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Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í C.J. Cherryh DAW paperback original one of several later printings see individual listings An early 1979 Cherryh novel about colonists on an alien world and th. Hestia is a really a prime example of CJ Cherryh's early works it is a detailed methodical and slower paced combination of fantasy and science fiction which reuires a certain amount of patience The settings often involve a group of human colonists assigned or stranded on a terraformed or Earth like world struggling to survive in a difficult environment where natives of the planet object to their presence There's usually a main protagonist who comes to be the medium either by choice or circumstance between the two factions In this case it's a stranded engineer who has agreed to help nearly defeated colonists build a dam which might save their drowning lands yet the natives don't care for this idea at all secretly sabotaging and slaying encroachers When Sam Merritt finds a young female cat like humanoid who was caught in a rock clearing explosion he wants to learn about her and her peoples yet naturally the colonists object and the situation turns ugly forcing him to choose who to help and protectIf you want non stop thrills even at the cost of good writing and realistic world building Cherryh's work will often seem slow or overly descriptive but I prefer solid writing and balanced plots over flash and bang any day CJ can always be counted upon for thoughtful believable sci fifantasy with good characterization A great plus for me also I prefer the shorter stand alone works like Hestia and absolutely love the cover art from back in the day before so much is computer generated Lovely cover art by Don Maitz

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Free download Hestia AUTHOR C.J. Cherryh ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ô DAW paperback original one of several later printings see individual listings An early 1979 Cherryh novel about colonists on an alien world and their interactions with the catlike natives centering on a young engineer sent to solve t Eir interactions with the catlike natives centering on a young engineer sent to solve the colonists' problems and his relationship with one of the. This book is a really obvious allegory of the settling of America except that this time the natives are a race of primitive cat people Which is fairly problematic when you think about it given all the times that settlers referred to Native Americans as being less than human Cherryh really goes out of her way to underscore the resemblance giving the settlers all the characteristics — forms of dress clothing and language not to mention being white with English surnames — that are traditionally associated with Americans pushing West in the 19th century even though the book is set in a far future universe with spaceflight between planets one of many aspects of the book that don’t uite make sense I can accept that a low priority colony planet might operate at a lower technology level than the planets that build the spaceships It seems less likely though that an engineer trained on one of those planets would know anything about building dams without the use of robots and lasers and all the fancy advanced technology that such a world must have to do its engineering The spaceships can’t be the only sign of high technology there is can they Further it makes even less sense that the mother planet would bother sending a single person to a low priority colony Ok there were two — one has second thoughts and skedaddles leaving our hero behind partly because he was arrested by the colonials in case he started getting second thoughts too — but still Either they would send a team with a large uantity of euipment or they would send some books on dam building and a note saying “good luck” Finally of course there’s the whole uestion of inter species romance as signaled by the cover illustration of a cat woman wearing a bikini unfortunately Cherryh puts about the same amount of thought into it as a B movie scriptwriter For once the cover illustrators of a 70’s sci fi or fantasy paperback have given a female character clothes than she usually wears Sazhje being as mentioned one of a race of primitive cat people generally wears nothing at all The most annoying part of the book though is the way it distributes the blame for imperialism The settlers are often small minded violent and xenophobic prejudiced not just against the cat people but also against other humans not from Hestia and even native born Hestians who have off worlder parents our hero by contrast is enlightened and broad minded Of course our hero also represents the imperial center the people who are responsible for dropping the settlers on Hestia and creating the conflict with the cat people to absolve them of any blame is to miss the point by a considerable margin One could perhaps overlook these political issues if the book were better but it’s really pretty predictable Cherryh is good at maintaining tension but there’s only so much you can do with a by the numbers plot Definitely the worst of my continuing review of early Cherryh so far

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Hestia AUTHOR C.J. CherrNatives Major themes in this novel include sexual liberation sexual aberration hypocrisy of social s and responsibility toward indigenous peoples. 35 One of Cherryh's early novels on my uest to read everything she wrote that takes place on a failing colony planet Well written and interesting characters