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EPUB ä MOBI Eating Animals ò 9780316069908 FREE ↠ Jonathan Safran Foer spent much of his life oscillating between enthusiastic carnivore and occasional vegetarian Once he started a family the moral dimensions of food became increasingly importantFaced with the prospect of being unable to explain why we eat some animals aBeing unable to explain why we eat some animals and not others Foer set out to explore the origins of many eating traditions and the fictions involved with creating them Traveling to the darkest corners of our dining habi I was torn how to rate this book It isn’t perfect I noted many flaws in its comprehensiveness but it’s amazing enough so 5 stars it isI’ve read so many books such as this but none for a while and it’s because reading about how humans use animals is so devastating for me It’s not just the books’ contents it’s knowing that at most only 1% of Americans feel as I do that my feelings and beliefs are shared by so few The latest statistics I have are that 3% of Americans are truly vegetarian and 1% are vegan vegetarian never any meat poultry fish vegan adds never any dairy eggs honey leather wool silk beeswax or as much as is feasible any product of animal origin Also disturbing for me is that I know that others will read this book and won’t absorb what it offers but will dissociate that even people won’t have the courage or the interest to read it at all Oh I kind of told a lie The information in here is incredibly disturbing whether or not you’ve known it I don’t want to discourage readers from reading this book though so I’ll say it’s upsetting but hope that people will want to make an informed consent about what they do I’m hoping that’s the case because I want many many people to read this book I highly respect Foer He is thoughtful and philosophical and maybe most importantly non judgmental and empathetic and he’s very funny and that helps with taking in the disturbing facts I appreciated how he incorporates his Jewish background into the book and enjoyed the family stories that he tells I’m truly puzzled why he doesn’t have better communication with his dogwhy he can’t interpret better his dog’s communications but given that he started off not even liking dogs I guess he’s made great progress in dog human relationshipsHe provides little snippets of information that are so interesting For instance Americans choose to eat less than25% of the known edible food on the planet I always know I’ll learn a little with every book I read and I learned a lot especially about some individual animalscasesThe letter on page 84 is hilarious if the reader is already aware that the last thing any factory farmer wants is for the public to see their operations I laughed and laughed at this letter and I’m so grateful it was there because so much of the book’s contents caused me much emotional pain When I needed cheering up while reading the book I kept going back and rereading that letterI’m glad he touched on the connection between animal agriculture and the existence of influenza illnesses in humans It’s one of my perennial rants and with H1N1 in the news and scaring me it’s very topicalThis book – well it will depend on what the reader brings to it and who the reader is For me it’s so obviously a cogent argument for veganism but it’s like my last stint as a juror At the end of the case as the twelve of us were about to go into deliberations I said to myself it’s obvious how we should vote but our first vote when we got into the jury deliberation room was 6 to 6 not so obvious in the same way to everybody and the deliberations ended up being very stressful People feel different ways and believe different things Foer respects that and that’s one reason why I think this book can strike a chord in anyone who reads itThis book is very well researched and Foer spent three years in some hands on type research The book proper including acknowledgements went through page 270 the notes went from pages 271 331 and the index is on pages 333 341 but it reads like the memoir it partly is; it does not read like a textbook The writing is engaging and not at all dryWell it’s good to read a book that isn’t preaching to the choir ethical vegans because I think readers will be open to what this author offers I don’t see how anyone can read this book and not be changed whether or not they make changesFoer has a “beef” with Michael Pollan as do I but I have a bit of a “beef” with Foer it’s his book and there are many other books out there and they’re all doing a lot of good in my opinion but I wish he hadn’t provided so much time to give their points of view to the 4 humane animal farmers and the vegan who was designing a slaughterhouse It boggles my mind even that those who’ve really known these individual animals could kill them especially when one is vegetarian and one other says he knows it isn’t necessary for humans to eat meat I have such mixed feelings but I’m afraid their rationalizations will give permission for readers to act with the status uo However only 1% vegan and 3% vegetarian of the American population the actions these individuals take can make a difference Never will 100% of Americans go 100% vegan so reducing suffering and having less of a negative impact on the environment well how can I argue wholeheartedly? but I felt very uncomfortable reading these parts although certainly not as uncomfortable reading the factory farming and slaughter parts of the bookI’ve heard some vegans complain that Foer doesn’t go far enough and the book doesn’t promote veganism but this book is getting mainstream attention than most books of its type and some people say that they are eliminating or reducing the animal products they consume because of this book So Foer along with a bunch of others who are my heroes are putting and information out there It makes a difference This book will make a difference Hopefully many will read this book and then continue and read some of the other many books and other resources out there as well I’m very happy that this book is getting the attention and readership that it isI found it very interesting reading this book in early November because Foer talks about American Thanksgiving in the book So now I feel incredibly sad and very angry I know anger is a distancing emotion and I don’t want to others to withdraw from me but I have a lot of compassion for myself right now and I have a reason to feel that way and that’s how I feel and I definitely need some lighter reading materials prontoEdit Re the compassion for myself blah blah I'm not a new age type person at all and I don't remember ever saying anything like this with regard to myself but I was very distraught after reading this bookPlease go read other reviews of this book Don’t let my distress dissuade you from reading this important book I can guarantee that if you get even remotely as emotionally involved as I did while reading this book you’re either already vegan or you’ll be grateful for the informationI do have a fundamental disagreement with Foer who seems to think it's okay at some level to use and kill animals if done humanely I don't feel that way Maybe because I'm already vegan and knew so much of the information in this book my favorite parts were when Foer wrote about his holocaust survivor grandmother

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Jonathan Safran Foer spent much of his life oscillating between enthusiastic carnivore and occasional vegetarian Once he started a family the moral dimensions of food became increasingly importantFaced with the prospect of This isn't as much of a review of Jonathan Safran Foer's latest book as it is a reaction to it a reaction to the reactions of others even The title of this book garners a reaction from people who haven't read it and who may never read it Just carry Eating Animals around for a few days and you'll understand There's an assumption that a book about eating animals is going to tell you that it is in some way wrong to eat animals whether for the welfare of animals or for your own welfare and most people don't want to hear it We know something is wrong with meat today with how completely estranged we are from the process that turns animal into product We have that general feeling and we don't want the specifics We don't want to face being held accountable for what we know We don't want to think about eating animals Why not? If there's no shame in it then why is there such an aversion created by the title alone?I say we because I'm guilty of the same and it took this book to make me realize it It took seeing how the people around me wanted nothing to do with a book that might challenge their eating habits Allow me to explain with a little bit of backstory here which is irrelevant to the book itself but entirely relevant to my reading of the bookI've been a vegetarian for close to five years I've had a moral ualm about eating animals since I first made the connection between the meat on my plate and the animals in my backyard I grew up on a farm There were cows and they had much happier lives than most do these days though I never saw what end they met once my parents sold them Why then did I only become vegetarian at the age of eighteen? I mean obviously I pieced together that burgers were made from cows long before then; I wasn't that slow of a child My various attempts to give up meat failed I'm not sure why The obvious answer would be that I had weak willpower but I think that's a cop out When vegetarianism did stick I didn't feel any self empowered In fact the attempt that succeeded started as a fluke I had no intention of seeing it through I found out about PETA's 30 day challenge and I was curious I can abstain from eating animals for a month I reasoned When the month was over I didn't want to eat animals any No craving for meat was strong enough to compensate for the amount of suffering inflicted on animals What can I say? I'm a bleeding heart a pussy whatever I surrounded myself with literature and images of slaughterhouses long enough to fend off the desire for flesh The desire disappeared and I felt better I felt better because I was eating better fresh fruit and veggies was a vast improvement over my childhood diet of Hardees and Mountain Dew I felt better once the nagging guilt the conflict between my beliefs and my actions caused was no longer Or so I thoughtThe truth is that over the years I became lax in my beliefs Not eating animals became habit and preference than moral conviction People wore down my enthusiasm Oh the enthusiasm was there to begin with There's nothing exciting and refreshing than newfound vegetarianism I felt better and I wanted other people to feel better too I thought I could help initiate that I thought that I could lead by example I wouldn't push my opinions down anyone's throat of course because I didn't want to be uppity about it It doesn't work that way or at least it didn't for me in rural North Carolina in the county supporting the largest Smithfield slaughterhouse in the world to be exact People were interested but only for the sake of arguing Foer obviously experienced the same writingI can't count the times that upon telling someone I am vegetarian he or she responded by pointing out an inconsistency in my lifestyle or trying to find a flaw in an argument I never made I have often felt that my vegetarianism matters to such people than it does to meThere's only so much antagonistic uery I was euipped to handle at the age of eighteen To be perfectly blunt I stopped giving a fuck I decided to be a vegetarian not explain my reasons to others and to stop giving a fuck what others thought about it When someone asked me why I didn't eat meat my responses ranged from I don't like being overwhelmed by choices to I was raped by a butcher When you stop giving a fuck then people generally stop harassing you These people aren't that clever to begin with so they usually don't bother if they have to compete with another's nonchalanceMy initial reason for not considering becoming vegan was the difficulty I felt it was a big enough change to uit cold turkey cold turkey Yeah I know there's no excuse for my sense of humor Over the years I should have made the necessary steps to eliminate eggs and dairy from my diet I have no excuse for that either I knew neither were essential to my nutrition or well being that it was just a matter of putting forth effort In the back of my mind I knew too that my inaction was supporting animal cruelty towards laying hens as well as indirectly promoting the veal industry That nagging guilt was still there but I pushed it aside I realized this past week that I can no longer do this It is no longer acceptable In fact it never was Nothing changed I was hardly beginning the book when I started to suspect that I was on the brink of a life altering decision Was Foer so persuasive that he alone managed to turn me vegan within the first few chapters? No It wasn't even the news that Natalie Portman turned vegan after reading Eating Animals either ; It was my boyfriend telling me that he didn't want to hear it when I mentioned that piglets on factory farms have their testicles removed without anesthesia within the first ten days of their lives It was the moment when my literature teacher asked me if Eating Animals contains information so disturbing and disgusting that she would probably never want to eat meat again; and then without pausing for a reply she said I'd better not read it thenIt was this general reaction I received coinciding with what I read that made me re examine my own unwillingness to live by what I know something I've known without needing to be told but something I needed to be reminded of shame I am ashamed to be part of a system that is inexcusable Not responding is a response we are eually responsible for what we don't do In the case of animal slaughter to throw your hands in the air is to wrap your fingers around a knife handle What does all of this say about the book? Not much Just read it Throw your assumptions away uit looking for someone else to tell you what to expect and just read with an open mind and a willingness not only to accept what feels right but to take the actions necessary so that you may be at peace with yourself In defense of my boyfriend although no defense is necessary since the conversation mentioned took place he has agreed to read Eating Animals Ideally he'll read it and never eat another bite of meat again; just as ideally when I handed my copy of the book to my mother a few hours ago and asked her to please do me a favor and read it she would have done so in earnest in an attempt to understand her daughter's lifestyle instead of putting it down after a few pages and resuming her crossword puzzle which although not ideal was what actually happened I can't allow myself to expect much to come of it because there's enough disappointment in life as it is but I am grateful for this much that he cares enough about me to read what he would otherwise rather turn away fromWritten 111209Update 7611 He never read it We broke up for reasons unrelated to diet But if you know any cute single straight literate vegan boys send 'em my way If they do in fact existUpdate again 5213I'm a feminist now so I apologize for the derogatory use of the word pussy within the original review If there were any point to it I'd also amend the previous update to exclude the word straight and change boys to men not the band because it's creepy when grown men want girls so vice versa? There's no point though because I'm not looking I'm no longer single We're dating again Everyone advises against dating an ex but everyone can go fuck themselves I'd like to think compassion is about second chances For whatever complicated than that reasons I've decided to give it a second go He recently read the book Kudos right? Everything in its own time or something He's been vegetarian since but I announce that tentatively because obviously things change you can see that in just the span of updates to this not a review review I'm happy right now I'm hopeful I finally realized I can't change the people I love I can't shake them until they see what I see if they don't want to look but I can tell my truth and maybe just maybe it will reach someone willing to take off the blinders 111513 Another update But you'll have to scroll through my blog post if you want it bad enough

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Eating AnimalsTs Foer raises the unspoken uestion behind every fish we eat every chicken we fry and every burger we grillPart memoir and part investigative report Eating Animals is a book that in the words of the Los Angeles Times place I don’t mean this dismissively but I feel like I finally get what Charlton Heston meant when he cried out “Soylent Green is people It’s peeeeople” Just I don’t know That movie’s pretty silly but I keep walking around the house feeling like all those years that I ate meat I was really eating human souls And I even knew almost all of this information before reading the book I know I’m being dramatic as per usual but there really is something about food that brings out both the best and the worst in humans I think that’s part of the point of the title of this book It’s about eating animals but it’s also about us being eating animals See what he did there? Anyway I can’t give this book a full 5 stars because I have really high expectations for JSF and honestly this book isn’t extremely well organized I think the topic of what we eat is probably the most important one in American society today though and the dialogue Foer creates is very representative of the arguments that smart people make in legitimate disagreement over the topic of eating animalsI saw Foer read from this book at Powell’s last October and the day after that was the last time I ate meat For a long time I knew about the health and environmental issues of factory farming but I really love hamburgers so I thought I would just be really careful about where I bought meat I realized though that I really do care how we treat each other and how we treat animals and I was not careful about where my meat came from I became a vegetarian partly because it’s easier than having that mental dissonance where I really care about all of the corruption and waste of the meat industry but I set it aside because something tastes good Other things taste good too It’s not worth the energy I guess the other part of why I became a vegetarian is that I forgot how to put up the mental walls between the human behavior that is so disgusting to me that is almost uniformly represented in the food industry and my condoning it by eating its products The points that Foer read from this book in October just haunt meI don’t think that death is the worst thing and so eating animals doesn’t horrify me because of the killing I really get that other people do think that death is the worst thing and I don’t necessarily think I’m right but that’s the place I’m at in life My friend pointed out how silly this is of me yesterday when he was asking why I love the movie True Romance so much I was talking about how wonderful I think it is and then I was ualifying it by saying that the part between Christopher Walkins and Dennis Hopper is so racist and makes me really uncomfortable So my friend started laughing at me and was like “So you don’t care about the total disregard for human life but it really gets to you that they’re being racist?” What can I say? Maybe someday all of the things I’m offended at will line up really neatly As it is obviously it would offend me a lot in real life to see someone killed than to see someone be really unpleasant but in movies the opposite is true Even then even in real life I think that pointless suffering not death is the worst thing And when pointless suffering is knowingly caused by humans I think it’s bad just for the suffering itself but also because of what it means for the people causing the suffering What have we done to ourselves? What have we made each other? There is a letter toward the end of this book written by a slaughterhouse worker that describes this slaughterhouse atrocity that is burned into my brain now in a way that I can only think to describe as a Skye O’Malley But this is a real true incident that I’m glad was written because it needs to never happen again The incident itself was purely sadistic but writing about it was somehow Important in the way that confessions and justice are important But also important because although this man is responsible for his own actions and atrocities people who work in slaughterhouses like the animals going through them are some of the most vulnerable elements our society Both Gandhi and Aristotle are attributed with saying something like nations should be judged by how they treat the most vulnerable among them By that standard of judgment the US is not passingOne of the major themes in this book is about traditions surrounding food and the way it brings people together in this really wonderful way I think Foer speaks about family even humanity in such a beautiful nostalgic and hopeful way that there is something worthwhile about his uniue exploration of this topic It is not a cold moral topic It is about our mothers and fathers in the kitchen and our children playing in the yard while we barbeue But that doesn’t remove us from complicity in what goes on to get the food to the table It doesn’t excuse us There were two points he made about that particularly which really influenced my decision to become a veggie I’m going to spoiler them a little bit and probably mangle them a lot so skip over if you wish Also my friend made this homebrew oatmeal stout in honor of his daughter’s birth and it and its progeny are slowly changing this review into a drunk review so there’s a chance none of this will make sense anywayview spoilerFirst Americans choose to eat less than25% of food on the planet Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized every year and the bodies turned into food for our food It makes no sense for us to eat cows pigs and chickens that have eaten dogs and cats rather than for us to eat dogs and cats ourselves The reason we do is that dogs and cats are “pets” and cows pigs and chickens are I don’t know Food? But the intelligence and habits of the animal species are not different than each other The animals we eat are as smart and social as the animals we refuse to eat And the system of feeding meat to herbivores because we’ve decided that one species is okay for humans to eat and the others aren’t is so arbitrary and well gross The thing that got me about this though which we all know is true but I hadn’t really looked in the face before is that eating a hamburger made out of a cow is not different than eating a hamburger made out of one of my cats And I really am offended by the idea of one of my cats living the lives that chickens or turkeys or pigs live in factory farms than I’m offended by the idea of eating one of them It is appalling Animals should not be treated this way and humans should not be in the position that they think it’s okay treat them this way Second there’s a little bit of a How the Grinch Stole Christmas uality to the book that really gets me I saw Foer read right before Thanksgiving and it turns out that the entire end of this book is about Thanksgiving His main point I think is that we associate meat with these wonderful family traditions but is that why the traditions are wonderful? Turkeys have been genetically mutated and pumped full of antibiotics to the point that they can’t breed can’t fly sometimes can’t even walk Setting aside the fact that the first Thanksgiving didn’t even have a turkey do we show our thanksgiving best by eating one of these birds or by abstaining from it? Do we show our love for each other by eating animals that have been bred to suffer? hide spoiler