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kindle ¼ Weathercraft 104 pages Download Ø For over 20 years now Jim Woodring has delighted touched and puzzled readers around the world with his lush wordless tales of “Frank” Weathercraft is Woodring’s first full length graphic novel set in this world—indeed Woodring’s first graphic novel period—and it features the same hypnDemon who distorts and enslaves Frank and his friends The new and metaphysically expanded Manhog sets out for a final battle with WhimWeathercraft also co stars Frank’s cast of beloved supporting characters including Frank’s Faux Pa and the diminutive mailbox like Pupshaw and Pushpaw; it is both a fully independent story that is a great introduction to Woodring’s world and a sublime addition to and extension of the Frank storiesWeathercraft will be a defining graphic novel of 201 I don't know what an acid trip is like but if I DID ever go on an acid trip which given my acute paranoia would never ever happen I would hope it would resemble Jim Woodring comics Or I wouldn't Weathercraft was kind of horrifying but in a wonderful way Manhog is one of the most disgusting characters I've ever seen but SOMEHOW Woodring makes him kind of endearing Then again any time Pupshaw is in a panel I sueal with glee and go Look Jenny He's angry IT IS SO CUTE or Look Jenny He's sad IT IS SO CUTE or Look Jenny He's eating this dude IT IS SO CUTE I'm still not uite sure EXACTLY what happens in this book but it was a trip And to extend that double meaning a little further a trip I'll need to be taking again because seriously what the hell was up with the demons and maybe something about the fabric of reality I don't even know

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For over 20 years now Jim Woodring has delighted touched and puzzled readers around the world with his lush wordless tales of “Frank” Weathercraft is Woodring’s first full length graphic novel set in this world indeed Woodring’s first graphic novel period and it features the same hypnotically gorgeous linework and mystical iconographyAs it happens Frank has only a brief supporting appearance in Weathercraft which actually stars Manhog Woodring’s pathetic brutish everyman or e I missed Frank The idle idyllic life Picnic baskets and the knowing smile of sidekicks slash pets slash defenders come heart is true Pupshaw and Pushpaw They look like the best thing since slice bread and a toaster I've ever seen and I missed themOh yeah I remember now that I had an aching fascination with Manhog I remember reading a descriptor once flipping ages ago that he was meant to be the nemesis of Mr Good Time Seeker No no no That can't be right I know the back to the wall on the worst moments Manhog twists my bleeding heart straight out of the temple of doom It is some dream picture that would sound boring if I tried to relate to it anyone the morning after Why would I care about that It's just your dumb dream He crawls on all floors He had his tail between his legs before you could think to raise your voice at him for something he would probably have done anyway even if he hadn't done it If I thought I wasn't meant to love him I'd surely love him all the And I really missed Jim Woodring I'm not supposed to do anything I don't think than get the worst of my staring problem and heaviest gut feelings If anything I get the creepy feeling you get about yourself when you find that you're boring everyone else with your stupid dreams and you never shut up no matter how much you wish you would In a land not far away from themIf there are out of this world soul monsters to id and ego and spy and tear your shoulder angels to bits and spit them out they must look like these crowned mystical power devouring creatures Pointy ends stick it to toadies enslaving them to new lifeformsFucking Whim He looks like the devil on the moon He was torturing the shit out of some poor bastard before the winner of the poor bastard pageant Universe Manhog blindly sniffs his way into the hole Man no matter how bad things get for Manhog and this is after torture devices wall busters and tail tied to another victim it is the wailing look of surprise on his face that never fails to kill me It isn't until he's crying and lost to himself that I realize that he is like that even when he's digging through an empty can on the ground for some dinner Hopeless resignation is set to blind panic and he's just too dumb to know it He is helpless to help himself The poor bastard Frank is enjoying ice cream and cake outside of his prison cell I don't know there was something perfect about the way he gives him his spoon If I were Frank I don't know that I would want to be less Frank like blissfully oblivious and awake to the degradationManhog fights his way off the scrap heap of life Pitiful still crawling on his own shoulder Look ma no hands not happening The buzzing whine of wings not happening No flight but fight Weathercraft pits the mother nature doesn't nurture shit of everything as this pig's cess pit Please don't laugh at me that I got really happy when he finally stands up I don't know what the enlightenment is all about Probably uncomfortably close to the strange twisting I feel in my own limbs by staring at cartoon drawings of make believe characters from other times and spaces Pretending I'm not going to feel tired and stupid and useless at work all day with stupid bitches again I can empathize easier with Manhog as selfish stupid person like He gets an idea about bathing But that's not the best part The robe he finds to wear and walking tall That's not the best part He listens to music with these toad likes or frog likes does it matter They are awesome They are percussionists Even Manhog got a little peace once in his life There's too much good stuff going on in Woodring's pictures Did I tell you about the time Manhog sees a farmer with a true to life porcine specimen The conversation he must have had with himself Points on his finger tips and walking this way or that way He can't stay out of trouble I know how he feelsIf I didn't mention the Jerry Chickens I'm a cold hearted bastard I don't know how he falls back down again at the forked tail of the slithery spawn Whim but once Manhog looked so damned happy reading with Frank Frank still looks happy I don't know but I wanted Manhog to be happier If he faced up to his eating inner panic it felt sweeter Because I know mine is there or because I'm jealous of Frank a little and don't want to be I get the bad feeling my shoulder angels aren't paying attention when I go for the next thing don't know what I need It's all spinning innards and face falling Except when Manhog felt something for those Jerry Chickens Damn the Jerry Chicken behind the curtain don't panic He looked and he cried It felt insides feeling better than what it looked like I loved best about these comics the watching and feeling that If Pupshaw and Slipshaw look happy I feel an indescribable pulling on my hand Not unlike the sweetest thing you ever saw But probably better because I want so much to be them And when it's hell it's like at least you're watching and you wouldn't be leaving them alone if you were in their ears the rising panic Because I sure as hell don't know what is going on about anything or what to do about anything

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WeathercraftVeryhog who had previously made several appearances in “Frank” stories as well as a stunning solo turn in the short story “Gentlemanhog”After enduring 32 pages of almost incomprehensible suffering Manhog embarks upon a transformative journey and attains enlightenment He wants to go to celestial realms but instead altruistically returns to the unifactor to undo a wrong he has inadvertently brought about The transformation of the evil politician Whim into a mind destroying plant Welcome To The UnifactorSince the early nineties Jim Woodring has been keeping a record of the daily life of Frank a 'generalized anthropomorph' his cartoonish physiognymy a hybrid a cat a chipmunk and an otter could perhaps be found playing in his genepool His tubular limbs and three fingered hands always hidden by familiar white gloves betray the part of his genealogy contributed by Disney and Winsor McCay and countless other Master Cartoonists Frank and his world The Unifactor are essentially psychic real estate located in the dreaming mind of Woodring The silent misadventures of Frank his loyal pet godling Pupshaw the repulsive and unpredictable Manhog and diabolical slaver Whim operate under rules of logic and causality that are understood only vaguely at first It's as if we are slowly recollecting a childhood trip to a circus or local fair Woodring is forcing the reader to approach his gorgeously rendered world shifting from painted candy colored palaces to forests of undulating black and white tones as if we were dreaming it not reading it There are very few artists who understand the culture of the sleeping world like Woodring; David Lynch comes close at times Fellow cartoonists Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes are his stiffest competition The comics page is better suited to relating dreams and nightmares than any other medium including film 'Weathercraft' was the first book length Frank tale but like all Frank stories it can be read without any previous exposure The black and white artwork is beautiful and the story is a dense baffling adventure that is just as great the second time around Woodring followed 'Weathercraft' with 'Congress of the Animals' which is just as highly recommended; both volumes share a matching format and design scheme that is gorgeous 'The Frank Book' remains the Woodring essential however a 350 page oversized hardcover that includes the first decade or of Frank stories many of which are executed in the fully painted glory for which he is famous or should be famous Whether working with ink paint charcoal or prose Jim Woodring is one of the world's greatest living artists