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Phantoms Pleasure Circle of Three #3Book two in the Circle of Three SeriesJahzlyn Monroe is between things in lifebetween jobs between homes between relationships When she attends her cousin's Halloween party she never expects to end up between two men Literally Naked Jahz doesn't know who her masked lovers were and as she struggles to find her direction in li. This one was Great The best of the series so far I loved how Tam and Brian and Kia were in this one tooTamera is Jahz’s cousin Now that Tamera is happily married things couldn’t be better for them So when Jahz Tamera’s cousin and best friend needs a place to stay for a few days they welcome her with open arms It’s strange for Jahz to see Tamera with her husbands’ More than one She can’t tell how she feels about the thought of a threesome So when they have their Halloween party at Tamera’s house she can’t help but feel strange Seeing mostly trios together being happy and doing with they feel is right Sure there were a few other single people mingling around and a few couples but the majority of them were in groups of threes – She kept catching the eyes of a couple of men standing on the far end of the party but uickly averting her gaze so she didn’t seem like she was interested When Tamera and her Husbands’ came up to see how she was doing she blushed at the love they shared She was so jealous over them and she wanted that She thought back to her ex husband abusive both physically and mentally and she hated him She was scared to trust again but she want curious about how the threesome worked When Brian spotted Andy at the other end of the party tension uickly picked up To try to keep Tamera calm Jahz figured she needed both of her men so she went over to deal with the troublemaker When she got to Andy she thought she’d just get him to leave and everything would be fine But when Andy started calling her a whore and telling her that he wanted a shot with her since she liked sex so much When she told him to leave he grabbed her hand and started towards the car She screamed “let me go” at the same time she heard another voice demand “Let her go” She looked back and saw the two men in masks They came to rescue her One had punched Andy in the face while the other held her back away from the commotion She was strangely content to be in his arms After the police arrived and took their statements Tamera and her husbands’ came over to make sure she was ok When she told them her Phantoms came to her rescue Tamera smiled And when one of them picked up Jahz over his shoulder and started to walk off with her Tamera gave Jahz a uick kiss on the cheek and told her to have a great time Yeah that was awesome Ok the book was a uick read lots of fun though – There is a difference between Brian and Kia and Chay and Garret – Garrett and Kia are cousins so they’re accustomed to the ménages Garrett and Chay are Bi they love each other but had always felt something was missing from their lives They knew they needed a woman in their circle to complete their family But they had never found a woman that completed them both at the same time So when Jahz had come into the picture they’d’ do anything for her Hot – steamy – sweaty – this story had it all – MM and MF and MFM it was all good – slight bondage and a little edge BDSM involved – which totally rocked the story This story felt complete the last one did – it had details and action both inside and outside of the bedroom

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Veal their identities and make their intentions clear they know they'll be travelling their own rocky road as they set out to persuade Jahz that she should surrender to pleasure in their arms a pleasure that will be no phantom at allThis story has male male interaction as part of a polyamourous relationship and some BDSM pla. Brynn Paulin writing is really good short stories but enjoyable readsWill continue to read her other series as her writing is exceptional

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Free download ↠ Phantoms Pleasure Circle of Three #3 ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ý Book two in the Circle of Three SeriesJahzlyn Monroe is between things in lifebetween jobs between homes between relationships When she attends her cousin's Halloween party she never expects to end up betwFe surrendering to a ménage relationship at this crossroads seems unwise despite the burning desires plaguing herDressed as phantoms Garrett Byrnam and Chay Harper expect fun at the party but they never suspect they'll have the woman of their dreams in their arms before the night's end When she disappears before they can re. Sometimes it is fun to go back and re read some old favorites Liked this series no matter where you start reading it Reads well as a stand alone but old friends show up too Nice bed time story