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DOC ï READER Shroud for a Nightingale Ü P.D. JAMES Ü Hailed as “mystery at its best” by The New York Times Shroud for a Nightingale is the fourth book in bestselling author PD James’s Adam Dalgliesh mystery seriesThe young women of Nightingale House are there to learn to nurse and comfort the suffering But when oneHailed as “mystery at its best” by The New York Times Shroud for a Nightingale is the fourth book in bestselling author PD James’s Adam Dalgliesh mystery seriesThe young wom This is the fourth book in the Adam Dalgliesh series I have recently been re reading these novels and although I have enjoyed the previous books this certainly represents a seeming increase in ability and confidence in the writing and storyline “Shroud for a Nightingale” is set in a nurse training school and P D James worked for the NHS for many years so it is an environment she would have been extremely familiar withThe story begins with Miss Muriel Beale an Inspector who is setting out for the day of the John Carpendar Hospital inspection Her first impression on arriving at the impressive Nightingale House is that it is highly unsuitable for a nurse training school However the inspection begins with a demonstration by the student nurses and during this there is a death When another student nurse is killed Adam Dalgliesh is called in to solve the crimesThis is an assured mystery with a closed community and a great cast of characters; from the arrogant surgeon Mr Stephen Courtney Briggs to super efficient matron Mary Taylor and the Sisters and Nurses who live and work in Nightingale House There is little privacy in Nightingale House and Dalgliesh soon gets to hear of the affairs petty suabbles and secrets that abound in the hospital As he delves into the past of the inhabitants of Nightingale House he uncovers the truth and James gives us an assured intelligent mystery with a great range of suspects and motives

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En of Nightingale House are there to learn to nurse and comfort the suffering But when one of the students plays patient in a demonstration of nursing skills she is horribly bruta I enjoyed this one a lot better than the last book in the series Probably because it wasn't so muddled Dalgliesh is called out to Nightingale House after two nurses are found dead One nurse dies during a demonstration where she is pretending to be the patient Another one is found dead but some are wondering if she committed suicide Dalgliesh through interviews and his usual deductions starts to realize that something is wrong at Nightingale House but he doesn't know what Since there are times where some people were present and some were not it uickly becomes a case of who done it and how Dalgilesh I find to be a curious character I like him I think At times you think what a pigheaded person he is but he is very very smart and a really good judge of people He reminds me a of a less drugged up Sherlock Holmes I do wonder about Dalgilesh's side kick Masterson though We find out some unsavory things about the character so I wonder how that will possibly affect the next book in the seriesThe characters we meet at Nightingale House are memorable From the matron Mary Taylor to the Sisters along with the nursing students you feel as if you could have kept reading about this place forever I do like the mini motivations and character asides we get via Dalgliesh I thought Masterson's view of women was awful though This once again takes place in 1970 so I don't know if that is to be expected or what The setting of this book takes place in 1970 just based on things that were said I have to say that at one point someone makes a reference about things that happened in World War II were long forgotten and that was the only false note I felt in this whole book Britain has a lot of remembrance days about War World I and II so I can't see the citizens of the country acting like it wasn't a big deal Especially since many of the characters in this one would have grown up during the war or in the shadow of the aftermath of War World II The ending was really good I wasn't expecting it and I liked how in the end Dalgliesh was right but you wonder at the cost of him being right and unmovable I read this for the Locked Room mystery suare

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Shroud for a NightingaleLly killed Another student dies eually mysteriously and it is up to Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland Yard to unmask a killer who has decided to prescribe murder as the cure for all ills I had heard of PD James before but had never read any of her works and I didn't really know she wrote mysteries So I was uite pleasantly surprised by Shroud for a Nightingale so much so that I've since read another James and am onto a third Shroud is a great caper written in the 70s I think it's aged extremely well; in fact I think the whole plot and setting is made all the creepy and ominous by the somewhat antiuated medical procedures that figure prominently in the plot I defy anyone to come up with something inherently scarier than a British nursing school in the 70s where all the nurses where classic nurse uniforms the school itself is something of a gothic mansion and even relatively routine medical procedures like inserting a feeding tube take on an intensely macabre character Good times I am not a good mystery reader in that I can never figure anything out until the author reveals it Actually I don't know whether that makes me a poor reader or whether it makes James something of an evil genius Either way I like the suspense of it all