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Infinite Jest doc â Paperback º moneyexpresscard á A gargantuan mind altering tragi comedy about the Pursuit of Happiness in America Set in an addicts' halfway house and a tennis academy and featuring the most endearingly screwed up family to come along in recent fiction Infinite Jest explores essential uestions about whA gargantuan mind altering tragi comedy about the Pursuit of Happiness in America Set in an addicts' halfway house and a tennis academy and featuring the most endearingly screwed up family to come along in recent fiction Infinite Jest explores essential uestions It's my habit to write on the inside sleeve of a book the words from the text that I can't define or don't understand Here is the resulting list from the back inside sleeve of Infinite Jestapocopesbolectionsregletsdipsomaniauincunxvaricocelessimpaticoaleatoryexperialistagnatepedalferrousfulvouslouveredsangfroidgibbonsapercueideticmuratedtumescentrecidivismerumpentrutilanthalepurlednacellesulcusimprecatedtumbrelcomportmentscopophobicasperityrapaciousafflatusbatheticbrachiformstrabismicascaparticavuncularaditfactotachuffingneuralgiactumideustacianxerophagygynecopiasuborningsolecisticlissomeascaparticanapesticbradyauxeticlordosiscorticatemucronatecodicillumenacreouspuerilethanatopticspansuleshaspprognathousnonuremicapothegmapicalsselvagedcaparisoncunctationsaphasiacetiologyprolixchymeamanuenticfalcatejejunecatastaticeschatologydeclivitymaffickingcuirassvigmiasmacorditecirrhoticreveilletektiticcrepuscularthrenodyemerymysticetouslyanechoicanorakerumpent again apparently I didn't remember it from the first timeaphasiacreseaudiverticulitiscathexisskirlingdunexaculatesaphasiaanodizedpicayunecaprolaliacverdigrisedcoruscantanacliticcatexicsybariticallyrestenoticmalentenduperipateticlordoticrictalthanatopicolla podidainguinalsudoriferousswartemeticparotiticalacritysinciputkyphoticciuatoxicI didn't realize until later in the book that DFW often makes up words I will post a full review at my blog meekadjustmentsblogspotcom

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About what entertainment is and why it has come to so dominate our lives; about how our desire for entertainment affects our need to connect with other people; and about what the pleasures we choose say about who we are Eual parts philosophical uest and screwball Anybody who completes THE Infinite Jest automatically receives a medal Really Just read every single fuh cking word from beginning til the end you get an award that's what THIS IS basically A badge of honor Bragging rights A Privilege The experience which is so much like ogling the Mona Lisa live at the Louvre for the first time you can already envision her in your mind you know what it is even before you get to stand before it The literary euivalent of chasing the magic dragon Just keeping at something this being a very complex and cranial novel like some zombie to get you absolutely nowhere This is like a insufferable Beckett in that at least Beckett's implaus o ramas have an ending But here get ready to get nowhere Nowhere not fast but slowwwly Moments of Eureka I've found something concrete at last Finally a location upon which to hang it's all very brief ha and ethereal to grasp Like some interesting but fleeting aroma The main driving force for the reader is to traverse the plot like some intrepid trekker here that motivation is eradicated what we are left with is one fat big juicy ?The premise? That we live in a systematic place where components are controlled by family substances life The back and forth between the school and the rehab embody a game of tennis emblematic system used to symbolize coming of age as well as the myriad needlepoint philosophies that go with it No patterns arise Yet the reader has always his wants That you don't matter in the enterprise is what ultimately spoils this experience for me The writer has very consciously tried to build a sturdy monolithic castle from individual grains of dry sand An impossible endeavor but it must be witnessed The things that stick out are the sordid details the head in the microwave the shot in the face; the molestation of little boys of invalids; a hanging fetusIf you say IJ is the future of the novel you definitely haven't read 1936's Gone with the Wind Almost a full century old that tome really justifies its girth like Lonesome Dove The Stand do like Don uixote Les Miserables eons ago I understand the allure of this really I do but HOW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS CAN YOU SAY THE EXACT SAME THING? Definitely not in 1088 pages But maybe eighty eightBottom line this novel really gave me a serious case of the howling fantods

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Infinite JestComedy Infinite Jest bends every rule of fiction without sacrificing for a moment its own entertainment value It is an exuberant uniuely American exploration of the passions that make us human and one of those rare books that renew the idea of what a novel can d Around halfway through endnote 90 which itself is 4 pages long Don Gately says It makes me feel good you think I'm decent to talk to That's supposed to be why I'm here I sure needed to talk at the start Can you remember where you were headed before I broke i— interrupted? 1001This is arguably what passes for a joke in Infinite Jest See Gately is a reformed thief who used to burglarize houses to support his drug habit So when he starts to say before I broke in he catches himself and corrects it to interruptedThis uote unuote joke I did not catch until my fifth reading of the monster that is Infinite JestIt's the kind of thing that could well polarize your readers5 stars out of 5 I'll talk your ear off about this one if given half a chanceMY FIRST REVIEW JANUARY 2016view spoilerThere are books and then there are BOOKSOnce I told a friend that my mom's favorite book was Atlas Shrugged and my friend said she was just trying to impress me with page count Some might feel the same about Infinite Jest which boasts 1079 pages 981 of prose and the remaining 98 all footnotes It's experimental it's self aware and it's complex Or it's not complex so much as detailed Overdetailed Hyperdetailed But it's also apologetic like the author knows he's got something really important to say and he's just so terribly sorry to bother you with it in this way Maybe knowing that the writer later killed himself colors my opinion but the whole book is infused with gravitas There are scenes full of energy and others that are boring in their normalcy yet it's all described in baroue intricacy that makes the mundane seem powerfully importantInfinite Jest is the story of Hal Incandenza a teenage tennis prodigy from an affluent Massachusetts family who briefly visits an addicts' halfway house It's also the story of Don Gately a reformed thief who finds an unpleasant but effective recovery through the same house's 12 step programs and becomes a hero in the process It's also also the story of a secret short film so addictively entertaining that anyone who watches it dies slowly wasting away as they freeze catatonic and unable to turn it off And it's also also also about all the context in between and around and behind all that like the recent war that forced all the North American countries to merge and the way Hal's father killed himself after filming the film in uestion and the Canadian wheelchair assassin suad seeking to find the master copy so they can weaponize itInfinite Jest reminds us of what words can do what books can be what serious literature as art looks like I admit I had to turn to the Internet early on to search for some clarification But even that foray into cyberspace felt right like the text was only enhanced as time moved us all ahead into a fully digital age It's all part of the experience and Infinite Jest is absolutely that an experience Anyone who has finished it seems to remember where they were when they did sometimes if only because of all the other things they weren't able to do because they spent so much time reading it My copy comes with an introduction by Dave Eggers who compares it to exercise and that's a very apt comparison Reading it is like flexing your brain muscles It's not uite like lifting weights but rather like posing in front of the mirror and thinking I look goodI admit also that I skimmed some sections I skimmed much of the minutiae of the tennis academy routines I skimmed the plodding Eschaton games I skimmed the goofy puppet show film and the political farce of how ONAN got set up These are worldbuilding scenes bloated out of control methodical and tiresome and pretty damn boring And the phone conversations between Hal and Orin? Please Nobody talks like thatOn the other hand I was riveted by the scenes in the addicts' house and at the Boston AA meetings And I was transfixed by the delightful passages with Lyle the locker room guru who maybe can hover and gives out sage advice to troubled teens at the tennis academy And I laughed out loud when I read about the feral hamsters breeding in the nuclear wastes among other things The prose could surely benefit from a trim a couple pages here or a dozen there to help speed the narrative along And those footnotes aren't particularly illuminating; I stopped checking them very early on and my understanding didn't suffer any Maybe this is all an artistic choice—if the book is truly about life in America and how we're all escapists trying to endlessly entertain ourselves to distract from the unpleasant thought of our inevitable death as the critical consensus appears to be then these long stretches of dull text must reflect a singular truth about living in reality there's plenty of parts of life itself we'd love to skip over right? But we can't We are bound to continue on forwards one minute at a timeSo in the end what to say? Is it perfect? Well no But it is dramatic and perception altering and significant The depictions of addiction and depression resonate deeply It is absolutely touching and Very Important But it's not easy and I don't know that it's very re readable even though a second reading is strongly encouraged as the ending loops right back around to the beginning a la Finnegan's Wake You could just keep reading through and starting over and jumping right back down the rabbit hole as it were which is very appropriate given the exploration of addiction and the symbolism of the mystery movie2 of 5 as a work of entertainment 5 of 5 as a work of art and thus 4 of 5 stars from me overall OK OK Amended six months later on 592016 I've thought about this book than any other I've read critiues of it and watched movies based on it and speculated upon it and legitimately thought If you want to 'get' me you've got to read 'Infinite Jest'It pops into my consciousness every couple of days or so and if that isn't what makes a 5 star book then I don't know what does 5 stars out of 5 It's something else hide spoiler