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Let It Rain Coffee A Novel characters ↠ 7 Ü Angie Cruz has established herself as a dazzling new voice in Latin American fiction her writing compared to Gabriel García Máruez's by The Boston Globe Now with humor passion and intensity she reveals the proud members of the Colón family and the dreams love and heartbreak that bind them toOr the glittering dream she saw on television but years later she is still stuck in a cramped tenement with her husband Santo and their two children Bobby and Dallas She works as a home aide and at night hides unopened bills from the credit card company where Santo won't find them when he returns from driving his livery cab When Santo's mother dies and his father Don Chan comes. Really enjoyed this book A criticism of the idea of the American dream consumerism and it was done beautifully Non abstractly it was the story of a family struggling with day to day life in an America that was not all it seemed and what it seemed to them was the TV show Dallas The characters were compelling and I easily turned pages I always wanted and I never felt fed up with the story It is also a story of immigration assimilation second generations where “home” really is the meaning of family overall really enjoyed it

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To Nueva York to live out his twilight years with the Colóns nothing will ever be the same Don Chan remembers fighting together with Santo in the revolution against Trujillo's cruel regime the promise of who his son might have been had he not fallen under Esperanza's spell Let It Rain Coffee is a sweeping novel about love loss family and the elusive nature of memory and desir. Okay novel about a Dominican family that leaves DR to make it in the US Esperanza and her husband Santo have two children Bobby and Dallas and live in a tenement in New York City The family is in America because Esperanza became obsessed with reruns of the soap opera Dallas that she watched in DR and she decided that life in America would be better than life in the DR Santo's father Don Chan comes to live with the family after his wife dies Cruz does an excellent job of showing how Don Chan is descending into dementia and how Esperanza is desperately trying to keep her family together and get ahead in lifeThis book had a lot of promise but it sadly fell flat for me I found many of the characters to be uite engaging but Cruz starts some intriguing narrative threads about them that she just releases without further examination or resolution The narrative jumps back and forth through time which isn't necessarily problematic as it was easy to follow the timeline but it did make for trying to pack a lot of action and history both factual and about the family into a limited number of pages The book also assumes that the reader knows Spanish and has a grasp on Dominican history because it drops you right into the story and doesn't provide much context I was fortunate to have a basic understanding of modern Dominican history and Trujillo's dictatorship and its immediate aftermath but if you don't know much or anything about the DR you will likely feel some confusion over some of the references and eventsThe book also ends uite suddenly with no indication of what will happen to any of the characters other than Don Chan which I was disappointed by Maybe she's leaving the book open to a seuel about the family I'd love to know what happened to everyoneThis book was decent and the story was all right but I feel like there are stronger books available that really go into the modern history of the DR with depth and insight and with memorable characters IE Julia Alvarez's novels Junot Diaz's Oscar Wao

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Let It Rain Coffee A NovelAngie Cruz has established herself as a dazzling new voice in Latin American fiction her writing compared to Gabriel García Máruez's by The Boston Globe Now with humor passion and intensity she reveals the proud members of the Colón family and the dreams love and heartbreak that bind them to their past and the future Esperanza risked her life fleeing the Dominican Republic f. Before reading this review you really must learn something about the history of the Dominican Republic The majority of the flashbacks concerned the Presidency of Trujillo but there are other aspect of the country's history that are essential to understanding the story Also if your Spanish is as bad as mine you might not know the exact meaning of about 10% of the dialogue but you can pick it up within the context Do not let that scare you off from this amazing book I just finished it in a 4 hour reading spurt and really and truly felt as if I had been caught completely within the Colon family returnreturnSpoiler Santo Don Chan's son dies very early in the book but his death is pivotal to the story returnreturnThe majority of the book revolves around Esperanza and Don Chan their fractured relationship and its impact on Bobby and Dallas Esperanza and Santo's children Don Chan joins the family in New York shortly after his wife dies in the Dominican Republic Don Chan and Esperanza have never seen eye to eye as Esperanza remembers the Dominican Republic the DR as a dirty foul poor country to attempt to scratch out a living She is addicted to the drama Dallas and is determined to live the life of the Ewings To that end she is is ducking calls from collection agencies about her credit card bills and working double shifts as a home care nurse in order to make ends meet and provide for the family To do so she must leave her children in the care of her father in law Don Chan who is elderly and beginning to suffer from Alzheimer's returnreturnDon Chan on the other hand remembers the DR as a country of promise and expectation especially after the fall of Trujillo During Trujillo's reign Don Chan was an Invisible working underground against Trujillo and his regime But when Trujillo is killed and Dona Caridad dies Don Chan loses his will to fight preferring to impart his wisdom on the next generation and wonder about what could have been Left to care for his grandchildren he laments Santo's death and the fact that Santo chose to follow Esperanza to New York rather than work for change in the DR returnreturnAs the book progresses Santo's death creates new meaning for all the members of the Colon family the realization that they must stop believing that life owes them something whether it is an 8 bedroom ranch a leather jacket or a democratic government and instead embrace life as an opportunity a chance to change their situations and embrace the future This realization is hardest for Esperanza as she has lived all her life with the goal of being just like the Ewings off Dallas but when she comes face to face with JR Ewing she finally begin to see life as it is instead of the way she always assumed it would be handed to her Her actions and behavior sets the stage for the final moving pages of the book were it becomes clear that Santo's death than his life has finally inspired his family to move forward and change their lives returnreturnI can't write much without giving away the entire book but I can say that for every student of Latin American culture this book should be reuired reading Angie Cruz should be commended for this excellent addition to the fiction bookshelves not just the Latin American fiction bookshelves