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Free read The White Tiger · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Balram Halwai is een man met vele gezichten Hij is dienaar chauffeur filosoof en entrepreneur En hij is een moordenaar Balram groeit op in de donkere binnenlanden van India en blijkt al snel het slimste jongetje van het dorp te zijn maar zijn familie kan verdere scholing niet beEt betalen Wanneer een welvarende zakenman uit Delhi hem inhuurt als chauffeur krijgt hij eindelijk een kans op succes Delhi is een openbaring voor Balram overal ligt rijkdom voor het grijpen en zijn uitzichtloze bestaan lijkt ten einde Maar Balram beseft dat er maar één. The perfect companion piece to Slumdog Millionaire and if you didn't like that movie you won't like this book for the same reasons It's a no nonsense bulldozing mordant splenetic jackhammer of a story written as a tough slangy 300 page fast reading monologue It's a novel of information not art It tells you all about modern India with a traditional rags to riches fable Our hero murders his employer unapologetically and that's how he gets his riches This is not rocket science This is smashing a guy over the head with a broken bottle of Johnny Walker But 90% of the book is not really the story it's an anguished howl of rage about a distance of eighteen inches In India and indeed in other places too the Rich and the Poor inhabit different universes But the rich hire some of the poor as servants This novel is the story of a servant who was a driver In the car the driver is separated from his employer the word used here is Master by the short distance of 18 inches But economically psychologically medically it's really 400 light years as we know And yet every day there they are cheek by jowl 18 inches apart the one regarding the other with irritated amusement or annoyance or contempt depending on mood and being reciprocated with fawning fear and even awe Our hero Balram is the rare beast white tiger who does not succumb to this fear and awe But it's a struggle and I was glad to be along for the rideIn the London Review of Books Sanjay Subrahmanyam almost trashes The White Tiger His main beef is the language of the novel What of Balram Halwai What does he sound like Despite the odd namaste daal paan and ghat his vocabulary is not sprinkled with North Indian vernacular terms His sentences are mostly short and crudely constructed apparently a reflection of the fact that we’re dealing with a member of the ‘subaltern’ classes He doesn’t engage in Rushdian word play But he does use a series of expressions that simply don’t add up He describes his office as a ‘hole in the wall’ He refers to ‘kissing some god’s arse’ an idiomatic expression that doesn’t exist in any North Indian language ‘Half formed ideas bugger one another and make half formed ideas’ and the Chinese prime minister is advised never to ‘let that blasphemous idea into your yellow skull’ On another matter he sneers ‘They’re so yesterday’ A clever little phrase appears ‘A statutory warning – as they say on cigarette packs – before we begin’ Dogs are referred to as ‘mutts’ Yet whose vocabulary and whose expressions are these On page after page one is brought up short by the jangling dissonance of the language and the falsity of the expressions This is a posh English educated voice trying to talk dirty without being able to pull it off This is not Salinger speaking as Holden Caulfield or Joyce speaking as Molly Bloom It is certainly not Ralph Ellison or James Baldwin whom Adiga has claimed as his models in speaking for the underdog What we are dealing with is someone with no sense of the texture of Indian vernaculars yet claiming to have produced a realistic textand then devastatinglyThe paradox is that for many of this novel’s readers this lack of verisimilitude will not matter because for them India is and will remain an exotic place This book adds another brick to the patronising edifice it wants to tear downHe's right it didn't matter to me that a guy who doesn't speak English is represented as using hundreds of idiomatic English phrases But for me that problem is the same as the one posed by the uestion how can this first person narrator remember conversations in detail which happened years ago and anyway who the hell is she talking to ie it's a device we suspend our disbelief we do it all the time every time we watch a movie we could be asking ourselves but don't whose point of view is this all from Who gathered all those documents together to form the text known as the novel Dracula Well no one because Bram Stoker made it all up How could Clarissa have found the time to write all those long long letters in Clarissa And so on note Subrahmanyam was the only really dissident voice I found regarding The White Tiger so I thought his argument was worth consideringPostscriptThe White Tiger is the 9th Booker Prize Winner I've read and redresses the balance between the Splendid this one Midnight's Children Remains of the Day and Sacred Hunger and the What Were They Thinking Life Times of Michael K Hotel Du Lac Possession Life of Pi and especially remarkably horrendously Vernon God Little

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Manier is om boven zijn eigen kaste uit te stijgen hij moet zijn meester vermoorden De Witte Tijger is een rauwe en venijnige roman over het moderne India Het debuut van Aravind Adiga geschreven in de vorm van een bekentenis introduceert een uitdagende nieuwe literaire stem. Balram Halwai grew up in the Darkness the immense swath of rural India where the poor vastly outnumber the rich and where the right of the rich to oppress the poor is rarely uestionedBy dint of his intelligence and ambition he becomes the No 2 driver to a local landlord nicknamed The Stork and when he discovers the No 1 driver has been hiding a secret is able to displace him and eventually move to Delhi with the landlord's Westernized son Mr Ashok and his modern wife Pinky Madamuite early in this debut novel Balram writing a long letter to Chinese premier Wen Jiabao who is about to visit India confesses that he has murdered Mr Ashok a crime that enabled him to move to Bangalore and set himself up as an entrepreneur The flashback journey he relates in his letter describes how he came to that point and in the process it lays out a sardonic seriocomic saga of the plight of India's poor At one point Balram tries to explain why the poor don't rise up to overwhelm their masters and the best metaphor he can come up with is the chicken market in old Delhi where live roosters sit powerless in cages beneath the carcasses of their freshly slaughtered brothers He writesEvery day on the roads of Delhi some chauffeur is driving an empty car with a black suitcase sitting on the backseat Inside that suitcase is a million two million rupees; money than that chauffeur will see in his lifetime If he took the money he could go to America Australia anywhere and start a new life He could go inside the five star hotels he has dreamed about all his life and only seen from the outside He could take his family to Goa to England Yet he takes that black suitcase where his master wants He puts it down where he is meant to and never touches a rupee WhyBecause Indians are the world's most honest people like the prime minister's booklet will inform you No It's because 999 percent of us are caught in the Rooster Coop just like those poor guys in the poultry marketThis novel won the Booker Prize this year sparked outrage among many in India but than anything else it tells an entertaining tale with the strong distinctive voice of a man whose soul has had to move from servitude to independence and who despite his horrific deed finds the freedom to live by his own standard of decency

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The White TigerBalram Halwai is een man met vele gezichten Hij is dienaar chauffeur filosoof en entrepreneur En hij is een moordenaar Balram groeit op in de donkere binnenlanden van India en blijkt al snel het slimste jongetje van het dorp te zijn maar zijn familie kan verdere scholing ni. The White Tiger Aravind AdigThe White Tiger is the debut novel by Indian author Aravind Adiga It was first published in 2008 and won the 40th Man Booker Prize in the same year The novel provides a darkly humorous perspective of India’s class struggle in a globalized world as told through a retrospective narration from Balram Halwai a village boy In detailing Balram's journey first to Delhi where he works as a chauffeur to a rich landlord and then to Bangalore the place to which he flees after killing his master and stealing his money the novel examines issues of religion caste loyalty corruption and poverty in India Ultimately Balram transcends his sweet maker caste and becomes a successful entrepreneur establishing his own taxi service In a nation proudly shedding a history of poverty and underdevelopment he represents as he himself says tomorrowتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و یکم ماه ؤانویه سال 2009 میلادیعنوان ببر سفید؛ نویسنده آراويند آديگا؛ مترجم نازنین میرصادقی؛ تهران، ایرانبان، 1387، بدون شماره گذاری، شابک 9789642980673؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان هندی سده 21 معنوان ببر سفید؛ نویسنده آراويند آديگا؛ مترجم مژده دقیقی؛ تهران، نيلوفر، 1389، در 286 ص، شابک 9789644484377؛ عنوان ببر سفید؛ نویسنده آراويند آديگا؛ مترجم آزاده نوری روزبهانی؛ تهران، نشرگستر، 1389، در 271 ص، شابک 9789645544902؛ عنوان ببر سفید؛ نویسنده آراويند آديگا؛ مترجم مامک بهادرزاده؛ تهران، آوین، 1389، در 344 ص، شابک 9789648148428؛ عنوان ببر سفید؛ نویسنده آراويند آديگا؛ مترجم ابوالفضل رئوف؛ تهران، روزگار، 1389، در 334 ص، شابک 9789643742713؛ نخست‌وزیر چین به هند مسافرت كرده، تا درباره ی كارآفرینان هندی پژوهش كند یكی از كارآفرینان هند، نامه‌ ای به نخست‌ وزیر می‌نویسد و در آن از تجربیات خود سخن می‌گوید او كه از فقیرترین طبقات هند بوده، با صداقت كامل، مسیر رسیدن خویش به ثروت و قدرت را بیان می‌كند داستان به صورت مجموعه‌ ای از نامه‌ هاست، و نگارنده در طول آن، خوانشگر را با مردمان، دین، آیین و ساختار سیاسی هند، آشنا می‌كند ا شربیانی