards of institutionalized repute The work has too high of a rating for those sorts of epithets to have much of an effect but not all creations inherently concerned with the same material in many of the same ways prove as undeniably excellent in their respective domainsBlack History Month as defined by the US Government has its last day tomorrow and I wonder how much immortality would be reuired to value the conversation of the survival over the death of 'it's over it's done have a cookie to stave off the resolution cause it's never going to come' The last of this is all white people creation for after centuries of winning in the absolute worst ways known to humanity and then some we can't imagine going out in any way other than that which we put upon others A simpler explanation is that we love our money too much and would rather be run out on a rail than give it to those as reparation for a country's history of eugenicist leeching but hey Life's a mess and the reasons for a collective people's amnesia and hoarding of personal trauma at the expense of anyone who doesn't correctly foot the physiognomic bill must involve than fear of violence and indoctrination via capitalismIn this particular world of Butler's the name of the game is power and its subtle kin empathy Along with the much increased measure of supernatural inclusion that I am suspect to gorging on I liked this better than Kindred because of the vaster space Butler worked on for her creations If there's one plus to my current philosophy class beyond my getting a measure of many an auspicious overheard name and finding the majority of them lacking it's seeing where the body hatred came in the disregard for existence other than the self the splintering of mind and soul and truth that results in a class named 'Philosophy' and should really be 'Greek and English and Scottish and German Philosophy of Various Hopscotch Periods in Somewhat that Particular Order' This is an ideological movement of centuries whose myriad challengers are still fringed around the main so if you want to write a work that destabilizes a thought process that so smugly thinks of itself as the 'center' you need eons of time and continents of spaceButler is not Anyanwu but when it comes to the evil wrought by white supremacy in its breeding lines and uselessness makes waste it's not hard to see that the main factor missing is humanity Butler is also not Doro but the prototype of the white serial killer bred on a millenia of alienation and instinctive thrill kill is not hard to construct with the aid of the canon of literature and film and creed Anyone accusing this work of misandry please Accuse each and every vaulted work of misogyny white supremacism classism heteronormativity etc etc ad nauseam when appropriate and you will actually work towards saving lives and spirits Misandry Try reverse racism while you're at it If someone goes on a genocidal rampage against white men on a hegemonic scale and inculcates long lasting civilizations with the trend I may start to take you seriouslyWill I scare away readers by saying that this work is ultimately a romance If I do they were not the right audience for this work anyway

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Es She can absorb bullets and make medicine with a kiss give birth to tribes nurture and heal and savage anyone who threatens those she loves She fears no on. blog | goodreads Most of us don't believe in gods and spirits and devils who must be pleased or feared We have Doro and he's enough What can I say about Wild Seed that could come anywhere close to doing it justice This is the story of how Doro met Anyanwu the only living soul on Earth who could possibly match his will; test his patience endure his passive cruelty and time and again defy him in ways even she could not possibly understandAnd forever is a long time to endure one another when you are two of the only immortal beings on the planet Theirs is a love story that goes beyond physical desire; Anyanwu needs Doro as much as he needs her whether either are willing to accept it or not Doro looked up He held Isaac's gaze not uestioningly or challengingly not with any reassurance or compassion He only looked back Isaac had seen cats stare at people that way Cats That was apt More and often nothing human looked out of Doro's eyes Doro is both our antihero and villain An ogbanje evil spirit as Anyanwu would call him he is not malicious through any evil intent of his own He simply is Much like fire must burn and virus must spread Doro's nature is simply a part of him he cannot destroyview spoiler image from DeviantArt hide spoiler

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Wild SeedDoro is an entity who changes bodies like clothes killing his hosts by reflex or design He fears no one until he meets Anyanwu Anyanwu has also died many tim. Dear Goodreads friendsIf you like to read science fiction fantasy you should get to know Octavia ButlerLoveLynButler’s 1980 novel Wild Seed is the first chronological book in her Patternmaster series This details the beginnings of the sub race of humans that will in Patternmaster be set in the far future Butler begins her narrative in 1390 in West Africa where her protagonist Anyanwu meets a strange young man named DoroSo begins a centuries old relationship often rocky between two immortals Anyanwu is a healer and a shape shifter and seems to remain at about 20 years of age though she can take the shape and apparently the DNA makeup of other people and even animals Doro on the other hand turns out to be much older and is a kind of spiritual vampire taking the bodies of his victims and “wearing” them for a whileThe central conflict of the story is the dynamic opposition between Anyanwu and Doro in regard to Doro’s millennia project of breeding a super race Doro who is spirit than man has been gathering people with unusual talents and getting them together so that their talents may be made usable and apparent in the offspring Anyanwu vehemently opposes his methods and his dehumanization of the subjectsAs interesting as this story is and it is uintessential Butler the magnetic tension between Doro and Anyanwu is the gripping central focus of the book And like Milton’s Satan Butler’s Doro is a fascinatingly complex and intriguing antagonist who displays both god like power and transcendent ennui Anyanwu’s humanism and her female relational practicality and leadership offer a vital juxtaposition to Doro’s attentive but disassociated deityOn the checklist for SFF books that should be read and a must read for Butler fans