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The PacificOlemn oaths to their country later led one to the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot and the others to the coral strongholds of Peleliu the black terraces of Iwo Jima and the killing fields of Okinawa until at last the survivors enjoyed a triumphant yet uneasy return home In The Pacific Hugh Ambrose focuses on the real life stories of the five men who put their lives on the line for our country To deepen the story revealed in the miniseries and go beyond it th. I think that I pretty much auto five star most World War II related histories No exception here I'm not sure why it jumped into my head to read it now but there you goFirst thing about this book is it's kind of got a disservice done to it by trying to bill it as a companion to HBO's The Pacific I guess the book and the miniseries are aiming to do the same thing but as they are different mediums they can be approached in totally different ways Where the miniseries only has time to follow Leckie Basilone and Sledge the book also introduces us to Sid Phillips who was Sledge's friend and also served with Leckie so he got a small part in the show Austin Shofner who became a POW in the Philippines and Mike Micheel who comes across as the most humble yet badass Navy pilot of all time In the interest of space and because he wrote his own memoir Leckie is not in the book except for a few mentions here and thereIt's the stories that are added for this book that are the best What a journey for Shifty Shofner who gets captured in the Philippines at the start of the war in his estimation because of the cowardice of Dugout Doug MacArthur He carries this grudge into the POW camp with him and it seems like this basically sustains him along with the desire to escape and let the world know about what is happening He does this along with a handful of other American POWs is swept into the anti Japanese Filipino partisan movement for a while until they learn about him back in Australia Most people would probably just want to go home at this point but Shofner maneuvers his way back into a position to be a line officer and ends up on both Peleliu and Okinawa Wow talk about an eventful lifeThe Navy pilot Micheel has an eually fascinating journey through the Pacific theater The guy is awesome He decides early on that he doesn't have much interest in being a fighter jock and dedicates himself to learning to be something brand new a dive bomber His own recollections of things are just these dry facts and whenever Ambrose brings in outside reports or comments from some other person you get the impression that this guy is everything the pilots in Top Gun wish they could have been Midway Guadalcanal wherever they send him he's just out there blowing stuff up and surviving against all odds not to mention coming up with brilliant ideas along the way like when he volunteers to continually take off and land to try to help reveal a cannon that fires at the Guadalcanal runway when planes are coming in I can't stress enough that this book is worth reading even if you skip all the parts that don't deal with these two guys You can kind of see why Micheel was left out of the show Imagine the SFX budget needed to do justice to the Battle of Midway The mind bogglesThe story shifts freuently between the principal men being followed and some may find this jarring but I like it because that means the narrative is moving along with time There is no jumping back and forward only side to side I think it's important to maintain the Well while this guy was doing X these other guys were here doing Y and Z Plus I am kind of a sucker for any decent WWII history If you are that kind of sucker you shouldn't miss this one

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The Pacific Characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò Penguin delivers you to the front lines of The Pacific Theater with the real life stories behind the HBO miniseriesBetween America's retreat from China in late November 1941 and the moment General MacArthur's airplane touched down on the Japanese E book dares to chart a great ocean of enmity known as The Pacific and the brave men who fought Some considered war a profession others enlisted as citizen soldiers Each man served in a different part of the war but their respective duties reuired every ounce of their courage and their strength to defeat an enemy who preferred suicide to surrender The medals for valor which were pinned on three of them came at a shocking price a price paid in full by al. A Wonderful TributeI chose to read The Pacific because my father who served in the Navy aboard ship was among those who served in the Pacific theatre of operations during WW II Hugh Ambrose captured the lives and experiences of a handful of men who fought with courage and commitment during some of the most brutal battles of the PacificOne of the less notables elements of the war that Ambrose cites are the kamikaze attacks by Japanese pilots on US ships My father told me about such attacks adding that ships in which he was aboard were very nearly struck by the Japanese planesI was especially moved by the actions of Marine Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his role in the Battle of Guadalcanal Ambrose thoughtfully describes Sgt Gasoline and captured the essence of why he was a hero during the warThis narrative of the bravery and remarkable service of our armed services in the Pacific is well worth the effort to read

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Penguin delivers you to the front lines of The Pacific Theater with the real life stories behind the HBO miniseriesBetween America's retreat from China in late November 1941 and the moment General MacArthur's airplane touched down on the Japanese mainland in August of 1945 five men connected by happenstance fought the key battles of the war against Japan From the debacle in Bataan to the miracle at Midway and the relentless vortex of Guadalcanal their s. This is a companion book to a TV series about the war in the Pacific It settles on a few characters some of which are familiar to anyone who has read any number of books on the Pacific Theater It limits itself to Navy and Marine personnel Sidney Phillips Vernon 'Mike Micheel Sgt Manila John Basilone Eugene B Sledge and Robert Lucky Leckie It is not the best text on the war in the Pacific but is a good read giving slightly information on these specific men and some of their commandersI did not see the series so have no idea how close it came to reflecting the stories of these and other individuals It did cover the Battle of Okinawa which I had not previously read that much about