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Momo by Michael Ende doc ↠ Paperback read ✓ michael ende Ñ Eine gespenstische Gesellschaft grauer Herren ist am Werk und veranlasst immer mehr Menschen Zeit zu sparen Aber in Wirklichkeit betrügen sie die Menschen um diese ersparte Zeit Als die Not am größten ist und die Welt ihnen schon endgültig zu Eine gespenstische Gesellschaft grauer Herren ist am Werk und veranlasst immer mehr Menschen Zeit zu sparen Aber in Wirklichkeit betrügen sie die Menschen um diese ersparte Zeit Als die Not am größten Momo The Grey Gentlemen The Men in Grey Michael EndeMomo also known as The Grey Gentlemen or The Men in Grey is a fantasy novel by Michael Ende published in 1973 It is about the concept of time and how it is used by humans in modern societies In the ruins of an amphitheater just outside an unnamed city lives Momo a little girl of mysterious origin She came to the ruin parent less and wearing a long used coat She is illiterate and cannot count and she doesn't know how old she is When asked she replies As far as I remember I've always been around She is remarkable in the neighborhood because she has the extraordinary ability to listen—really listen By simply being with people and listening to them she can help them find answers to their problems make up with each other and think of fun games The advice given to people go and see Momo has become a household phrase and Momo makes many friends especially an honest silent street cleaner Beppo and a poetic extroverted tour guide Gigi Guido in some translations This pleasant atmosphere is spoiled by the arrival of the Men in Grey eventually revealed as a species of paranormal parasites stealing the time of humans Appearing in the form of grey clad grey skinned bald men these strange individuals present themselves as representing the timesavings Bank and promote the idea of timesaving among the population supposedly time can be deposited in the Bank and returned to the client later with interest After encountering the Men in Grey people are made to forget all about them but not about the resolution to save as much time as possible for later use Gradually the sinister influence of the Men in Grey affects the whole city life becomes sterile devoid of all things considered time wasting like social activities recreation art imagination or sleeping Buildings and clothing are made exactly the same for everyone and the rhythms of life become hectic In reality the time people save the less they have; the time they save is actually lost to them Instead it is consumed by the Men in Grey in the form of cigars made from the dried petals of the hour lilies that represent time Without these cigars the Men in Grey cannot existMomo however is a wrench in the plans of the Men in Grey and the Timesavings Bank thanks to her special personality The Men in Grey try various plans to deal with her to derail her from stopping their scheme but they all fail When even her closest friends fall under the influence of the Men in Grey in one way or another Momo's only hope to save the time of mankind are the administrator of Time Master Secundus Minutus Hora and Cassiopeia a tortoise who can communicate through writing on her shell and can see thirty minutes into the future Momo's adventure takes her from the depths of her heart which her own time flows from in the form of lovely hour lilies to the lair of the Men in Grey themselves where the time that people believe they are saving is hoarded After Master Hora stops time but gives Momo one hour lily to carry with her she has exactly one hour to defeat the Men in Grey in a frozen world where only they and she are still moving She surreptitiously follows them to their underground lair and observes as they decimate their own number in order to stretch their supply of time as far as possible With the advice of Cassiopeia and by using the hour lily Momo is able to shut the door to their vault Facing extinction as soon as their cigars are consumed the few remaining Men in Grey pursue Momo perishing one by one The very last Man in Grey finally begs her to give him the hour lily and when she refuses he too vanishes remarking that it is good it is overUsing the very last minute she has before her hour lily crumbles Momo opens the vault again releasing the millions of hour lilies stored within The stolen time returns to its proper owners and goes back to their hearts causing time to start again without people knowing it had ever halted Momo is reunited with her friends and elsewhere Master Hora rejoices together with Cassiopeiaتاریخ نخستین خوانشروز سوم ماه آگوست سال 1984 میلادیعنوان مومو؛ نویسنده میشائیل انده؛ مترجم محمد زرین بال؛ تهران، ابتکار، 1363؛ در 317ص؛ چاپ دیگر ابتکار نو، در 1386؛ 325ص؛ شابک ایکس 964657940؛ چاپ سوم در 300ص؛ 1393؛ شابک 9789646579408؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان آلمانی سده 20مظاهرا کتاب کودک و نوجوان است، ولی انگار چنان نیست؛ موجودات خاکستری پوش، وقت و گذر زمان مردمان را میدزدند، و مردمان به تدریج، برای همصحبتی با «دوستان»، «آب دادن به گلها»، و «گام زدن در خیابان»، دیگر وقت ندارند،؛ در حین خواندن کتاب شاید شمایان هم فکر کنید که مومو هستید، یا اینکه باید باشید آنوقت برای شنیدن حرفهای دیگران، و برای خودتان هم، همیشه وقت خواهید داشت؛ بویژه برای گلدانها و بچه ها؛ همیشه از اینکه دیگران اینهمه سرشان شلوغ است، تعجب خواهید کرد، برای به رویا رفتن، هم خیلی وقت خواهید داشت؛ خیلی؛ خاکستری پوشها هر چندتا، که از دوستان شما را گرفته باشند، اما هنوز باز هم خیلیها هستند، که برای شنیدن حرفهای آنها پیش شما خواهند آمد؛ «مومو»، رمانی آلمانی ست، که در سال 1972میلادی توسط «میشائل انده»، پا به جهان ادبیات گذاشت، و در جای جای دنیا، به اسامی گوناگو،ن همچون «مردان خاکستری»، و یا «مردان خاکستری پوش»، ترجمه شد؛ عنوان اصلی کتاب، به زبان آلمانی «مو مو» و یا «داستان عجیب زمان ربایان، و کودکی که زمان ربوده شده را، به مردم بازگرداند» است، کتاب در سال 1973میلادی، برنده ی یکی از جوایز ادبی آلمان شد؛ داستان درباره ی زمان، و طرز استفاده از آن در جوامع مدرن بشری ست؛ «میشائل انده»، برای خلق رمان، همچون رمان معروف دیگرش «داستان بی پایان»، از فانتزی و نمادگرایی، برای رویارویی با طبیعت و نشان دادن اهمیت زمان، توانمندی قصه ها، دوستی، همدردی و چیزهای کوچکی که چاشنی زندگی هستند، همیشه بهره برده استداستان «مومو» مشهورترین اثر «میشائل انده»، پس از «داستان بی پایان» است؛ خط اصلی داستان، درباره ی به چالش کشیدن مصرف گرایی، و کاستن از فشار روانی، ناشی از زندگی مدرن است؛ توضیحی است بر این، که چگونه سود و منفعت دسته ای خاص از جامعه، باعث تحمیل کردن شیوه ی ویژه ای از زندگی، بر دیگر مردمان میشود؛ در بسیاری از آثار «انده»، کودکانگی، نقش بسزایی بازی میکند؛ در «مومو»، کودک در برابر جامعه ی بزرگسال قرار میگیرد، و به این دلیل که کودکان، تمام زمان دنیا را، در اختیار دارند، هدف مردان خاکستری قرار میگیرند؛ اما کودکان قبول نمیکنند، که بازیهای کودکانه شان چیزی جز هدردادن وقت و زمان نیست؛ نویسنده با به سخره گرفتن «عروسک باربی»، و سایر اسباب بازیهای گران قیمت، برای بیان این که «چگونه هر کس حتی بصورت غیرمستقیم، میتواند قانع شود، که مصرف گرایی را برگزیند»، سود میبرد؛ «انده» میگوید که «مومو در ستایش از ایتالیا ست و همچنین بیانیه ای عاشقانه نیز هست»؛ کتاب پس از چاپ در آمریکا، مورد توجه منتقدان قرار نگرفت، و بهمین دلیل بیش از یکبار چاپ نشد؛ ا شربیانی

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Ist und die Welt ihnen schon endgültig zu gehören scheint entschließt sich Meister Hora der geheimnisvolle Verwalter der Zeit zum Eingreifen Doch dazu braucht er die Hilfe eines Menschenkindes Die We What was I thinking? I already count Ende's The Neverending Story to be one of the very best books ever written so why would I waste SO MUCH TIME getting to anything else he wrote?It blows my mindIt's almost like SOMEONE HAS BEEN STEALING MY TIME All those damn time savers out there fooled me and tied me up and made my life a dull gray smoke filled DEADLY TEDIOUS world They kept me from this book and now I know whyIt's a conspiracy of the Time BanksMomo is pretty damn wonderful The concept is classic an epic battle between children who really understand the necessity of wasting time and the horrible monsters the gray men who offer up devilish riches to everyone else in order to suck the life and time from everyone elseshiverHonestly if someone published this as the new up and coming YA book in today's day and age without knowing that Momo ever existed it would be heralded as uniue and gorgeous and groundbreaking Gaiman would be blurbing it and there would be a twitter storm of praiseBut no it's just some silly book written back in 1973 No one cares ; ;

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Momo by Michael EnLt steht still und Momo die struppige kleine Heldin der Geschichte kämpft ganz allein mit nichts als einer Blume in der Hand und einer Schildkröte unter dem Arm gegen das riesige Heer der grauen Herren I read this book for the first time as a preteen but I left it unfinished because I didn't find it engaging or entertaining A few years later due to my LOVE for Michaels Endes's The Neverending Story I decided to give it another try and managed to finish it that timeIn the end I uite liked the story I found it very beautiful actually My problem with it is that it isn't a diverting read I found it boring in many occasions which it is a shame because the message that this story sends is very beautiful I don't think this book has the right pace for a story intended for kids or young people it is a miss in this area The essence is definitely there it is meaningful but the first time I tried to read it I was too young to have the patience to see it through and I think many young people must have found themselves in the same situation Again it is a pity because it could have been transcendental with just a little agility in its rhythm