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Review Á For The Love Of Blood Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ I can't believe I fell in love with a vampire Oh not just any vampire but Tamara Hightower Master of the East Coast whose name and reputation uakes fear in every other vampire not to mention a few Counsel members that crosPutation uakes fear in every other vampire not to mention a few Counsel members that crossed her path Can this modern day relationshi. Annie Alvarez For The Love Of Blood This was my first female lesbian book that I have read I enjoyed this book but wished that there would have been background detail put into Izzy's life I also was disappointed that the book ended too soon I was just starting to get into the book and then it ended right when the action was just starting to pick up What I did like about this book was the sensual loving romance between Izzy a half witch and Tamara a vampire I loved how Izzy was able to break through Tamara's hardened heart and have her open up to her There also was some funny humor in this book that had me laughing during parts I do look forward to reading the seuel to this book where I hope I learn about Izzy and Tamara 3 Fangs out of 5Reviewed by Raven Kelly Webmistress of VampireBooksca and Book Reviewer Click Here to Visit VampireBooksca

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P between a half witch and a vampire work out or am I just fooling myself No doubt she stole my heart but can I command her pleasures. Meh

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For The Love Of BloodI can't believe I fell in love with a vampire Oh not just any vampire but Tamara Hightower Master of the East Coast whose name and re. In all fairness I cannot review my own books so I've posted what people people have said Literrary NymphsTitle For the Love of Blood The Hightower IntroductionAuthor Annie AlvarezPublisher Extasy BooksPublisher URL 978 1 55487 265 7Genre ParanormalVampireGLBT ffRating 3 NymphsLiterary Nymphs Reviewer Satyr VaelAfter being tossed around from foster home to foster home Izzy is finally making her way in the world as a half witch She finds work in a center that provides donors to vampires – a place for both vampires and humans to do so safely While there she finds herself drawn to Tamara Hightower sister of the center’s owner Tamara is feared by everyone but Izzy can’t shake the lust she holds for the dominating vampIzzy uickly proves that she’s not the type who submits willingly and in so doing she catches Tamara’s eye as well They settle into a love affair but things become complicated when Tamara’s mother Lady Hightower summons them both A war is brewing and it seems it’s closer than any of them thinkFor the Love of Blood The Hightower Introduction is book one in what I assume will be a series The love scenes between Tamara and Izzy are hot and well done especially the scene with the pearls Both women are strong and three dimensionalThe plot seems a bit shallow but overall it held my interest I look forward to the next book in this serieshttpliterarynymphsreviewsonlyblogLove Romance MorePublisher eXtasty BooksDate published April 2009ASIN B002C94986Short GLBT Paranormal RomanceE bookReviewed by Miss AprilFOR THE LOVE OF BLOOD by Annie Alverez is an interesting beginning of what appears to be a longer story An FF story that was a uick read Izzy is a young woman who has had to deal with adversity The death of her parents and the shuffling through foster homes due to mysterious power that seems out of control Finally taken in by the Katz’s a couple she finally found a home Being witches themselves they recognize that she is a half witch They teach her about all kinds of supernatural thingsUnbelieving of them she strikes out on her own Within a short time she comes to understand that what they tried to teach her was all true She is attacked by a vampire and rescued by another vampire The female vampire Kaley takes her in gives her a job feeding vampires and a home Izzy is content However soon she is asked to feed Kaley’s sister Tamara The woman is known as the peacekeeper Not because she negotiates with them but because she kills them Izzy is afraid at first but soon realizes there is something to her Thus begins their relationship As well as a hint of something Filled with a world that is rich in various sects and peoples I was a little disappointed that there was not as much world building that went on It was only when I went back and re read the beginning that I understood that this was just the first in what I hope will be many layers in her stories The characters were interesting and I would like the chance to get to know them better I enjoyed this book and the characters in it I look forward to from Annie Alvarez in this serieshttploveromancesandblogspotc