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Download The Man Who Loved Books Too Much Doc Ò 0 pages ½ Moneyexpresscard ´ John Charles Gilkey is an obsessed unrepentant book thief who has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of rare books from book fairs stores and libraries around the country Ken Sanders is the self appointed biJohn Charles Gilkey is an obsessed unrepentant book thief who has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of rare books from book fairs stores and libraries around the country Ken Sanders is the self appointed bibliodick book dealer with a penchant for detective work driven to catch him Journalist Allison Ho Ahhhhbooks They are wonderfulespecially books about other books Even better are books about books that are rare and valuable These books give me the happies There were chunks of this story that serenaded my growing bibliomania off its feet like Cyrano de Bergerac beneath Roxane’s window I love books I love them for their minds and I love them for their bodies and over the past few years I’ve begun collecting first editions of my favorite novels I get tremendous enjoyment from it as I am a collector at heart like my recent acuisition of a signed 1st of Crooked Letter Crooked Letter and Perdido Street Station both on my all time favorite list does uick happy dance while thinking of themSo when the true crime story The Man Who Loved Books Too Much details the book thief John Gilkey walking through rare book shows something I have yet to do and describing beautiful first editions of works like HP Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror HG Wells The War of the Worlds John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath Vladimir Nabakov’s Lolita and even Dr Suess’ The Cat in the Hat worth over 8500 by the way my collecting cockles warmed and my chops salivated as my insides revved up and headed for an earth shattering bibliogasm Yeahits a problem There were definite waves of envy and lust that washed over me and I can certainly understand the tug of need for acuiring such rarities Heaven for me would certainly include a number of large buildings filled with That’s the good part of this storyHowever apart from the incredibly compelling and O O O face causing recitation of rare first editions and their stratospheric prices the balance of the book was really Meh to average at best The writing isn’t bad but it comes across like by the numbers journalism which decently conveys information but very little else It’s all surface No emotion no insight no depthjust the facts ma’am That was not my biggest problem however For me that dubious honor goes to the main character John Gilkey This waste of breath is a scummy narcissistic sociopath who defines the term disprickable asstard He is as unlikeable and repugnant a non violent criminal as you are likely to come across This guy remorselessly steals valuable rare books from mom and pop book dealers who can barely make ends meet and considers it his right to do so because “it is unfair that I can’t afford them on my own” Are you kidding me you psychotic nutbag? He continuously points the finger at everyone but himself and says that he is forced to steal because the mean dealers make the book “too expensive” for him to afford otherwise Now being so smitten with rare books as I’m sure many reading this are as well you might think that John would find a sympathetic ear was those who “share his love” for books No he’s an asshole A major asshole A Major General asshole in the Army of Assholes He steals things and he hurts good people in the process He’s a worthless human stainEven his love of books is deformed He doesn’t even read them or have any interest in reading them They are just some twisted “self centered” mechanism to make himself feel refined and classy His reason for “owning” them is to be able to appear as a gentlemen “Hey I own a rare book aren’t I cultured” The guy makes my stomach turn like a pinwheel in a hurricane and all I could think was how violated I would feel if any of my favorite books were stolen Okay let me briefly summarize the book before my rant against Gilkey goes nuclear sorry if I’m too late for that The story details the author’s interviews with Gilkey who for some reason or another opens up and describes his history of book theft He explains how most of his crimes were perpetrated using bad checks and stolen credit card numbers that he obtained working retail We learn of his childhood and how his family were a bunch a thieving scumbags as well and how it was his love of comic books that got him interested in books and book collecting One other thread of the book follows Ken Sanders a rare book dealer and amateur detective who is the volunteer security chief for the ABAA the Antiuarian Booksellers of America Ken knows Gilkey is scum and is trying to bring him back to justice when he steals again Overall if you are fascinated by the rare book world and love to read about valuable editions this is worth a read It’s for that reason that I am calling this an “I like it” though just barely If it wasn’t for that this would be just another two star earning mild disappointment 25 to 30 stars Recommended for bibliophiles and bibliomaniacs

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Over Bartlett befriended both eccentric characters and found herself caught in the middle of efforts to recover hidden treasure With a mixture of suspense insight and humor she not only reveals exactly how Gilkey pulled off his dirtiest crimes and how Sanders ultimately caught him but also explores the romance of b As both an undergraduate and graduate student I had a penchant for spending time in the rare manuscripts rooms at both BYU and University of Wisconsin Madison While my studies in African History did reuire me to spend time there to peruse books for research I enjoyed taking time to thumb through with gloved hands of course everything from medieval manuscripts to pioneer journals to my favorite the entire selection of Yellow Book uarterly which had nothing at all to do with my research But hey I paid tuition still am thank you student loans so I figured I could go in and read what I liked so long as I left things undamaged and unsoiled by my grubby hands hence the gloves But I never once thought of stealing any of these books Part of it was my conscience I consider myself an honest person and I hate hate hate people who lie a lot and part of it was security measures put in place to discourage temptation and crimes of opportunity Now having done a little writing myself I know how much work goes into writing a book let alone the outrageous consumption of time and materials that must have gone into books in the early modern era Old books are treasures They should be kept that way safe and secureBut there are people out there who will steal such books usually I am told to resell them for profitBut John Gilkey was is not such a man The title The Man Who Loved Books too Much would lead you to believe that Gilkey bought rare books with other people's credit card information because well he loved them But the author shows that Gilkey stole rare books because he loved himself too much A few reviewers have rated this book poorly because they find Gilkey's acts reprehensible Yes they are The man is a selfish slouch with a sense of entitlement that would give Ronald Reagan heart attacks But I rate books solely on the book and whether or not it was successful And here I have to say meh Bartlett is a journalist I'll admit to not having a very high opinion of most journalists especially since I ran for local political office years ago and saw firsthand how they distort people's words to suit their own need for the story but I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt The whole schtick of the book book thief book detective literary obsession seemed very interesting And it was until Bartlett decided to put herself in the book I found the story of the book thief and his pursuit compelling reading I was fascinated by the internal workings of the rare book industry But then well Allison things got weird between us You started wondering if you could get into the thief's head and went on and on about your involvement with the case You forgot that there needs to be some element of objectivity in a journalistic piece and you uestioned this very simple assumption You did a layman's psychological self examination of yourself and laid it all out for the reader Only this reader didn't want it The story was enough in itself I loved the story I don't know if the editor applied pressure thinking it would sell books or if you just needed the filler or what exactly But sometimes it's best to uit while your still ahead Or better yet uit before you inadvertently shine the spotlight on yourselfsigh

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The Man Who Loved Books Too MuchOoks the lure to collect them and the temptation to steal them Immersing the listener in a rich wide world of literary obsession Bartlett looks at the history of book passion collection and theft through the ages to examine the craving that makes some people willing to stop at nothing to possess the books they love I’d wanted to read this book since it was first published I first learned of it and Gilkey from one of my local independent bookstores and so I was grateful when my real world book club decided to read itIt was not exactly what I’d expected a book about a man who loves books and happens to steal them The man in uestion is less a book lover and a narcissist sociopath and thief primarily but not exclusively stealing booksI was not as enthralled as I’d expected to be I was appalled and I did remain interested but not uite as fascinated as I’d expected to be given how much I like books and given how owninglosing books has been such an important influence in my life and given that this is a true story with a focus on San Francisco I tend to be especially interested in San Francisco themed books I did find this man’s family history very intriguing I also enjoyed the information about rare book collectors and dealers and some of the history about books in various culturesI know this is irrational but at times as I read I felt like a guilty witnessI was particularly infuriated about the stealing from libraries including my SFPL public library I do often see the only copyall the copies listed as “missing” in the online catalog I’d known some of those books might have been stolen but always assumed they were likely to have been lost I wish the footnotes that contain additional stories and text had been incorporated into the book proper because they were distracting as footnotes and the ones with extra stories could just have easily been included in the main part of the bookWhat I enjoyed most was recognizing so many of the San Francisco settings One thing I learned is that despite owning so many books I am not a book collector as the term is used here I don’t aim to acuire valuable or rare books not even signed first editions And I have to say I’m grateful I’m a heavy duty user of the library I don’t want people like Gilkey coming into my place to steal anythingI’d recommend this book less for bibliophiles and for readers interested in psychopathology3 to 3 ½ stars which means it was a bit of a disappointment but I still liked it