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Read Worth Any Price ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ð Nick Gentry the most seductive and dangerous man in England has been sent to find Charlotte Howard a runaway bride who has disappeared without a trace But when he finds her Nick is stunned by the intensity of his attraction to the elusive young woman whose adventurous spirit matches hWill take all her wits and stubborn will to tame his tormented soulIn the desperate uest to protect Charlotte from the diabolical aristocrat who threatens her one thing becomes clearTo save the woman he loves Nick will take any risk and pay any price. As I started to read Worth Any Price I kept flipping back to the cover to make sure I was reading a LK book and not another author by mistake I’ve read a good amount of LK books and enjoy her style of writing greatly but with Worth Any Price it was very unusual style that differ from other LK books I’ve read so far one with of a teasing sensual level I’ve only found in one other of her books Rating this book was also tough as it was a different take on LK’s style but not in a bad way LK always seems to make the best memorable heroes and Nick is right up there with the best he was like uicksilver at times always moving thinking trying to move on while fighting against the flow and the odds At times I wanted to push him away and other times I wanted to hold him close he was teasing with a devil may care smile and other times so very lonely and lost trying to find a new way in his life He had one of the highest sensual levels that at times I did feel got in the way of finding out of what’s going in his head but it only went to show you a deeper meaning behind his actions and open his thoughts Lottie was gentle and kind on the outside with a core of steel on the inside while Nick came to be know as strong and reckless Lottie really was the leader of the relationship opening up to Nick and giving him the support he needed to face his past demons While I enjoy the sensual level between these two I did feel Nick’s lack of tack did get in the way comparing his wife to his old loverteacher But taking a big grain of salt with that I looked at it at a different angle Nick wasn’t raised to be a gentleman and was very blunt and truthful to a point of being hurtful and only had one lover beforehand so that pretty much made his a novice in a real relationship A novice with expressing feelings and emotions toward his wife Lottie I don’t think he really saw what he was doing until later on Lottie took a lot of things in stride with Nick which I thought was really the only way to get though to him and which did in the end Lottie knew when to be tough and when to be gentle and had a lot bucket load of common sense that many romance women lack at times Worth any Price was a deep character driven story as the rest subplots were dealing with one or both Nick and Lottie I liked how the story of the Bow Street Runners tied up nicely with the New Police coming into play finally shutting down the once famous Bow Street Runners Giving everyone a fresh start at life mostly Nick Giving closure to not only the Runners but the series as well Overall I enjoyed Worth Any Price with two wonder leads that really drew you into their story LK really showed another side to her writing that I couldn’t help but love in the end giving it high marks A great ending to the Bow Street Runners series

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Whose adventurous spirit matches his ownDetermined to escape a forced marriage to a man who will destroy her Charlotte agrees to an audacious bargain she will become Nick Gentry's bride But soon she discovers that Nick has secrets of his own and it. I loved Nick Gentry since his first appearance in 'Lady Sophia´s Lover' the previous book in this series After reading 'Worth Any Price' I´m pleased to say I´m not disappointed Yes he wasn´t perfect and did some unpleasant to put it mildly things in the past but LK did a wonderful job justifying his actions I just couldn´t not love NickI loved Lottie too She was strong and much able to fend for herself even though she herself doubt it sometimes In summary she was the perfect woman to help Nick overcome his fears and accept himselfThe story was also good but it didn´t take me away from Nick and Lottie They were the strongest point of the book IMHO I kept turning the pages because I wanted to know how they were going to work things out together not because I was interested in how the matter with Lord Radnor or the revealing of Nick´s true identity would be resolvedBUT I have a minor complaint Well maybe not so minor because it was so annoying that prevented me from giving this book a 5 star rating As many readers already said before me I really didn´t like Nick´s constant bragging about learning sexual techniues from his former lover So NOT romantic If I were Lottie I´d have smacked him in the head every time he started on that road LOLAll in all I really liked this book and I´m still a devoted fan of Ms Kleypas

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Worth Any PriceNick Gentry the most seductive and dangerous man in England has been sent to find Charlotte Howard a runaway bride who has disappeared without a trace But when he finds her Nick is stunned by the intensity of his attraction to the elusive young woman. Lottie had lived most of her life under the thumb of her family's crazed benefactor She ran away and has found a semblance of peace in the country until she's found by a certain dangerous bow street runner The first 8 chapters are magical but IMO the story goes down hill pretty uickly after There are a few mini plots secret identities mental scars family issues aside from the main romanceprotection plot With skill extremely predictable books can be enjoyable but this ain't the case here I guess my biggest gripe is that 'Lady Sophia's Lover' was so brilliant The Chemistry between Sophia and Ross is explosive not just the eventual sex; but the banter and how we watch their attraction grow into love We're never shown that with Nick and Lottie just toldSo what he buys her a crap load of dresses and some candy Nick never fleshes out into a fully dimensional character All we're left knowing at end of the novel is mostly what we went in knowing he's handsome reckless and something horrible happened to him as a teen Now he just has a wife and a few other superficial changes to his residence and profession uick summary of chpts 7 12 all side plots not included purposelycue hot sexLottie tell me about your selfNick I'm so not talking to you now I'm as cold as Ice Feel the chill of my haughty retreat into myselfLottie Oh noez I've gone and done it again haz a sadNick my secret is so dark so painful sighNick Lets go shopping spend spend spend Lottie waitnook yayNick Danger is so smexysex sex sexLottie lets sleep in my room togetherNick NEVER I'm off to run the streets that'll learn you flips cape in the wind dramatically then flees into the nightLottie I shall cringe like a abused puppy and wring my hands until he returns fret fret fret Lottie why is he so schitzo I just want to wuvvvv himNick's Sister He's mysterious he's always been mysterious dum dum dum dumshop spend shop spend shopNick the crazy old man will never get you I will protect you always frowns unless he manages to get in your bedroom while your sleeping then your shit out of luckLottie Your the bestest except when you acting like a petulant ass which is most of the time; but I'm martyr a few temper tantrums from Nick and kinky sex scenesLottie It's ok you can tell meNick I can't sighLottie sure you can I bet it starts with a r and rhymes with ape go for itNick Oh no it wasn't that The great horror of my life doesn't have the actual gravity of that Alas I'm plagued by guilt memories of violence criminalsand death though I've done really bad things am a former criminal king pin have seen and caused much death and partake in violence often tremblesLottie I still love you Nick shock aweSo while sex scenes were smokin' there was no actual romance to speak of nor character growth Personally I think Kleypas was trying so hard to throw in enough tortured angst and cliched themes that she lost her way