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Spider BonesMpe is contacted by Hadley Perry Honolulu’s flamboyant medical examiner who needs help identifying the remains of an adolescent boy found offshore Was he the victim of a shark attack? Or something much sinister?A complex and riveting tale of deceit and murder unfolds in this the thirteenth thrilling novel in Reichs’s “cleverly plotted and expertly maintained series” The New York Times Book Review With the smash hit Bones now in its fifth season and in full syndication and her most recent novel 206 Bones an instant New York Times bestseller Kathy Reichs is at the top of her game I'm not sure I can explain the plot of this one It gets complicated Basically a body is found that is identified as John Lowery but records show he died in Vietnam forty years earlier Dr Temperance Brennan must exhume the grave that everybody thought was John Lowery and take it to Hawaii for reanalysis as they are obviously the bones of a different veteran While in Hawaii another body is found which has John Lowery's dog tags on them Who is who? Tied in with all of this are remains that look as if they are the result of a shark attack I thought the last Kathy Reichs book 206 Bones was below average but she than makes up for it with this one In fact this is better than the last few I've read As I always say I love a good story and I got one here That helped me overlook some things that bothered me too much description about travel routes I'm sure with all the detail provided here Kathy Reichs must have claimed a trip to Hawaii herself on tax for research purposes There was also too many instances of a history provided on places and things that wasn't necessary plus a gratuitous dream seuenceHowever the complex web behind the identities of the three dead bodies was fascinating and managed to somewhat tie in with the shark victim bodies as well uite clever Drug trafficking and gang warfare does play a part in the plot which initially had me worried because I find that sort of plot so dull but it's only references through dialogue thankfully The story is capped off with some plot twists and scientific twists and a fairly suspenseful climax It has me wanting to go back and watch Bones which I abandoned some time during the fifth season And read of the books of courseNote In Australia the version I read was called Mortal Remains a tactic I find very very annoying Book publishers seem to be in denial that the Internet even exists Do they really think people can't go on line and find these things out themselves?? So I'm reviewing it under the title it was meant to be published under

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FREE PDF ç BOOK Spider Bones ´ Kathy Reichs—#1 New York Times bestselling author and producer of the FOX television hit Bones—returns with the thirteenth riveting novel featuring forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan  John Lowery was declared dead in 1968—the victim of a Huey crash in Vietnam his body buried long ago in North Carolina FoKathy Reichs #1 New York Times bestselling author and producer of the FOX television hit Bones returns with the thirteenth riveting novel featuring forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan  John Lowery was declared dead in 1968 the victim of a Huey crash in Vietnam his body buried long ago in North Carolina Four decades later Temperance Brennan is called to the scene of a drowning in Hemmingford uebec The victim appears to have died while in the midst of a bizarre sexual practice The corpse is later identified as John Lowery But how could Lowery have died twice and how did an Ame I uite like the Temperance Brennan novels I've read all of them and so far there's only been 1 that I really didn't enjoy at all which I think is a pretty good strike rate when there's been 12 of them Well unfortunately my toll now stands at 213 I didn't get into this book eitherLike Brennan Reichs herself is a forensic anthropologist and she always claims that she never writes a novel and puts Temperance in a medical situation that she herself hasn't been in personally She's obviously very smart very knowledgable in her field but for the average layman who doesn't have a science brain like myself the long winded descriptions of procedures tests etc can feel like a lecture Even when Temperance is supposed to be using “dumbed down” language it often doesn't feel like that Or maybe I'm just dumbed down than the people in the books she's explaining things to? Anyway it sometimes leads to me flicking pages in boredom until the pages of scientific descriptions stop And that happened uite often in this novelFirstly – the abbreviations There are oh so many of them and my brain can only keep track of so many acronyms at a time It's even harder because I'm not American and don't have even a passing knowledge with some of these organisations But I'm getting ahead of myselfplot firstA floater is found somewhere in uebec Canada and due to being in the water the body isn't easily identifiable so Tempe is called in to do her thing Fingerprints identity the man as John Lowery which is a slight problem as it's 2010 and apparently John Lowery was declared dead in 1968 in Vietnam after a Chopper crash Everyone is confusedif Lowery was a Vietnam soldier killed in action how did he come to be in Canada? Tempe exumes the grave of John Lowery in North Carolina and finds that there is a partial skeleton inside that is supposed to be Lowery Tempe decides to head to Hawaii to the headuarters of JPAC one of those acronyms an organisation who dedicates itself to recovering American soldiers killed in conflict and bringing them home Soon after arriving in Hawaii there turns up another body and this one has John Lowery's dogtags So 3 bodies all supposedly the same man Which is the real Lowery and who are the other two? Tempe as always is determined to find answers and justice for the fallen Add in a threat on her life her daughter Katy in a depression and Ryan and his daughter Lily and that's about the ballgameThe plot was actually kind of interesting but I'm used to action within these novels There's always lots of creeping around and uestioning people and Tempe usually getting herself involved in all sorts of things that she shouldn't be involved in and a pretty decent climax This book lackeda lot of things Okay there was an attempt on Tempe's life but it was pretty lame came out of no where and then totally fizzled out and was related to some random side case that Tempe got pulled on in out of no where There was so much talking and explaining of organisations and DNA and other sorts of procedures and it was boring The idea of an organisation that works to bring fallen soldiers home to their families for a proper burial was nice but there were some glaring errors made by an incompetent employee that led to remains being identified incorrectly which has potential disaster written all over it I've no idea if that sort of thing occurs in real life it probably does Mistakes are made every day I know it sometimes can't be helped but you'd have to feel for people who were told remains were those of their sonfatherbrotherhusbandetc and then later it turned out that they weren'tTempe's daughter Katy features prominently in this one than she does in other novels and that's not necessarily a good thing Katy is a selfish and often immature 24yo who is best left to just being the voice on the end of the phone whining about how much she hates her boring job now that she's graduated from university after a whopping 6 years Ryan's daughter Lily appears in this book too mostly just to suabble with Katy They both act like they're 12 years old for most of their time together and it's mostly just irritating I think both of them could do with a good slap Even Ryan was a nothing character this time around And yes she's still calling him Ryan Can't she call him Andy even once? Or Andrew? Anything other than his last name which for a guy that she's slept with on and off for years now is fairly ridiculous It bugs me probably than it should but hearing her refer to him as Ryan was confusing because I started to think his name was Ryan for a while forgetting about the whole Andrew bit At least this book laid off the devotion to describing his eyes twenty seven different shades of blue I usually don't mind the fast pacing but the sentence fragments in this novel were very offputting and a bit reminiscent of the other book in this series I didn't enjoy Cross Bones At least Tempe and Ryan weren't acting like 4yos although I swear at the end of the previous book 206 Bones that they were just about back together However when Mortal RemainsSpider Bones opens up it's pretty clear that they are most definitely at an 'off' stage of their relationship Ryan does a bit of half hearted trying to get things going again but that mostly just involves him making vaguely suggestive remarks about getting back into Tempe's pants and Tempe pretending that she doesn't hearunderstand what he's saying Usually there's a bit of sexual tension between them but in this novel it was completely absent I think the time has come for Tempe to make a decision about Ryan and if Reichs has no intentions getting them back together than they need to move him into the background And if the are going to get back together well then they need to do it Without them having issues and breaking up in like every book from here on in It's just getting really oldChoppy disjointed writing far too much explanation and lecturing on details of everything lack of character developmentgrowth lack of sexual tension between anyone confusing plot with far too many bodies and too many peripheral characters If I hadn't of been reading this for the read a thon it's uite likely I might never have finished it

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Rican soldier end up in Canada?Tempe sets off for the answer exhuming Lowery’s grave in North Carolina and taking the remains to Hawaii for reanalysis to the headuarters of JPAC the US military’s Joint POW MIA Accounting Command which strives to recover Americans who have died in past conflicts In Hawaii Tempe is joined by her colleague and ex lover Detective Andrew Ryan how “ex” is he? and by her daughter who is recovering from her own tragic loss Soon another set of remains is located with Lowery’s dog tags tangled among them Three bodies all identified as LoweryAnd then Te The ueen of Unbelievable Coincidences strikes again Seriously why has no one with any influence over Kathy Reichs ever sat her down and explained that she can't keep forcing connections between cases that have no business being related? It takes away from an otherwise great seriesIn this one Tempe starts out with a body in Canada but heads back to the States NC of course when the body is identified as a man who reportedly died during the Vietnam war Then it's off to Hawaii for some Linda Fairstein style education about the Joint POWMIA Accounting Command While there Tempe is also asked to help identify some body parts that have been gnawed on by sharks And GUESS WHAT? Everything is connected somehow Bet you didn't see that one comingI still love reading these books but it's hard to imagine giving one than 3 stars right now