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She wants nothing than to live a uiet life but when she sees a teenager plunge off the pier she doesn't hesitate to dive in after her But saving the desperate girl's life thrusts Jenna into a spotlight she can ill afford Suddenly everyone in town wants to know her story a story that could cost he I accidentally read the fourth in the series and loved it There was so much going on the sheriffDoctorminister love triangle the mystery of who fathered Annie’s baby a seer unsolved murders and The author did a great job weaving backstory into the narrativeThis story focused on a woman who was hiding with the daughter of her murdered sister and her illogical romance with a washed up alcoholic reporter that was pushy intrusive and didn’t accept her “no” Along the way we meet the characters that finally get their story arcs resolved in book four Had I started with this one I probably wouldn’t have continued with the series

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Suddenly One SummerR lifeReid Tanner was a tough reporter until a shattering incident changed everything Now all of his instincts are on alert Who is Jenna and what is she hiding? He wants answers but his uest for the truth could put them all in danger They say love is a miracle but can it keep Jenna safe in his ar Picked up this book at a thrift store This is the first in the Angel's Bay Series The main character has come to Angel's Bay with a child hiding from her sister's murderer and who also is the father of the child She isn't looking for attention until she rescues a pregnant teenager from killer herself in the bay A reporter who is doing a job regarding the sightings of angle's in the bay and unusual carvings on the cliff is running and hiding from his own demons The characters are so powerful and well defined The author brings in other characters without taking away from the main ones and the story lines Her description of the characters and the area make you imagine you are right there experiencing it all for yourself Very suspenseful heartwarming and romantic There are angels in Angel Bay I can't wait to read the rest of the series

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Suddenly One Summer Reader º 359 pages Download ç Barbara freethy Ú In the California coastal town of Angel's Bay an old legend says that sometimes when they're needed angles from an old shipwreck appear and good triumphs over evilJenna Davies flees to the close knit community of Angel's Bay with a sevIn the California coastal town of Angel's Bay an old legend says that sometimes when they're needed angles from an old shipwreck appear and good triumphs over evilJenna Davies flees to the close knit community of Angel's Bay with a seven year old child a dangerous secret and a heart full of pain I loved the start to the Angel's Bay series by Barbara Freethy In a small California coastal town Angel's Bay the belief in angels that protect the town's inhabitants run deep It is said that when a ship wrecked off the coast in the 1800's that angel's blessed those that survived and welcomed to heaven those that didn't Now one hundred and fifty years later the townsfolk take pride in their beautiful paradise and continue the traditions of their ancestorsSummaryJenna Davies and her daughter Lexie are on the run Jenna just wants to stay hidden not draw attention and provide a safe happy life for Lexie That dream shatters when she witnesses a young woman jumping from the pier of Angel's Bay late at night Jenna doesn't want to be involved but there is no one else so she jumps in after her Everyone is stunned and in awe of her bravery but Jenna doesn't want the attention She cant afford it Luckily after giving her accounts of the incident to Chief Joe Silviera she dodges further police uestions she doesn't trust anyone in uniform but unfortunately catches the attention of a tenacious reporter Reid Tanner is in town investigating the angel stories after two young men posted a video of angels making markings on the side of a cliff Reid is a serious reporter having the ability to hone in on facts and tell the truth about real news For a year though he has simply drifted through his life drinking away the memories of the tragic death of one of his best friends He asked for her help on a case and she was killed for it Riddled with guilt Reid gives up on the news he loves not trusting his own instincts any When he catches sight of the beautiful but wet Jenna after making a heroic save he senses a story and is even intrigued when Jenna freaks out about him taking her picture Knowing he shouldn't get involved he cant seem to shake the thought that Jenna is hiding something and he cant uite forget the chemistry that arose between them He needs to step back Reid doesn't do love but deep down walking away from a story or anyone as stimulating as Jenna is not who he is Meanwhile the woman Jenna saved is Annie Dupont Dr charlotte Adams treats her at the hospital as it turns out she is not only just eighteen but also pregnant Charlotte feels a connection with Annie as she was in a similar situation in her teens She vows to help Annie any way she can Charlotte was born and raised in Angel's Bay but moved away during and after college and has only recently returned hone after the death of her father in order to help her mother Its not an easy task as Charlotte and her mother don't get along and she also doesn't want to think of the mistakes of her past but has no choice being in town again She also feels an attraction to the police Chief Joe who is very married The bad part is she thinks he feels it too Joe doesn't want to have to work with Charlotte but she is Annie's doctor so he doesn't have a choice He has to remind himself that he is married and really loves his wife but at the same time he cant help but think about Charlotte and look for her when he's out and about town Joe doesn't think Charlotte should be so involved but when they find out Annie's father is suffering from PTSD and maybe some form of psychosis Charlotte decides to give Annie a place to live and help prepare her for her child All the while Jenna is worried that Reid wont let go of what he thinks is a true story and will lead what she's running from right to her She's terrified and right Reid cant let it go He hounds Jenna trying to get her to crack Not until he encounters Lexie at a weak moment does he get a hint of what is truly happening with Jenna With that Jenna has no choice but to trust him and open up He says she can trust him and if she leaves him to dig on his own it could put them in danger As it turns out Jenna is not Lexie's mother Jenna isn't sure what exactly happened although Lexie seems to have witnessed it All Jenna knows is her sister needed her help and now she's dead but Jenna promised to keep Lexie safe Reid starts digging and comes up with some very surprising information that will help Jenna's case Now he just needs to talk her into trusting Joe and getting protection and keep himself from falling in too deep with her Jenna knows this is the worst time to fall for a guy but with Reid she cant help it and she doesn't really want to Jenna has also been researching why her and Lexie were sent to Angel's Bay in the first place and the historical connection she shares with the past is astonishing She wants to let her friend Kara Lynch in on her connection but cant risk it until her nightmare is finished Besides Kara and her husband Colin are expecting and after trying for so many years with no results doesn't want to cause any waves for the nervous mom to be by either letting her in on her tie to the shipwreck before she has facts or inadvertently putting her in danger Charlotte and Joe are still advising each other on Annie who feels alone but for her baby but Joe's wife Rachel makes a surprise visit she has been dragging her heels ending their life in LA and grows suspicious of Joe and his relationship with the good doctor Joe is happy to see Rachel and thankful that although they have both grown into two different people that they still want to try to make their marriage work In the meantime a bad feeling is being shared by several people in town Could Jenna's past be catching up to her will Kara and Colin lose the baby they want so very much and why does Charlotte's high school boyfriend upset her so much? With the town full of tourists for its annual festival and founders celebrations its difficult for everyone to tell that evil has come to town and the angels will work overtime to keep their people safeAt first this was a little hard for me to get into but I soon became intrigued with the many story lines presented The main story is obviously the romance between Reid and Jenna but their is also the suspense of what could have brought her to town and who she is running from We also have the emotions of guilt remorse and inadeuacy to fight through with both Reid and Jenna Annie's story is hinted at but we are also made aware that there is to tell Charlotte and Joe share a connection but with Joe's rocky marriage how do we know their story has a different ending We also know that Charlotte has secrets Secrets she doesn't want to relive and definitely doesn't want known but at the same time causes a rift between her and her family Kara and Colin have loved each other since they were kids but when tragedy strikes will their love and faith pull them through or is their destiny unknown? So many things to focus on yet everything really ties in together I love the backstory and world that Freethy creates and plans to continue until we get to the conclusion in book five The characters were great giving us pause and encouraging us to read the next installment I also appreciated the hint at the paranormal The angels weren't overdone but mysterious and inspiring I will definitely be reading on to find out of the sweet town of Angel's Bay 3