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Cover the magical city of Lodun and the chance for hope But the enemy is relentless and amid turmoil and danger only the discovery of a secret portal holds any hope of saving what is left of Ile Rien But the ancient portal leads to a mysterious ruin hidden behind the awesome Gate of Gods a realm of wonder and danger beyond any they have ever imagin. Martha Wells is a genuinely excellent writer Having now read five of her books in the past several months I find it mind boggling that it took me this many years to become aware of her Imaginative concepts “Living” compelling uniue characters — both male and female protagonists written with an impressive individuality This third in the Fall of Ile Rien series was in all honesty my least favorite of her works I have read but was still a very enjoyable read It just lackedenough of a dramatic build up for me and while Wells’ instinct for understatement normally “works” for me it left me wanting this time out Normally a good thing but as this seems to be the end of the Ile Rien stories I’m left just slightly unfulfilled So much left unexploitedAnyway don’t take my 3 stars as a criticism I reserve 5 stars for books that truly changed my life in one way or another Heart of Darkness War and Peace Dune Lord of the Rings etcvery once in a GREAT while I’ll give it out for a book that is utterly uniue or genre bendinginventingbut only very very rarely 4 stars from me is a rave review “GREAT book Couldn’t put it down Recommend it wholeheartedly Blew My Mind”that sort of thing 3 stars is a good read Worth reading Fun That’s part of thingThis one deserves a 3 12 if there were such a thingand Wells overall is a 4 star writer”Nuff said

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The Gate of GodsKnown for her lush intricate worlds and complex characters acclaimed author Martha Wells has delighted readers with her extraordinary fantasy novels of daring and wit With The Wizard Hunters and The Ships of Air she launched her most ambitious undertaking yet the Fall of Ile Rien trilogy which returned to the beloved setting of the Nebula Award nom. Reviewing the entire trilogy not just the third book and while I will try and limit the spoilers will probably have a fair number of unavoidable if hopefully minor ones mixed in I reserve the right to come back and re write this from scratch hopefully shorter though I probably won't because effortThis trilogy is primarily the story of a woman who finally starts to find her way amidst the backdrop of complete and utter destruction of everything she has ever known and any little stability she has had It isn't truly a romance as I usually read them yet at the same time that is to me one of the most critical if small aspects of it It is along the lines of an epic fantasy where the heroine does kind of save the day but almost entirely by luck and accident Sort ofTremaine which I find to be a very odd first name especially for a woman starts the first book right away trying to find a poison she could use to kill herself without anyone knowing it was a suicide I was worried the book would be dark dealing with suicidal thoughts but mostly this theme is dealt with indirectly Tremaine is very prickly constantly sarcastic overlooked by people who should know better full of self hate that is hard to understand and is in no way ever a romantic person At all She can shoot a man in cold blood in the back of the head if the situation calls for it or doesn't but she is incapable of talking about emotions EverSo at the start of book 1 the heroine is in the middle of a war torn city and has just come off 6 months aiding the war I never fully got a picture of this but I thought it might be something like nurses at the front The city is dealing with constant bombings from an enemy they don't know don't understand and can't defeat Her father and former guardianunclefather figure disappeared during the early days of the war and are assumed dead so she is completely alone in her giant family mansionShortly after the book starts interrupting her search for the perfect poison for her suicide she is asked for help in an experimental last ditch effort to find a way to defeat the enemy incidentally than anything by virtue of having the only known remaining device that they are trying to use in some complicated spell Her version was a toy given to her as a child than anything while still being advanced then the version they had been using in the experiments Apparently the last one used was destroyed in the middle of an experimental spell gone wrong which killed the sorcerer using it In her suicidal frame of mind she thinks this is perfect A chance to be involved in a project that already killed others iirc This is where she has an amusing thought that perhaps all heroes are actually just incompetent suicidesAfter going to the secret location while performing a test of this spell nobody casting it even understands she finds herself alongside the person who actually performed the spell suddenly elsewhere Falling into the sea Once they recover they return realizing the spell had been a transportation spell of some kind Meanwhile Ilias our hero and his foster brother are hunting wizards stumbling across a giant installation with wizards than they have ever seen in their life More than they have even heard of all working together something wizards never do to build giant flying ships Illias and his brother blow up one of the ships Illias barely escaping and losing his brother on the wayFrom the first scene with Illias the story alternates all third person between different view points throughout the series with Tremaine having the largest share then Illias then various minor characters including a handful from enemies view pointsTremaine and sorcerer friend try the spell again this time in a boat with several other characters unfortunately falling into the middle of an unnatural storm destroying the ship and killing some of the others Tremaine and one of the others a young woman still in training to become a sorceress find their way to an Island and get kidnapped along side Illias who is returning to find his brotherFrom this point on throughout the series Tremaine and Illias are mostly working together in some fashion Tremaine's culture was very much western world inspired during WW2 but with magic on top There were cars and balloons candles gas lamps and also electrical guns and so on In fact regarding the large ship that plays an important role in the series and is considered the best of the best and the pinnacle of ship building pre war the author has a note in the back of the second book explaining it was modeled after the ueen Mary which was a passenger ship whose first voyage was 1936 and survived the war as a troop transportation and hospital The magic within the culture seems mostly focused on healing and protection rather than being a primary source of advancement the boats are steam engines the cars are combustion engine etc though it was of course also used extensively by the military Illias and his culture are very primitive compared to Tremaine's and also consider all magic evil They don't have a word for spells only the word for curses which they apply indiscriminately to all magic This is a constant source of tension throughout the series as the two cultures clash while trying to fight the unknown invaders Illias was the target of a malicious wizard in his past the only sort his people have ever known and wears a mark on his face noting him as a curse survivor This makes him very much set apart and despised by his own people sometimes even family with many believing he should have been killed because he had been touched by a curse This makes him especially at first both completely wary of anything at all magical including things he simply doesn't understand like a blow torch and open to those otherwise outcast as a result of magicFrom the first Illias and Tremaine have an attraction to one other Illias also recognizes her suicidal tendencies calling them fey saying he has seen it before in other people and helps curb her worst impulses than once starting with a moment when she starts to fall off a bridge she is on and he physically stops her She in turn understand his isolation due to the curse mark as well as his nature being one of action and helps him improve his place in his cultureSkipping past a great deal within a matter of days Tremaine finds herself setup as the spokesperson for Illias' people in the attempt to form an alliance with Tremaine's During this initial meeting someone suggests the only way to be sure she is actually willing to negotiate in good faith for them is to form a marriage alliance she jumps at this first to force their hand and get the process going and second because she already liked Illias anyway and they end up in a marriage of sortsFrom this point on the relationship between them grows showing in small subtle ways throughout As the relationship develops alongside her actions in the various missions her suicidal thoughts largely disappear until finally in a scene in book 3 where she attempts to save everyone by killing herself and taking the enemy with her but is unable at the last second to actually follow through What I loved most about this series is that it didn't portray some perfect hero and heroine fighting the big bad and growing in power as they go along Far from it Both are very flawed people struggling through something too big for them and what they do to help is largely accidental If they are heroes it was by pure luck than anything at all and neither suddenly becomes a perfect person by the end The book ends in a rather abrupt and amusing way with her still unable to directly express her feelings towards IllianSo now that I have rambled far too much about plot Things I liked about this series it did a very good job at showing a world well universe that felt much bigger than just the parts it showed; it didn't simply brush over culture clashing but made it a central element at times; it had a good balance of alternating viewpoints not so many that the fact this was Tremaine's got muddled but not so few that they felt out of place; enemies weren't always simply enemies and sometimes friends were just assholes while family dynamics were often ridiculously dysfunctional in short people were complicated and imperfect even the villainsThings I didn't like the series at times felt like it took place over several weeks when in fact most of book 1 3 took place all in the same 10 days or so undermining the believability at times of how fast Illias and Tremaine's relationship developed; some of Tremaine's personality wasn't explained very well specifically her self hate; Book 2 and 3 had too much hey this is where we are catch up sections in the first chapter given how fast the story takes place you can't read these books out of order anyway so it just annoyed me; not enough screen time was given to the relationships even the key ones like Tremaine Illias; too much time was given to Tremaine not being amazing like the author was almost trying too hard to show Tremaine wasn't driving events but caught up in themAll considered this was a good series and I recommend to those who like epic fantasy with imperfect sometimes complicated characters and don't mind when the romance takes a backseat or is barely if at all in view

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FREE READ The Gate of Gods · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Known for her lush intricate worlds and complex characters acclaimed author Martha Wells has delighted readers with her extraordinary fantasy novels of daring and wit With The Wizard Hunters and The Ships of Air she launched her most ambitious undertaking yet the Fall of Ile RInated The Death of the Necromancer And now the stunning conclusion to the epic uest to save Ile Rien Searching for a way to stop the dread Gardier from conuering Ile Rien Tremaine Valiarde discovered a new world filled with perils and potential allies Now aided by her mercurial mysterious father Nicholas and a brave band of heroes she fights to re. I think this is the best of the three but the first is a close second The characters get much emotional opportunities in this volume The writing is beautiful and the ideas vast as usual