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Stagecoach Sal Download » 5 Ä Amazing PDF, Stagecoach Sal By Deborah Hopkinson This is the best favorite book isbn 9781423111498 > format Hardcover and others > 40 pages and has a text language like EnglishHe best favorite book isbn 9781423111498 format Hardcover. 35 The fact that there was a real woman who grew up driving stagecoach makes this a definite 4 star book The author's note is my favorite part that and all the singing songs I haven't heard since I was little telling all about Delia Haskett Rawson the inspiration for this fictional tale It says she was a local beauty accomplished singer a crack shot expert rider and roper Is it too late to say I want to be like her when I grow upNote to hear some of Sal's favorite songs visit the Kids' Pages of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences PS this is a SUPER comprehensive website with tons of songs from long ago movies guessing games great resource

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Amazing PDF Stagecoach Sal By Deborah Hopkinson This is t. Based upon the life of a real stagecoach driver in nineteenth century California Deborah Hopkinson's Stagecoach Sal is the tale of a spunky young girl who loves to accompany her father on his mail runs and who always begs to be given a chance to hold the ribbons Although she becomes an accomplished driver Sal is known for her singing and it is this skill that comes to her aid when her father being incapacitated by an encounter with a hornet's nest she must drive alone through territory freuented by Poetic Pete the outlaw This curiously polite robber is known never to interrupt a lady so Sal makes it a point to sing her heart out when Pete hitches a ride on her stageI enjoyed Stagecoach Sal both for its story of a can do kind of gal and for the charming illustrations by Carson Ellis whose work I immediately recognized from the cover of The Mysterious Benedict Society and which have a very pleasing folksy feeling here That said I think I would have liked a picture book biography of the real Stagecoach Sal Delia Haskett Rawson even better This story was cute but Rawson's life sounds just fascinating Still younger readers who enjoy tales of frontier life or who want stories about spunky girls will take to this picture book romp

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Stagecoach SalAnd others 40 pages and has a text language like English. A cute fictional story based on the real life of Delia Haskett Rawson Delia and her family were pioneers to California in 1854 Delia loved to ride along with her father when he drove the stagecoach This is a fun story about her trips through the mountain and how she captured the famous poetic bandit who robbed stagecoaches I read this to my 3rd grader as part of our study of the 1850’s time period A perfect book for young students studying pioneering