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Im With Fatty review ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ñ One man's humorous and heartfelt journey through his year long attempt to regain his health and change his life Where does one draw the line between being a lifelong foodie and a food addict Edward Ugel is 36 years old and weighs 263 pounds or as he likes to think about it 119 kilogramsA book about the private hell of being fat in America and about the fragile male psyche and the seldom discussed issue of male body image I'm with Fatty is a funny candid raw and personal story of weight loss from the male perspective It is a narcissistic battle of wills between the author who loves food than oxygen and the man who knows that his very life depends on the success of his Fatty Project I'm with Fatty takes the reader along on a difficult frustrating embarrassing and inspiring journey one that is the last great hope of a man desperate to save his own life or at least own a pair of pants that fi. Super funny actually laughed outloud most of the time The way he laughs at himself without downplaying his health is amazing Loved it easy to read and plain funny

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One man's humorous and heartfelt journey through his year long attempt to regain his health and change his life Where does one draw the line between being a lifelong foodie and a food addict Edward Ugel is 36 years old and weighs 263 pounds or as he likes to think about it 119 kilograms I'm with Fatty chronicles Ugel's attempt to follow doctor's orders and lose fifty pounds or risk dropping dead while standing in line at Popeyes It details the complex love triangle between himself his wife and all the crispy braised barbecued and sautéed goodies that he's been feeding himself ever since he could say the wo. This has to be the funniest thing I've ever read I was laughing out loud like a crazy person the entire time I was reading it Not only would I read of Ugel's books but I'm trying to devise a plan to become his best friend in real life so I can listen to his hilarious commentaries all the time Anyone who gave this book less than 5 stars is crazy or completely lacking a sense of humor

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Im With FattyRds to go Ugel sets off on his yearlong journey to figure out how to live in a world without dim sum smoked Italian meats and the pleasure of cooking whatever and however he wants He spends his days torn between two worlds nutritionists and personal trainers versus pancetta and Häagen Dazs It's a war of attrition each side has its share of victories and utter failures Lovers of narrative nonfiction will relish this contagiously readable book that looks back at Ugel's complicated history with food obesity and the ruinous effects this lifelong relationship has had on him Filled with humor ultimately this is. For me at least it's never fun to write a bad review Instead it feels like of an obligation a need to warn people off It's doubly off putting to give any weight loss memoir a one star review because I generally relish reading about the journey of people working from unhealthy to healthyThat said I have to be honest Ultimately this book was nothing short of a chore The catchy title grabbed me and I was excited to read Mr Ugel's story because he is a self described 'foodie' In the first couple of chapters I dimly recall laughing out loud at a few things but Mr Ugel's shtick becomes repetitive and dull very uickly The author has clearly lived a life of extreme privilege and it permeates this book Readers must slog through egregious name dropping and braggadocio including references to the uber exclusive private school he attended world travel behind the scenes Presidential inaugural parties and Mr Ugel's years of cooking lessons with Jacues Blanc that began when he was eleven Even if one leaves aside the fact that he can afford 3 hour personal training sessions multiple days per week it would be awfully hard for anyone to relate with Mr Ugel's 'struggle' to lose weight The comedienne Kathleen Madigan once observed that it was mighty difficult to feel bad for Oprah and her struggle to lose weight because she was literally rich enough to pay someone to follow her around and slap food out of her hands While Mr Ugel may not be anywhere near Oprah's league he's hardly the Average Overweight American either I do hope his personal training sessions cleanses and colonics were not tax deductible in the name of 'work related research'The narrative of the book is extraordinarily choppy and disjointed and the print size is HUGE It's as if the publishers knew they didn't have enough to make it a book but went ahead with it anyway There's such a large no pun intended audience for stories of the struggle to live healthier that even this was published I recommend that everyone seeking to live a healthier life who can also distinguish the proper use of your versus you're submit your manuscript for publication tout de suiteSide note This author goes to great lengths to be sure that we all know he is a Democrat Did you get that He's a good liberal Once again a Democrat Did I mention that he's a Democrat The author shares this irrelevant information with his readers so many times in fact that one begins to wonder why If Mr Ugel hoped that it would make him seem blue collar and thus relatable he is woefully mistakenI bought this book for 200 plus 400 shipping and even at that I grossly overpaid I was excited enough about this title to order another book written by Mr Ugel which has yet to arrive May it be infinitely better than this one I'm sure Mr Ugel is a delightful friend and a loving father and husband but this book is just awful Steer clear