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review It's Just My Nature A Guide to Knowing and Living Your True Nature ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ä Why do we use the term Human Nature What do we mean by nature What does it mean when we say someone has a natural gift Where does this gift come from Best selling author Carol TutYou will know their Type and their true nature Its Just My Nature Has been hailed as groundbreaking work that is bound to change the way we experience ourselves and others I loved this book There is so much information that is life changing It is an amazing resource to return to again and again for solving the challenges of life Amber Campbell Absolutely Amazing The information in this book has changed no only my relationship with myself but with everyone I come in contact with Thank you Carol for this fabulous fulfilling information that allows me to create what I want in my relationships Kerissa Morgan. Carol Tuttle presents fascinating information on the four personality types She uses energy profiling and links all aspects of a person to the 4 elements of air type 1 water type 2 fire type 3 and earth type 4 Types 2 and 4 are introverts whereas types 1 and 3 are extrovertsI am a Type 2 In nature type 2 energy is represented in the Weeping Willow tree and the Mississippi River It is the way the sky looks at dusk and the way Pachelbel's Cannon in D soundsType twos value comfort think in details and are very sensitive not just emotionally but our skin is sensitive and we tend to be sensitive to smells etc We tend to worry a lot When I read about type 2s everything spoke to me Carol says that even if only 60% of the information speaks to you that is your type Well I'd say about 95% of the information spoke to meWe all have secondary types too Actually we all have all 4 types within us and our complete energy profile ranks those types from our lead to the one that is least expressed within us I would say based on my first read of this book and what has spoken to me I am a dominant 2 secondary 4 followed by 1 and then 3Knowing and accepting your true nature can really improve your life and help you to better understand those around youCarol also has a course and a book on dressing your truth which helps you to dress according to your energy type Each type has a different representation of colors fabrics and styles that they look best inAnyway this was all such fascinating information and I am already applying to my life and will continue to study and apply it I am probably not doing this book and the ideas justice here in this little review for there is so much I could say

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L offers a variety of assessment tools including her Dressing Your Truth TM events she leaves the realization of your true Type to you Discover those characteristics Types that markedly resemble you and those close to you Learn that what you may have considered your greatest weaknesses is actually your greatest gift Understand why people act the way they do and discover how you can enjoy harmony with anyone Develop the skill to assess your Type and the Types of others Find renewed peace with yourself and in your relationships Just by looking at someone and reading their facial features and body language. Carol told me that because of my personality type I couldn't wear black and honestly I just don't need that kind of negativity in my lifeThe amount of redundancy and hipocrisy in this book is just baffling Thank you Carol for giving me permission to be myself but only the way you think I should be

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It's Just My Nature A Guide to Knowing and Living Your True NatureWhy do we use the term Human Nature What do we mean by nature What does it mean when we say someone has a natural gift Where does this gift come from Best selling author Carol Tuttle provides compelling and life changing answers to these simple uestions in her newest book Its Just My Nature Its Just My Nature Reveals a startlingly accurate method for assessing your personality and behavioral tendencies with a new system called Energy Profiling TM Energy Profiling is a uniue system that helps define personality traits as well as human behavior and physical characteristics to reveal the true you While Caro. Once or twice a year my boss decides everyone needs to read some sort of self help book for our personal development which usually gives me a great opportunity to write a sarcastic review Actually we have two we need to read before the staff meeting in April and this was one of them I have to admit this one drove me crazy It reminded me of the eighteenth nineteenth century pseudoscience of physiognomy which claimed it could tell a person's character from their facial features Tuttle makes the same claim that people fall into four Energy Types called imaginatively Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 and Type 4 actually they are always printed with little superscript symbols because she claims they are her trademarks which are obvious from looking at the shape of their faces and the way they move We are supposed to decide what type we are and everyone else is and this should help us to get along and communicate better with each other It must work because the book is filled with little testimonials from people who cried for days when they found out what type they were but thank the author profusely for saving their marriages making them successful in business and generally turning them into happy satisfied people by revealing which type they are Of course she has many other books and websites and gives classes and lectures and so forth she has a whole business called Dressing Your Truth which tells you how to dress based on your energy typeThe other thing the book reminded me of was newspaper horoscopes because the description of the types are vague enough that you can see something of yourself in whatever description you want to be your type and all the descriptions of course are in very flattering language And metaphors one type is like the Ocean and one is like the Mississippi River and then there is the type like oaks and the type like maples and so on The basis of her theory is that the world is made up of created from throughout she uses religious sounding language as well as new age ideas like yin and yang the four elements earth air fire and water cutting edge science from 300 BCE which she brings up to date by calling them oxygen nitrogen carbon and hydrogen and which correspond to her four types of energy If you don't uite fit the description completely then you are living your secondary type so actually she says there are ten possibilities because 4x310If you're curious I'm a type 2 and I didn't even cry much when I found out