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Sleepless Read & Download Ø 109 ☆ SOMEONE ELSE WILL DIE SOON she tells herselfILL DIE SOON s. This book is about four teens who join this class Then the pictures do some kind of voodoo type thing and make them kill people in their class or just people they dont like Emma and jake end up having this thing Emma is trying to figure out whats happening to everyone she finds out that caitlin is behind all the killings The killings are very graphic you can tell just by reading how gross the deaths are there was this kid who is on the football team and his nickname is hicky stevens beacuse he gives like every girl hickies This one girl who hates him She sleepwalks then she finds him at the train station where the class is and she pushes him over the edge right in front of a train He dies Duncan sets himself on fire because he kept dreaming about killing lily the girl he likes Lily goes insaine JakeEmmaCaitlinDuncan and Lily try staying up all night when they start sleepwalkingnightmares Emma and Jake end up sleeping in the same bed then they end up making out Dr Beecher ends up dead in the end of the book because Caitlin stabs him and hits him in the junkI thougth this book was really good It was a good read You could read that book in days It was graphic and fun to read I would recommend people read the book

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He tells herse. Someone else will die soon she tells herself Someone else will die and I'll be responsibleA group of teenagers in high school are in a club They all have one thing in common They all went to volunteer in New Orleans Something happens and it is making some of them sleepwalk This story is told through Emma and Jake Each chapter is told through their point of view The premise hooked me but I was a little iffy about reading this book because some of the reviews said it wasn't scary I went into this book thinking I won't be scared but halfway in I got spooked This may not be the case for most of you but if you are scared easily beware Sons of HypnosThe gods who bring dreams into the worldBring us restview spoilerThe ending of this book sorta leaves as a cliffhanger Yes the culprit has been found but Emma is even shaken after all the event unfold for her It started off as Jake being scared of his dreams and now it ends with Emma being scared I guess this adds to the suspense Overall this was a 45 for me Thomas Fahy knows how to write a good suspense and this book has the suspense but if only he kept the suspense building up until the end then this book would have been a 55 for me It was close but not close enough hide spoiler

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SleeplessSOMEONE ELSE W. Isn’t the cover amazing It caught my eye right away and I couldn’t wait to dive into the story But in the end I was disappointed with many aspects of the book but in love with other partsI’ve found that most horror novels I read start off horribly They’re incredibly boring and I have to force myself to read the book Sleepless was no exception Even right now trying to write this review I can’t remember what the first half of the book was about I just read it I did soak up the main details and the important plot points but nothing else really mattered I just wanted something scary to happen Also I was not a fan of the way the novel switched between telling the present and telling the past and the dreams I found it to be choppy and confusingThat being said the last half of the book was amazing It was scary with great twists everything that should be in a good horror novel Best of all it was very fast paced nothing that was unneeded happened Also Fahy’s descriptive writing which I had found long and annoying in the beginning was greatly appreciated during the ending because it brought the story to lifeEven though it took me a day to read the first 100 pages and an hour to read the last 100 I did enjoy the novel The ending was enough to redeem the book in my opinion What do you guys think did you like the bookCheck out my book review blog at wwwanibelleblogspotcom