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free read The Comforters ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Caroline Rose is plagued by the tapping of typewriter keys and the strange detached narration of her every thought and action Caroline has an unusual problem she realises she is in a novel Her fellow characters also seem deluded Laurence her former lover finds diamonds in aCaroline Rose is plagued by the tapping of typewriter keys and the strange detached narration of her every thought and action Caroline has an u. Sly wit and subtle humor abound in these pages  This author was brought to my attention by GR friend Fionnuala thank you  Very different from my usual reading material but thoroughly enjoyable Georgina Hogg is a veritable beast of a woman mean spirited and unforgiving with an ample bosom that threatens all in her path  Worse yet she suffers from chronic righteousnessCaroline Rose is uite a character but in what way  A recent convert to the Catholic faith she begins hearing an unseen typewriter clacking away followed by voices  Is this a religious experience or could she be going madLaurence Manders has a predilection for snooping fancies himself a sleuth  With his knack for glomming onto absurd details he's not all the way wrong  While nosing around in his grandmama's kitchen Laurence comes across a loaf of bread that yields than typical wholemeal goodness  It may be that granny is mixed up in some very uestionable activitiesAs an aside the edition I checked out from the library is a 1957 copy  Our library did not have this title but was able to locate one at the Washington University library in St Louis through the wonderful Mobius program  It was ensconced in some sort of a cardboard protective package that had a sticker on it saying This book is fragile  Please use it carefully and return it to the box when finished  I figured it would be falling apart in my hands but it was in remarkably good condition and had that wonderful old book smell that wafted from the pages as they were turned

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Ad has his elderly grandmother hidden them there And Baron Stock her bookseller friend believes he is on the trail of England's leading Satanis. Meta literary novels are boring though not as boring as meta filmic movies and if they don't bore you by now 2012 well you need to think about something else for a while Which makes this novel particularly notable since it is meta literary and also not boring It's not hard to work out why though Spark isn't out to subvert our expectations or undermine the authority of the Author or anything like that Instead she draws a wonderful analogy between faith in God and faith in art and therefore human beings There is no physical evidence that art is any good or even that it exists you can't prove that something is a novel by pointing to a thick wad of paper; there's certainly not much evidence that human beings are any good And yet Here we have a very good novel written by a narrator with whom I would love to spend time I would love to spend time with the characters The plot is self consciously convoluted and based on coincidence and unlikely events and fabulous for all that Spoiler the evil woman dies The end is happy despite the omnipresent creepiness of the whole thing And all this in the 'fifties back when nobody was thinking about meta literary themes right Well no Spark was thinking about them writing about them and doing it coherently interestingly and profoundly than any of your favorite writers from the seventies eighties and today I wonder how that radio station advertizes itself now I'm getting old As a special bonus the book isn't about 'literature' It's about life What a thought

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The ComfortersNusual problem she realises she is in a novel Her fellow characters also seem deluded Laurence her former lover finds diamonds in a loaf of bre. Just before the libraries closed I borrowed the longest Muriel Spark novels that I hadn't read yet this and The Mandelbaum Gate 'The Comforters' as it turns out was her first published novel I doubt I'd have realised that without it being pointed out in the introduction as Spark already has her assured narrative voice and arch wit fully developed The plot is perhaps not as tight as some of her later shorter novellas though There is also a central conceit explicitly experimental than I've found in her other fiction one of the main characters becomes aware that she's in a novel This meta twist is treated in characteristically deadpan fashion Caroline the character experiencing it unsurprisingly assumes at first that she is delusional and receives a variety of unhelpful advice from friends relatives and her boyfriend Laurence I found Laurence a very entertaining character essentially a Useless Sherlock Holmes He is very nosy and has a remarkable eye for detail but by temperament and inclination doesn't draw useful conclusions from what he discovers When he does uncover something interesting like a smuggling ring involving his grandmother he cannot keep it to himselfThe darkly farcical plot of 'The Comforters' revolves around secrets incompetently concealed and blackmail ineptly attempted The dramatic climaxes are sudden apparently random events that appear dropped in by the novelist who Caroline can sometimes eavesdrop on As usual with Spark Catholicism is a running theme the dialogue is witty and tart and several characters are convincingly unbearable people Georgina Hogg and the Baron are especially memorable creations and Louisa is magnificently enigmatic Mental illness is a significant theme here than in other Spark novels My favourite moments tended to centre upon thisI'm sure Willi said Caroline that you are suffering from the emotional effects of Eleanor leaving you I am sure Willi that you should see a psychiatristIf what you say were true he said it would be horribly tactless of you to say it As it is I make allowances for your own disorderIs the world a lunatic asylum then Are we all courteous maniacs discreetly making allowances for everyone else's derangementLargely said the BaronI resist the proposition Caroline saidThat is an intolerant attitudeIt's the only alternative to demonstrating the proposition Caroline saidI don't know said the Baron really why I continue to open my mind to youMuriel Spark's writing is a balm in troubled times definitely recommended as lockdown reading