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The Witch of Blackbird Pond kindle ´ Paperback ó moneyexpresscard ☆ Orphaned Kit Tyler knows as she gazes for the first time at the cold bleak shores of Connecticut Colony that her new home will never be like the shimmering Caribbean island she left behind In her relatives' stern Puritan community she fAker woman known as the Witch of Blackbird Pond and on occasion her young sailor friend Nat But when Kit's friendship with the witch is discovered Kit is faced with suspicion fear and anger She herself is accused of witchcraf FULL REVIEW HEREShe ​snatched at the dream that had comforted her for so long It was faded and thin like a letter too often readA search of identity belonging friendship and breaking social class boundaries this book is uncharacteristically deep for young adult novels Not only is the time period historically accurate but Elizabeth George Spear incorporates easy to read yet distinct and complex accents From the uaker 'witch' to the Barbados Kit Tyler to the Connecticut colony residents each of the many characters has a personality that can't be mistaken Don't be put off by the title There is absolutely no witchcraft involved in the book It's basically a Salem Witch Trial book that takes place in another New England coastal town WethersfieldA few major themes in The Witch of Blackbird Pond include the political issues of the 17th century religious differences from protestants and uakers how education differs from country to country What a pity every child couldn't learn to read under a willow tree Kit who learned in Barbados judgement and how it affects culture these are just a few of many elements See? Didn't I say it was deep for a YA novel? ;If you're into history you'll love the richly detailed depiction of day to day life in 17th century America Even if you're not like me you will still definitely enjoy this Newberry Medal winning classicWe'd love to hear your thoughts Please feel free to comment on the blog

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Unity she feels like a tropical bird that has flown to the wrong part of the world a bird that is now caged and lonely The only place where Kit feels completely free is in the meadows where she enjoys the company of the old u Not anything like my preconceived notion The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a wonderful young adult novel set in the late 1600s in New England among the Puritans Kit Tyler has arrived on a ship from Barbados and doesn't fit in from her first moments in Connecticut when she reveals that she can swim The neighbors think she must be a witch since she can float Her relatives take her in reluctantly and Kit tried to make herself useful by working hard in this new grim environment so unlike the tropical paradise she was born in Kit comes from an affluent family whose work was done by slaves that they owned Her hardy Connecticut cousins try to make her understand how wrong this is Kit's loneliness and despair soon bring her to connect with another outcast from the Puritan's society This connection may mean Kit's death

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The Witch of Blackbird PondOrphaned Kit Tyler knows as she gazes for the first time at the cold bleak shores of Connecticut Colony that her new home will never be like the shimmering Caribbean island she left behind In her relatives' stern Puritan comm A good witch is hard to findI should know; I've been searching for one my entire lifeSo I went into this read thinking maybe this is her the witch of blackbird pond Maybe she will finally be the “tatter haired witch” that Karla Kuskin decribes or the “magical prognosticator chanting canting calculator” that Felice Holman makes me want to meetI wasn't looking for a Bellatrix LeStrange I just wanted the witch I've been waiting for And I didn't find her hereNope No real witches here Just a bunch of those Arthur Miller type “witches” from The Crucible Meaning no delightful cleavage or cackle no orgies by the river no incantation no levitation no black tresses or long black gownsJust a sad partially demented uaker woman who has been ostracized from the town for her religious beliefsOh and a town with “a pillory a whipping post and stocks” All of the proper accoutrements for provoking public humiliation in the village suare in Connecticut in the 17th centuryGod I hate PuritansI hate 'em and so does Kit our protagonist who is forced to leave wealth and the paradise that is Barbados for the bleak never ending Puritans and snowI think this is known as “hell” or purgatory at the very leastPoor KitAnd poor me But once I let go of my attachment to the perfect witch I allowed this Newberry winner from 1958 and Kit Tyler to capture my attention and I found an “old school” appealing story and a winning protagonistThis is good clean story telling and it's a surprisingly romantic coming of age story as well And God as my witness as I finished up the story today my 9 year old daughter arrived home carrying a giant black cauldron from a thrift store I retreat to my lair with magical thoughts