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pdf ✓ Assassination Vacation » Sarah Vowell Entertaining and informative travelogue it is the disturbing and fascinating story of how American death has been manipulated by popular culture including literature architecture sculpture and the author's favorite historical tourism Though the themes of loss and violence are explored and we make detours to see how the Republican Party became the Republican Party there are all kinds of lighter diversions along the way into the lives of the three presidents and their assassins including mummies show tunes mean spirited totem poles and a nineteenth century biblical sex cu This is my first book by this author but within the first few minutes of this cool audio version she has endeared herself to me Her tone is light but she packs a lot of information into this book The great thing about that is that she does it in a funny and geeky way showcasing that she doesn't just recite something she's read somewhere herself but that she is passionate about what she's telling usWhat I learned from this book? Well for starters that there have been Presidential assassinations than I had thought Four to be exact I had only known about two And that there have been six assassination attempts evenBut apart from that we also learn a lot about the historical background a lot about the assassins and their motifs the monuments and plaues erected in the Presidents honour or not how much or little people care and how history repeats itself without many people really paying attention to it Nothing new but interesting as hell We even get a few tidbits of information of only vaguely connected topics thrown in for good measure Such as the fact that when at least American statues show a person on horseback say a general from the American Civil War for example the horse is either presented merely standing or standing with one leg lifted and that the difference in the horse's posture has different meanings in case the horse has one leg lifted it means the person commemorated was wounded in battleAll of that is explained to us while the author basically chats with the reader telling of different roadtrips she took over some time sometimes accompanied by her sister and nephew She talks about her lack of social skills as hilariously as about the uirkiness of New Englanders and even throws in some pop culture references not in a tacky way but showing that history lessons don't have to be dusty and dry Basically as her friends and sister say she can tie any conversational topic back to one Presidential assassination or another and I think it's hilarious her enthusiasm is contagious Even President Garfield who apparently was very bland which is why scarcely anyone knows anything to say about him is portrayed in an endearingly uirky way That is because she highlights character traits one would otherwise probably not read about in a non fiction book about American Presidents making the people behind the names come to lifeHow people dealt with the assassinations how they immortalized or didn't the respective Presidents places as well as the architecture itself what spectacles they made out of the prosecutions of the assassins how they saw themselves and America in each respective era how the respective Presidents are remembered now or not it's all very weird and explained here in detail Just like the family lives of the respective Presidents and their assassins I was especially intrigued by the tragic fate of Robert Todd Lincoln and Booth's brother EdwinI don't always agree with the author's political assessments not towards the administration in power when she wrote this book not to current world events and the supposed parallels of them to certain historical events let alone her apparent view on wars in general but the way she presents her cases and the intelligence and dedication one feels while listening to her make me nonetheless respect her a great deal despite her over the top und therefore unrealistic idealism and I'd love to have a real life conversation with herThis has been a very short but cool buddy read with the incomparable Jeff fah fah and certainly not my last book by this author Especially since she narrates the audio version herself with the help of a few celebrities Conan O'Brien voiced Robert Todd Lincoln Stephen King voiced President Abraham Lincoln and Jon Stewart voiced President James A Garfield to name just a few And Vowell sounds as geeky as she is and after googling her looks exactly the way I imagined herOne negative piece of criticism It's too bad she spent so much time on Lincoln and Booth far less on Garfield and Kinley and their respective assassins and none at all on Kennedy except for some name throwing round supposed to show repetition in history in the last 10 minutes of the book It makes for a less rounded experience

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Assassination Vacation doc ë Audiobook read å sarah vowell á New York Times bestselling author of The Wordy Shipmates and contributor to NPR’s This American Life Sarah Vowell embarks on a road trip to sites of political violence from Washington DC to Alaska to better understand our nation’s ever evolving New York Times bestselling author of The Wordy Shipmates and contributor to NPR’s This American Life Sarah Vowell embarks on a road trip to sites of political violence from Washington DC to Alaska to better understand our nation’s ever evolving political system and historySarah Vowell exposes the glorious conundrums of American history and culture with wit probity and an irreverent sense of humor With Assassination Vacation she takes us on a road trip like no other a journey to the pit stops of American political murder and through the myriad ways they have been use Sarah Vowell is definitely one of the top five humans I’d love to grab a beer with then get so drunk I’d take the subway and end up in the Bronx or Rockaway Beach because I have a slight crush on her and love how she thinks Her mind can jump from subject to subject uicker than the electric current in your lamp travels from the “on” switch to the light bulb Very few people can make the seemingly spurious links in subject matter that she manages to connect together with each book in her own uniue snarkalicious way My lone caveat here is her attempt to tie together the then current events this book was published in 2005 President Bush the Middle East with the political climate surrounding the assassinations It’s not that I disagree with her it’s just that due to the untimeliness of her observations she comes across as a bit shrill and the narrative has a tendency to drag at these pointsSince the bulk of this book is about President Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth let’s approach this from a different perspectiveIn a galaxy kind of far away but close enough for dinner and drinks President Lincoln appeals to the Starship Enterprise for help “I’ll wrestle Colonel Green the dude who led a genocidal war in the 21st century if you help save me from John Wilkes BoothKirk agrees Lincoln throat punches Green and then Scotty transports Lincoln into an alternative dimension where he encounters the Scooby GangLincoln was all out of Scooby snacks and Scooby is good pals with the Super Friends so they shipped his Lincoln log ass off to SupermanBatman was all set to help but Mrs Lincoln was wearing pearls and this brought back a sense memory from his mom and dad getting gunned down and this make Bats cryMeanwhile on Earth 616 Captain America is attacked by a HYDRA animated view spoilerHail Hydra hide spoiler

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Assassination VacationD for fun and profit for political and cultural advantage From Buffalo to Alaska Washington to the Dry Tortugas Vowell visits locations immortalized and influenced by the spilling of politically important blood reporting as she goes with her trademark blend of wisecracking humor remarkable honesty and thought provoking criticism We learn about the jinx that was Robert Todd Lincoln present at the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln Garfield and McKinley and witness the politicking that went into the making of the Lincoln Memorial The resulting narrative is much than an Somehow I listened to this entire audiobook in two days I felt burned by politics and somehow in my head this translated to politics I thought reading about assassinations might be refreshing Enter Sarah Vowell with her strange voice and a host of stories of informational plaues that she visited around the country and other monuments to assassination attempts There is a lot on Lincoln but I still learned some tidbits Did you know it is likely President Lincoln was laughing when he was shot? The last chapter had an interesting intersection with other books I've read such as The Most Dangerous Book The Battle for James Joyce's Ulysses because it focused in on Emma Goldman the delightful anarchist who was greatly feared in her time Not a president but definitely political and assassination attempts going both waysThis is well researched she makes obscurity interesting and it was a nice diversion from the present dayMy only disappointment with the audiobook is that the cover makes it seem like the other voices will have prominent roles but they are only very occasionally brought in to read a uotation I would have loved to hear less Vowell and Conan O'Brien Stephen King and Jon Stewart That said her voice is definitely distinct