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In Shelter Cove Book à 384 pages Download Ö Moneyexpresscard Ä A long ago shipwreck off the California coast led the survivors to the haven they named Angel’s Bay Their shared adversity brought fellowship and  joy but also unsuspected secrets Acclaimed  author Barbara Freethy returns to the town  where aD the truth  and bring closure for her son and herself The theft of three priceless paintings sent Derek Kane to prison and destroyed the dreams of his wife Brianna When Derek unexpectedly dies just weeks before his release Brianna returns to Angel’s Bay with her young son determined to prove her husband’s innocence and I am hooked on the Angel's Bay series Not only is Ms Freethy a wonderful story teller but her stories have a fantastic mystery to solve In Shelter Cove continues the story of the Angel's Bay inhabitants and hints at the unraveling mystery of what really happened to the downed ship The Gabriella SummaryBrianna Kane has had a rough five years She was once young happy in love and looking to the future When she was supposed to be planning a wedding she was standing in support of her husband as he was tried and convicted of stealing three priceless works of art titled The Three Faces of Eve Brianna believed in her husband Derek and chose to side with him and his family with the exception of his grandfather during this rough patch She was also pregnant and Derek swore he didn't do what he was accused of and he'd win his appeal With one of his closest friends' testimony Derek is sent to prison for a five year sentence Brianna continues to raise her son alone and visit with her husband looking forward to when their lives can get back on track Unfortunately Derek is killed only weeks before his release leaving the wife and child he never really got to live with Devastated Brianna intends to move to Angel's Bay to be closer to Derek's parents but also to find the truth and prove Derek's innocence She anticipated some gossip and hateful people but she didnt anticipate coming face to face with the man who helped convict her husband and the man who always gave her a tingle Jason Marlow was deaply affected when he had no other choice but to arrest one of his closest friends He didnt want to but being a cop and having seen Derek the night of the robbery he had no choice but to believe the story and the evidence Still he's continued to think of it over the years and think of Brianna Before he knew she was Derek's he wanted her Seeing her after five years has not diminished his feelings but Brianna hates him blames him for ruining her life She also brings up his ire in thinking that he may have made a mistake He doesn't believe he did but still it was a difficult situation While he knows he should stay away he cant seem to listen to what his mind is saying and it gets worse when it turns out he's housesitting next door to Brianna's home Things are than rocky in the beginning but with the innocence of childhood Brianna's son Lucas keeps pulling them together Neither one especially Brianna can predict that getting closer will be healing and that they actually want to At the same time Jason and Brianna are failing at staying away from each other Colin and Kara Lynch are trying to adjust to having a new baby and Colin's therapy Its only been a little over a month since Faith was born and Colin woke up and life didn't exactly go back to the way it was before Kara is excited to have both her miracles but she's also tired and worried that Colin is rushing his recovery and doesnt want her any Colin is having a difficult time being weaker than he used to be He's used to being able to protect and provide for his family and it's frustrating to think that his wife cant rely on him as she used to Colin also feels he won't be enough for a woman like Kara any With emotions running high and miscommunications abounding they have a long journey ahead and finding each other again may be easier than they ever imagined They also worry about their best friend Jason Kara and Colin feel Jason should keep his distance from all the Kanes at the risk of getting his heart broken but Jason cant help himself He's been waiting for a woman like Brianna his entire life and he knew the moment he saw her that she was it Sometimes knowing isn't enough Someone seems to be getting desperate to keep the secret of where the stolen paintings are It was always believed that Derek had an accomplice but no one ever came up or was hinted at But when expert forgeries are found of the beautiful paintings links to the past are revealed as well as a tragic plan of revenge Jason and Brianna will have to fight not only for the truth but also fight public opinion the Kanes' disappointment and risk their lives in order to have a chance at finding themselves and a future together Throughout this time Charlotte and Joe are still helping the very pregnant Annie It is still a mystery as to who the father is but as the baby will be arriving shortly plans have to be made Annie is reviewing several couples in and around town for the chance at adopting her baby but without her divulging the identity of the father it makes the process stressful and risky Charlotte is still dodging Andrew's advances although he is getting closer She also keeps thinking about the very sexy police chief Joe Joe is still a very married man and just because divorce papers may be involved doesnt mean Charlotte can push her way in With tensions mounting in the small bay town and and artifacts making themselves known from the lost shop Gabriella Angel's Bay is looking at something colassal happening Jason and Brianna were great I loved their chemistry and how they came together despite their differences to find the truth and ended up finding each other in the process I loved the parallel stories happening alongside the main romance and whodunit My favorite are Charlotte and Joe Cant wait to get started on the next in the series and hopefully solve the mystery surrounding Annie and her baby 3

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Find the missing paintings Her efforts are stymied by Jason Marlow the police officer who sent Derek to jail betraying his former friend And when unexpected passion flares between Brianna and Jason she must choose between the past and the present the guilty and the innocent the truth and the lies For nothing is what it see Shelter Cove was thrilling It kept you guessing as to who Derek was and his accomplice I still trying to figure out which adoptive father is Annie's Looking forward to seeing who it is

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In Shelter CoveA long ago shipwreck off the California coast led the survivors to the haven they named Angel’s Bay Their shared adversity brought fellowship and  joy but also unsuspected secrets Acclaimed  author Barbara Freethy returns to the town  where angels still keep watch with a compelling  story of a young widow trying to fin This series just keeps getting better and better Although I had my suspicions I wasn't 100% sure whodunit Barbara Freethy is an excellent author her stories draw the readers into the lives of the characters from start to finish and for a long time after you close the book I enjoyed this book very much and thought the follow uo messages written to readers from all the leading ladies of this series was a lovely touch I immediately downloaded book 4 5 as soon as I finished reading this wonderful book