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Late for the WeddingAr greater than just a little London gossip and far deadlyWhen events at the castle suggest someone is imitating the dead killer’s methods the team of Lake and March fervently pursue the investigation and each other as their leads take them from Society’s most elegant haunts and most discreet hideaways to London’s shadiest backstreets As their relationship heats up so does the intrigue Soon Lavinia will have to employ all her talents to flummox the scoundrel who so rudely interrupted her rendezvous And then she and Tobias can get back to pleasurable affairs From the Hardcover editio. This was another wonderful reread of Late for the Wedding by Amanda uick I love the main characters A creates The women are independent thinking flexible persistent intelligent women regardless of their social standing or financial means; they believe in possibilities The men may have rough edges be of high social standing or not they are hard working men of integrity who respect independent thinking women even when they are challenged and frustrated by them D Late for the Wedding’s main characters are no exceptions Lavinia Lake and Tobias March begin their business and personal association in book #1 Slightly Shady that truly starts with a “Bang” The action and adventure continues in Don’t Look Back as they continue working together as private investigators investigating a new case involving murder and the disappearance of an item of antiuity The trilogy concludes with bk#3 Late for the Wedding as Lavinia and Tobias investigate what appears to be a succession of murders for hire Again the investigation draws Lavinia and Tobias into the secret and private lives of both the upper and the lower classes I love that Amanda uick novels involve adventures with a touch of mystery and humor and that the FMC and the MMC must work together in solving it oftentimes putting themselves at risk Yet there is always a guaranteed HEA As mentioned Late for the Wedding is book #3 in a trilogy involving Lavinia Lake and Tobias March Slightly Shady is #1 and Don’t Look Back is #2 I highly recommend this series to readers of historical fiction who enjoy strong independent characters a bit of adventure a touch of humor between the main characters low angst and a cooperative effort of the main characters toward a mutual goal Each book in this series could be read as a standalone but I highly recommend all 3 novels in order Late for the Wedding does contain several on scene sexual situations between the 2 main characters which is somewhere between sweet and steamy 3 or 35 on a 0 to 5 sweet to steamy scale which results from their growing attraction and love and their mutual respect The sexual aspect is not the main focus of the novel IMO Late for the Wedding contains some profanity and although several individuals are murdered in Late for the Wedding I did not find it graphic in nature Yet due to the aforementioned I do not recommend Late for the Wedding to young readers or to those who would be offended by the content

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Download Late for the Wedding ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ New York Times bestselling author Amanda uick returns with a thrilling new venture into romance and mystery featuring the most unusual highly compatible undeniably combustible pairing of Tobias March and his mesmerizing partner Lavinia LakeAn invitation to a countNew York Times bestselling author Amanda uick returns with a thrilling new venture into romance and mystery featuring the most unusual highly compatible undeniably combustible pairing of Tobias March and his mesmerizing partner Lavinia LakeAn invitation to a country house party at Beaumont Castle provides a perfect solution to Tobias and Lavinia’s most exasperating challenge how to escape the chaos of London for a remote relaxing and above all romantic retreat from prying eyes and wagging tongues But the lovers’ plans are foiled when their first cozy interlude of the weekend is disrup. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that it's the last one in the Lake March series Lavinia Tobias are the most entertaining sleuth duo since Maddie Hayes and David Addison The murder mystery is complicated and engrossing The secondary couples Anthony and Emeline and Lady Dove and Lord Vale serve to move the plot along in substantial ways but are also interesting couples in their own right The addition of Dominic Hood seemed excessive at first but his conflict with Anthony helps shed light on Tobias' characterI would love to see this series adapted for the silver screen

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Ted by the appearance of a stunning woman from Tobias’s past Aspasia Gray’s beauty is as haunting as her connection to Tobias Her long deceased fiancé was a friend of his in addition to being an eccentric assassin The mysterious nature of the bond between Tobias and Aspasia makes Lavinia than a little uncomfortable Especially as her first encounter with Aspasia occurs when she finds her in Tobias’s bedchamberIt seems Aspasia is seeking protection and solace after receiving an ominous message that eerily recalls the past Suddenly the obstacles standing betweenTobias and Lavinia appe. The third and last in the Lavinia LakeTobias March series this one is perhaps my favorite of the three although they are all terrific The plot line has the novelty of the four private investigators helped by their two higher born friends pursuing an early version of a hit man By now the characters seem like old friends Lord Vale and Joan Dove are back Anthony and Emeline develop further as characters and Priscilla gets a bigger part very minor role in the first two She is joined by a new character Dominic Hood But of course the book centers around Lavinia and Tobias as they weave and dance towards marriage Perhaps Ms Krentz will return to these characters sometime in the future With any luck their adventures could go on forever a Regency version of Nick and Nora