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Read ePub ¿ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ✓ Alice è una bambina che per seguire un coniglio bianco cade in un pozzo profondissimo sul fondo del uale si aprono le porte di un mondo fantastico Personaggi irreali e avventure incredibili le fanno trascorrere momenti felici fino all'immancabile risveglio Il volume contiene oltre allaNe oltre alla più nota Alice nel paese delle Meraviglie anche il seguito delle avventure della bambina intitolato Attraverso lo specchio This is a weird one The I read the I'm okay with the weirdness Does that say something about me? I thought at first I wouldn't read it to my kids because it's too strange but I'm thinking now I might They just might like it We'll see how it ends Am I lame that I've never read this before? Okay done with them both Alice in Wonderland was okay Still weird Weird and I didn't understand it Through the Looking Glass took weird to a whole new level A bad level The whole time I was reading it I was thinking Is Carroll on crack? This makes no sense And then I thought maybe I needed to be on crack to understand it I've had crazy dreams sort of like this all disjointed and random and all but that doesn't mean I want to read a book about psycho dreams And what's up with shaking the poor kitten all the time? I might read Wonderland to the kids I won't read Through the Looking GlassAnd does anyone really know what this all means? Because if it's just for fun it wasn't

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Fantastico Personaggi irreali e avventure incredibili le fanno trascorrere momenti felici fino all'immancabile risveglio Il volume contie Many uestions arose both around Carroll´s alleged drug consumption and mental state of the author and besides himself nobody will ever know But it has been used to argue for pro drug consumption by hippies for damnation by all of their political opponents and as part of the myth how authors find inspirations The idea of how the mental state of a writer or artist in general influences herhis works is even fascinating because the thin line between sane imagination and creativity and madness or getting lost in a world one created herhimself is a thin and unclear one and just genetic luck or pure coincidence may make the difference between a world building ingenious and very successful author superstar and severe lifelong mental illness Mental strength and self discipline to let the demons work for one instead of killing them or a small pharmacological help may make the difference between world fame and mental asylum and completely blocking or losing the controllable and not harmful symptoms might destroy the ability to make such works take away the needed basis of dreams hallucinations and loss of reality necessary to create uniue works A manifestation of how precious and fragile those human egos fictional surrogates of what the brain wants areAt a time when there was close to no fantasy literature available Carroll wrote a precursor of today's bizarro fictionfantasysci fi crossoverhorrorwhatever genre that ought be novels focussing on the hero´s journey of one main plot with the strangeness and surreality of the characters and environment as main driving enginesI don´t know where Carroll took his ideas from and what inspired him to invent this tale as other pioneers of Fantasy tended to use steal and adapt old mythology but much of the content is just so bizarre that it doesn´t correspond the typical standards of the innocent except the violence opportunism sexism racism extremism and many other evil isms old talesBecause of the violence and weirdness I wouldn´t consider it as a clean normal read for all ages any but closer to the elder kid section A true classic having a lasting impact on pop culture and many other works and tinkering with the ideas of reality consciousness and the layers of dimensions that might lie beyond the known three and the realm of interpretations connotations and innuendos Because it is highly subjective it is very difficult to draw the line between witty hidden critic and simple plot device and just the author knows what the true intention was But just that so many big clever whatsoever generations of adults and parents are thinking about and puzzling around what hidden meaning behind that lovely story with beheadings bipolar schizophrenic and generally prone to mental illness side characters highly developed nanotech that let´s one grow and shrink and stuff may be differs it from other classicsOne of the rare examples where timeless all devouring uestions have been compressed and distilled to an allegedly benign nice little tale for the kiddies but the deeper the interested adult digs the further shehe explores the Matrix style abyssal depths of the hidden human thoughts fears and imaginations the bigger the WTF factor becomesTropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found ThereAlice è una bambina che per seguire un coniglio bianco cade in un pozzo profondissimo sul fondo del uale si aprono le porte di un mondo Dreams figments of the wondrous mind what things can it createA little girl named Alice 7 with her big sister a few years older sitting on the banks of the gentle river Thames on a calm warm sunny day in 1862 how delightful still she is bored watching her sibling read a book not paying any attention to her with no pictures imagine that getting sleepyOut of nowhere a nervous White Rabbit dashes by Alice no big deal even though it has clothes on not thinking it peculiar when the animal speaks looking at a watch and declares he will be late to an important party Intrigued the child follows the rapid rabbit down a large hole a long tunnel soon finding a precipice then falling and falling the never ending drop continues as the frightened girl starts to believe maybe uite possible arrive finally on the other side of the world welcome Australia Nevertheless landing safely in a pile of leaves unhurt Alice in a strange hall sees a bottle that says drink me She the brave girl does being much too big for this land needing to get out to the beautiful place outside that Alice views through the door too small for her and shrinks this will not be the last time either her size will vary in future adventures in this magical tale Meeting a plethora of mad characters as one of them matter of fact boasts we're all mad here The Cheshire Cat with his always grinning smile as he fades away and reappears the ueen of Hearts the annoyed ruler freuently shouts and proclaims Off with their heads and her curiouser and curiouser crouet matchwith real animals for euipment the Mad Hatter and his perpetual tea party with the March Hare who enjoys puzzling Alice The mellow Caterpillar likes sitting on top of a mushroom smoking leisurely and showing scorn for the little girl's silly uestions the Mock Turtle who head looks like a cow and is sad the ugly Duchess sneezing because her maid's over use of pepper other weird souls in this enchanting book appear If you are a type of person who relishes the road less traveled this will be up your alley A classic children's fable that will always be a favorite having sold than 100 million copies and adults can be entrapped also and benefit by the amusing satire of their foibles which everyone hasThat is being human