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SUMMARY Windhaven 107 ¸ George R R Martin has thrilled a generation of readers with his epic works of the imagination most recently the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling saga told in the novels A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords Lisa Tuttle has won acclaim from fans of science fiction horror and fantasy alike— most recently for herS now the new nobility of Windhaven Except that sometimes life is not uite so neatMaris of Amberly a fisherman's daughter was raised by a flyer and wants nothing than to soar on the currents high above Windhaven By tradition however the wings must go to her stepbrother Coll the flyer's legitimate son But Coll wants only to be a singer traveling the world by sea So Maris challenges tradition demanding that flyers be chosen on the basis of merit rather than inheritance And when she wins that bitter battle she discovers that her troubles are only beginningFor not all flyers are willing to accept the world's new structure and as Maris battles to teach those who yearn to fly she finds herself likewise fighting to preserve the integrity of a society she so longed to join not to mention the very fabric that holds her culture together. If like myself you have enjoyed Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Series and been completely blown away by the honesty of his characters the brilliance of his politics and spent countless hours awake at night unable to sleep because you just HAVE to know what happens next please don't read this book George R R Marin may have the utmost respect for the talents of Lisa Tuttle but after reading this book I can't say I share his opinion The concept is good but the characters are flat Half way through the book I no longer cared what they thought or what happened to them I just kept reading in hopes that Martin would pull some of his last minute magicand it never came It isn't terrible or full of typos it is just so typical template fantasy that any ASoIaF fan is going to be frustrated There is nothing outstanding about this book If Terry Pratchet were no longer funny and clever or Neil Gaimen were no longer uirky and dark they would lose what distinguishes them from the first time SFFantasy author who doesn't know what heshe is doing and there would be no reason to read them If you are new to the genre there is nothing wrong with this book but if you are looking for something i advise you not to waste your time

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George R R Martin has thrilled a generation of readers with his epic works of the imagination most recently the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling saga told in the novels A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords Lisa Tuttle has won acclaim from fans of science fiction horror and fantasy alike most recently for her haunting novel The Pillow Friend Now together they gift readers with this classic tale of a brilliantly rendered world of ironbound tradition where a rebellious soul seeks to prove the power of a dreamThe planet of Windhaven was not originally a home to humans but it became one following the crash of a colony starship It is a world of small islands harsh weather and monster infested seas Communication among the scattered settlements was virtually impossible until the discovery that thank. An early 1980s collaboration between a now famous author and a less famous one Windhaven demonstrates that the young George RR Martin had talent for world building and character driven storytelling While not as sprawling and a whole lot less violent than A Game of Thrones it’ll probably appeal to anyone who liked his family friendly Hedge Knight novellaThe story takes place on a distant windswept ocean world where humans lost advanced technology generations ago but were able to cannibalize their wrecked starship and build muscle and wind powered wings to carry messengers over the dangerous seas between far flung islands Over time a caste system has evolved in which wings are passed down by inheritance with most people excluded from the chance to fly and be a citizen of the world However that changes when a young woman named Maris challenges tradition and brings about a new order From there the plot which takes snapshots of Maris’s life over the next few decades shows how change often brings complicationsThe writing isn’t too sophisticated but I thought Windhaven worked well on the level of a Young Adult fantasy novel sci fi elements are barely present conveying the poignant sense of having a privilege that’s hard to bear losing What I really enjoyed though was the nuance that the authors put into the story’s evolution At each stage of her life Maris finds her idealism echoed by younger people who push things a bit further and bring about new shakeups in the political order of the world not always with desirable conseuences The characters aren’t complex but their varied perspectives are each given a fair hearing Not surprisingly there’s a uiet play on the Icarus myth that runs through the story touching on its different chordsAll in all a well constructed bittersweet minor gem of a novel and I’m glad someone saw fit to bring it out of the vault and produce an audio version Its drama is simpler and reflective than that of A Game of Thrones but it’s an early highlight in Martin’s career written along with a friend I’m not so familiar with Lisa Tuttle’s work And unlike the aforementioned series you can actually finish reading it The audiobook narrator does a fine job representing different characters with distinct accents

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WindhavenS to light gravity and a dense atmosphere humans were able to fly with the aid of metal wings made of bits of the cannibalized spaceshipMany generations later among the scattered islands that make up the water world of Windhaven no one holds prestige than the silver winged flyers who bring news gossip songs and stories They are romantic figures crossing treacherous oceans braving shifting winds and sudden storms that could easily dash them from the sky to instant death They are also members of an increasingly elite caste for the wings always in limited uantity are growing gradually rarer as their bearers perishWith such elitism comes arrogance and a rigid adherence to hidebound tradition And for the flyers allowing just anyone to join their cadre is an idea that borders on heresy Wings are meant only for the offspring of flyer. This was my first George RR Martin book and it definitely won't be the last I assure you Windhaven is relatively short for the average fantasy book and yet I was SO connected so enthralled with the characters the world the systemEVERYTHING This is the type of fantasy novel I yearn for when I think of the genre What sticks in mind is the way the authors deal with our protaginist Maris She's uite immature to begin with which goes hand in hand with her age and we watch her grow over the course of the novel We learn the dangers of impetuosity and restlessness We learn that revenge is a dish best served cold The character development of Maris is uite remarkable if she were human I wouldn't doubt it for a second A Game Of Thrones here I come