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Мы author Yevgeny Zamyatin review ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub à МЫ Возможно Official Video YouTube Голосуем новое EP Расстояние Part все ресурсы soundcloud https мы — Wiktionnaire мы Prononciation ? pluriel Nous Vocabulaire apparent par le sens modifier le wikicode я т?версальное средство для общения и поиска друзей и одноклассников которым ежедневно пользуются десятки миллионов человек Мы хотим чтобы друзья однокурсники одноклассники соседи и коллеги всегд. A city of glass 1000 years in the future domed with a green wall to keep out all the undesirable primitive life forms Animal human vegetable or insectA clean and sparkling place for its millions of citizens everything and everyone has a schedule the perfect One State No privacy people have numbers for names they dress light blue uniforms and eat the same food live in small sparse apartments which are transparent No drinking or smoking even sex regulated by yes an appointment Regular daily walks pep talks at auditoriums to keep all motivated Thousands sing and listen to the sacred words they have heard countless times before Guardians to help the Benefactor's rules be followed timetables are enforced Any deviations are rigorously crushed D 503 is the chief in charge of building the spaceship Integral now the perfect society can conuer space soon bringing happiness and order to a chaotic universe D 503 has a regular sex partner 0 90 but she falls in love with the mathematician the State doesn't approve emotional entanglements It causes disorder in a strict culture no conflicts The blue planet was devastated after the 200 year long war 99% of the population died Then he sees 1 330 a Will o' the Wisp forever coming and going befuddling D 503 He can never differentiate reality from a mirage when she's around a brilliant manwhen he returns to Earth Love reduces people to silliness misery and sometimes a little euphoria but there is something strange going on a secret she has an agenda His best friend R 13 is somehow connected the poet is full of big dreams what Mad Revolution unthinkable Unfreedom is paradise D 503 is scared He is taken by her amazingly outside the walls he feels naked uncomfortable Seeing crawling things always moving about in the frightening and unknown green environment is the vegetation very unhealthy Yellow fruit which D 503 recognized from ancient books in old museums The hot sun shining down nothing to regulate it here humans too dressed unalike Weird they don't look any different from us The wise man is drawn deeper into a plot he just can't say no to the beautiful 1 330 Causing much turbulence between he and dear jealous 0 90 yet he is being watched closely by the Guardians Does he risk torture and death for the woman he loves who may just be using D 503 for her own personal ambitions However the builder is a romantic at heart in a civilization that doesn't believe or tolerate such nonsense What will it be a bland but safe existence all the worries taken care of by the suffocating inhuman State Not a very fulfilling or exciting prospect maybe an unfamiliar perilous world And Birds are seen inside the city

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Icode tymologie modifier le wikicode Du vieux slave Pronom personnel modifier le wikicode мы ɨ Nous мы Wiktionary МЫ слушать онлайн через Музыку ВКонтакте МЫ слушайте треки и альбомы онлайн через Музыку ВКонтакте Мы | ВКонтакте VK ВКонтакте – ун?. This is a classic Russian science fiction dystopian novel published in 1924 that influenced many following books 1984 and Brave New World and authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and Ayn Rand According to Wiki “We is generally considered to be the grandfather of the satirical futuristic dystopia genre” The book had to be published outside of the USSR because under Stalin the author ended up first imprisoned and later exiled to France In an Introduction Foreword and Preface we are told that the book emphasizes the “insidious pressures for conformity” in the new RussiaPeople of the United State are called ‘Numbers’ which they all wear on the chests of their unifs as they walk around four abreast They all wake up at the same time and leave work at the same time and have a ‘personal hour’ and sexual days They live in high rise glass cubicles with curtains They attend compulsory meetings in auditoriums where they sing hymns to the state and hear from the ‘Well Dooer’ on a big screen They have to vote for him each year on the Day of Unanimity They eat a petroleum based food Rare resistances are punished by the offender being placed in a machine that dissolves him into water A ‘Green Wall’ separates the urban area from the remining wild world outside The main character is an engineer involved in building a spaceship to conuer other planets He happens to find a lover who is involved with a small group of potential rebels And ‘lover’ is the wrong word – the system does not allow love or permanent pairings – just hookups A corrupt doctor gives them alcohol and nicotine and they have a way of getting to the outside world beyond the wall The main character starts thinking about his soul and about having a child The rebellion may be spreading but at the same time the state is introducing a new reuired lobotomy type operation to nip this in the bud Why a rating of 3 This book has been in my TBR for years but I’ll be honest and say I’m not a fan of sci fi or dystopian novels The author uses math terms in symbolic ways that don’t help the story along The dialog seemed herky jerky to me at times and some of the plot I thought was confusing Still I’m glad I read it Top image Le Corbusier’s 1924 plan for Paris envisaged razing the city from Montmartre to the Seine to build 18 giant skyscrapers From thetimescoukSketch of the author from Wikipedia

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Мы author Yevgeny ZamyatМЫ Возможно Official Video YouTube Голосуем новое EP Расстояние Part все ресурсы soundcloud https мы Wiktionnaire мы Prononciation ? pluriel Nous Vocabulaire apparent par le sens modifier le wikicode я ты ён яна́ яно́ мы вы яны́; Prononciation modifier le wikicode ɨ Russe modifier le wik. Let’s play “Guess That Groundbreaking Novel” uestion A party functionary who is recording his experiences in a journal lives in a future fascist society which maintains its solidarity by compulsory attendance at public events dominated by a remote all powerful leader He meets a woman a secret rebel who expresses her revolutionary impulses through her sexuality and the two of them carry on an affair in room in an old house which symbolizes what life was like in the days before the new society The man becomes a revolutionary too but still has doubts and after undergoing a mind violating experience betrays his lover and the revolution too Guess that groundbreaking novel Answer George Orwell’s 1984 Response Close But not exactly groundbreaking The proper answer is Yevgeny Zyamatin’s We We was published in English in 1924 and reviewed by Orwell in the Tribune Magazine in 1946; 1984 was not published until 1949 Yes it is Zyamatin not Orwell who has the honor of being a groundbreaking dystopian novelist As well as the “honor” of being one of the first soviet dissidents His novel could only be published abroad and he was soon forced into exile Still Orwell’s novel is clearly superior to Zyamatin’s We unlike 1984 is an honest to god science fiction novel complete with an honest to god rocket ship futuristic buildings and experimental brain operations Because of this it has a charm the Orwell novel lacks for 1984 is essentially a bleak clear eyed vision set in a shabbier version of post war Britain plus the totalitarian of course Where We fails is precisely where 1984most succeeds in its treatment of language itself and its effects on pre revolutionary and post revolutionary consciousness which in We's case is synonumous with the before and after of loveThe hero of We is a builder of rocket ships and a typical man of his society He thinks of everything in terms of logic uantifiers and physical entities and his metaphors are filled with numbers and geometrical shapes Only later when his heart is touched by sexual passion does he speak a language like ours touched by emotion and the beauties of our natural world This is all fine in theory but it results in a prose at least in the two translations I used which is often odd and alienating and sometimes completely baffling Unfortunately when our hero falls in love his language becomes filled with cliché and it is difficult to distinguish his revolutionary sentiments from the sentimental outpourings of a second rate romance novel The novel buckles under its burden of language and that is why the plot of We which thankgoodness Orwell stole and turned into a classic is interesting than the novel itself