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Ge So Livak follows a minor wizard Shiv in an attempt to turn a rune or two never dreaming that the stolen tankard she wants to sell contains the secrets of an ancient magic far powerful and infinitely darker than any mortal mage's spell. Thief's Gamble is a traditional fantasy adventure with mages fighters and rogues The story is faced paced and the characters are well developed each bringing a uniue personality to the party I love the dynamic between Livak and Shiv the thief and mage and I love the way the protagonist's flaws continuously land her in troubleAs an aside this is the first book in a series and the subseuent books alternate between Livak's POV and that of Ryshad the warrior I like the story and world building in Ryshad's tales but I never could connect with him the way I did with Livak so I found the series as a whole a bit of a roller coaster oscillating between books I really liked to books that were meh for me That said I did read them all and enjoyed the series as a whole

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The Thief's GambleThe Secrets of the Shadow MenMagic It's for the rich the powerfulthe Archmage and his elite wizards and cloud mastersLivak is not among them She haunts the back taverns of the realm careful to appear neither rich nor poor neither tall no. Good story fast moving well plotted and a leading character you can't help but like even if you wouldn't want her to have access to your valuablesI got caught in this book fast and stayed that way The traditional characters a party with fighters wizards and a thief Later they run on a different type of wizard sorcerers and an evil cleric all are well doneGood read Note the play on wordsaren't you impressed Oh you aren't sigh okay

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Download ↠ The Thief's Gamble · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ý The Secrets of the Shadow MenMagic It's for the rich the powerfulthe Archmage and his elite wizards and cloud mastersLivak is not among them She haunts the back taverns of the realm careful to appear neither rich nor poor neither tall nor short neither man noR short neither man nor woman Obscurity is her protection thievery her livelihood and gambling her weaknessAlas some bets are hard to resist Particularly when they offer a chance to board a ship for Hadrumal the fabled city of the Archma. On paper this book sounds amazing Headstrong thief character who is really good at her job and is as useful as all the men on the team Lots of world building especially in terms of magic and politics Two systems of magic at war with one another with modern magic unable to defend against ancient forgotten magic A positive homosexual character who is treated like a normal character A fallen empire shrouded in mystery An old man that can turn into a waterfallIn execution however this book was a really poorly paced mess Small snippets of cool things happen between large stretches of our heroes just sort of wandering from plot event to plot event while I fight the urge to fall asleep Which is a shame; the good parts in this story are really good Livak's thievery is exceptionally engaging with all the needed steps to execute a difficult heist complete with created personas to throw the guards off her tail being by far the most exciting parts of the book And the other characters from Shiv the warlock to Geris the scholar with big ideals do develop relationships with each other that have heart to themBut at the same time the boring parts are really boring Since the title the cover and the summary blurb all do nothing in explaining this book I will do a uick plot summary Livak a headstrong young thief straight from a DnD session you had in college steals an ancient mug from a noble's home in an act of vengeance and then tries to sell it The buyers are none other than agents of the Arch Mage and they essentially bribe her into helping them recover artifacts such as the one she stole since clearly she has some skill if she stole that mug without getting her hands chopped off And so our noble heroes travel the countryside first in search of artifacts and then in search for answers as to why a bunch of people with blond hair are attacking and killing peopleAlso some stuff with a guy named the Ice Man who wants to take over the world I think He tortures in very graphic detail and uses mind control on people so he must be badI think my main problem is for all the little chapter starters that include text from pieces of literature in this world from plays to textbooks written by characters in this story I still had no real picture of what this world's belief system was about Or what the magic system really was about Or what things like Forest Folk were All the extra lip service towards fleshing out this worldreally didn't This book really doesn't even bother to explain really rudimentary things like how many gods the characters believe in nor does it explain why an entire race of people is basically evil and disgusting eww look they breed like rabbits gross with their leader being a grand douche who likes performing mindrape and torture for the evils This book is nearly 500 pages Perhaps instead of giving me an excerpt of a play someone mentioned in passing during a conversation that has no bearing to the plot could we get a pantheon of gods in there Or a basic understanding of what each element of magic can do instead of just introducing spells at random when convenientAlso the finale to this book is one of the most poorly written things I have ever read I can't even remember what happened beyond I think someone summoned a dragon to attack some ships because sometime after someone gets possessed the writing gets really muddy and what should be an exciting conclusion to the book just confused and irritated me This book doesn't so much end as it just stopsThis book also makes the weird choice in that the characters like to say 'shit' a lot which ends up making some of the tense moments unintentionally hilarious At one point in the book a wizard is accused of brutally murdered and raping a friend of an important noble and you see the corpse of this noble earlier in very graphic detail adding to the horror and he's being beaten within an inch of his life In any other book this would be a very harrowing scene and you'd feel for both parties In this book the noble keeps calling the wizard 'shit head' while the wizard is getting his ribs kicked in turning this scene into something comical That's not even touching the fact that it's common slang to call sex playing stuff the chicken in this world In short not something I would recommend What's good is good and I actually really enjoyed these characters They're just woefully trapped in something that needed a few passes with the editors and maybe 100 less pages Additional ThoughtsThe book goes from first person with Livak to third person with another character between chapters a snooty wizard named Casuel who isn't very good at his job and it's extremely jarring It's also rather pointless because Casuel a character the book devotes entire chapters to just exists to get beat up multiple times and then whine about how much his life sucks He has no bearing on the plot and why he gets over 100 pages of his wacky adventures is beyond meWhile it is cool that Shiv is gay it's only really brought up in a major fashion two times; once to dispel any potential for a relationship between him and Livak which is fine and the other time to jokingly explain why Casuel doesn't like him which is really not fine At the beginning of the book you learn Casuel got into a really big fight with Shiv and it has driven him into a giant grudge with this guy; turns out the fight started when Shiv wrongly guessed his orientation and Casuel took it as a personal attack on his manhood Ho ho how droll So I feel conflicted about awarding the book any points for this There is a scene where everyone gets diarrhea from moldy bread while they're traveling through an enchanted forest to meet a wizard Okay writer I laughed at this Fair enoughMinor literary pet peeve While traveling and having to slog through rainy conditions Livak is like bards never write about how the heroes have to deal with rust and rotten food and depression during their travels it's all sparkly and nice in fairy tales in her narration Yes Livak They leave that stuff out because bards know something about how to keep a story interesting Perhaps you can learn something from them