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Read & Download Wild, Wicked, Wanton à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í Three friends reveal their most intimate secrets in an erotic romance from an undoubted master They're inseparable friends who share their wildest secrets and dares The latest bet is the boldest of all each must sleep with whomever the others have chosen anEir own desire For heartbreaker Blaire it's the one man she never had the courage to bed For sensible Callie it's an irresistible stranger For readers it's an erotic fantasy come tr. One of my favorite books by Jaci Burton this book is smoking hot Love everything she has written have not been disappointed yet by this wonderful author Technically this book would be considered an anthology as each woman's story is complete in and of themselves But Burton has tied the three tales together with an overall storyline to bind them allowing each of the women to appear as supporting characters in the other's tales Left to their own devices neither Abby Blair nor Callie would have pursued these romances but a clever little bet forces each to face their true desires allowing romance to blossomI loved each of the romances and found something in each heroine that I could personally identify with drawing empathy from me for each story With sexy scenes hot enough to burn your fingertips while turning the pages Wild Wicked and Wanton than lives up to its name but Burton deviously infuses her latest book with a hefty dose of sweetness that will melt your heart surely than even the most sizzling of love scenes canI highly recommend this book

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S the boldest of all each must sleep with whomever the others have chosen and return with every juicy detail For divorce Abby it's a pair of sexy veterinarians who are fulfilling th. Rating 45 5Whew This is one seriously smokin' hot book I mean really really hot And it was good in other ways too LOLSeries NoteNo series connections that I no of to other booksSummaryAbby Blair and Callie have been best friends forever Over the years they've had a habit of making bets and after and afternoon of margaritas Blair challenges them to a new one All three women are single and lacking sex in their lives So Blair makes a bet that they each have to have a weekend of no holds barred sex with a man that they other two choose for them The losers have to pay for a trip to Vegas In WILD veterinarian student Abby is about to finish her interning at a local vet hospital when her two bosses hunks Mike and Seth let her know they are interested in dating her Abby is shocked but excited by the idea of two men wanting her So when Blair poses the bet and her two friends pick Seth and Mike as her weekend fling Abby is nervous but seriously turned on Soon the three are going all out on a weekend of fun But after its over one man steals Abby's heartIn WICKED Blair has been known as the town flirt and the one who sleeps with a lot of men She's been engaged three times and called it off at the last minute But the one man she avoids is cop Rand McKay He represents everything she is afraid of he's too dominating too controlling too everything But when her friends pick Rand as her weekend fling she'll have to find a way to sleep with him but not get attachedAnd in WANTON Callie is a widow having some trouble getting back in the game after her beloved husband died of cancer Callie's always been seen as the good girl but inside she's got bad girl fantasies So when her friends pick new guy in town Jack Fellows as her fling Callie is excited to learn Jack shares some of her fetish fantasiesReviewWhat to say about a book that's chock full of all kinds of sex I think this is probably one of the hottest erotic romances I've ever read Some of the scenes will just make you melt into a puddle And you get a little bit of everything Each woman has a different fantasyfetish Abby gets a threesome Blair lets her inner submissive loose and Callie finally get to unleash her exhibitionisticvoyeuristic side So you get a lot of variety sexually in this book Which made it fun to read And yeah really really really hot But you better be open to a little kink if you plan to read this oneI'm not sure which story was my favorite They each had something I liked but I think maybe Callie's story was my fav Hers was a bit well rounded One of things that kept me from giving this book a full five stars was that I thought there needed to be character development I felt like I hardly knew the characters when I finished the book Everything is very focused on in the moment and it was a bit one dimensional Plus all the sex left little time for anything else and each novella takes place over only a couple days I think So I would have like character development And in Callie's book I felt like I knew about them You got to see of their lives and who they were I liked that But really I loved all three novellas Which is cool Novellas are often hit and miss so it was great to read a book that was a winner all aroundI'd definitely recommend this book to those of you who like erotic romance and who don't mind novellas that are a little underdeveloped in standard contemporary romance aspectsWARNING this book contains explicit sex and language oral sex anal sex mfm hetero threesome use of toys assplay bondagedominance light exhibitionism voyeurism public sex a visit to a sex club where all kinds of stuff could be seen ff groups etcand if I think of anything else I'll let you know ;

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Wild Wicked WantonThree friends reveal their most intimate secrets in an erotic romance from an undoubted master They're inseparable friends who share their wildest secrets and dares The latest bet i. review coming