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Breathing Water Read & Download Ú 8 ↠ A late night poker game in Bangkok nets American ex pat writer Poke Rafferty the opportunity to write the biography of Khun Pan a flamboyant vulgar self made billionaire with a criminal past and far reaching political ambitions Within hours Rafferty his wife Rose their adopted daughter Miaow and Poke's bestGhter Miaow and Poke's best friend honest Bangkok cop Arthit have become disposable pawns in a brutal power struggle among some of Thailand's richest most ruthless citizens There are those who would go to any length to ensure the book is never written and others eually desperate t. Poke is given the opportunity to write the biography of a Thai Robin Hood a poor man made very wealthy who gives back to the people of his province But Poke and his family are threatened with death if he does write it and threatened with death if he doesn'tI don't know what I am most impressed with in Hallinan's books the overall uality of the writing that brings Bangkok with all it's sights and smells so vividly to life or the fact that he can write children better than anyone I have ever read There is nothing cloying or cutesy or for that matter superhuman about Miaow and Boo and Da They have been to hell and back but they are still real kids I cannot say enough about these books

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O have Pan's darkest secrets exposed Suddenly Rafferty is sinking deeper in a perilous sea of treachery and intrigue and caught up in the inhuman machinations of an Asian babyselling ring as he searches frantically for the only chance he may have to get everyone he loves out alive. From ISawLightningFallcomThe thriller gets a bad rap in the larger literary world Scattered at every supermarket checkout lane filled with bad guys and bullets and typically read at a pace faster than a runaway Ferrari such pulpy offerings are often viewed as the consummate guilty pleasure something with which to fritter away an afternoon at the beach and toss when you're through Only horror ranks lower in popular genre pantheon but it has Stoker and Shelley to prop up its pedigree It's a shame because a number of authors have used the humble thriller not only to excite audiences but also to address big themes and do so with fine prose Consider for example Timothy Hallinan's Breathing WaterPoke Rafferty doesn't do danger for his day job Sure he lives in Bangkok not exactly the safest city in the world But he writes tour books and the occasional topical tome Which is how he came to be sitting in this poker game with his police friend Arthit a conman named Tip and a rigged hand of cards It's all supposed to be fodder for his latest book Bilk a few unsuspecting businessmen return their cash when it's over and net an interesting premise Only no one expected thuggish billionaire Khun Pan to join the game Outraged over the deception Pan challenges Poke to a private game with higher stakes If Poke loses he'll get run out of the county; if Pan does he'll let him pen his biography an honor denied to scores of other writers Guess who ends up with the winning hand and a killer book deal Not long after that though the phone calls start unidentified people threatening Poke's family if he finishes the project and if he doesn't Now Poke has to discover what secret elevated a one time crook like Pan into the pantheon Thailand's eliteBreathing Water contains all of the reuite genre nods such as imminent danger at every turn and a plot twistier than a Kansas tornado But it plumbs depths by naturally melding Poke's peril with commentary on Thai politics and ethnic tensions Also Hallinan can turn a phrase until it spins like a top employing unexpected similes and tongue in cheek humor Awakened at an ungodly hour Poke wraps himself in his robe as though it were a grievance One of Pan's associates snaps at the writer in a voice like a pair of tin snips And when Poke expresses incredulity at a chortling gang of thugs Did somebody teach all you guys to chuckle the ringleader replies The chuckle is a perfectly acceptable form of laughter Hard edged and humorous fierce and finely written Water is refreshingly good

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Breathing WaterA late night poker game in Bangkok nets American ex pat writer Poke Rafferty the opportunity to write the biography of Khun Pan a flamboyant vulgar self made billionaire with a criminal past and far reaching political ambitions Within hours Rafferty his wife Rose their adopted dau. When my GR friend Will Byrnes suggested that Breathing Water might appeal to me it was only a short trip across the river from Laos where I had been spending a lot of time This is my first Poke Rafferty though it is not the first of Hallinan’s series of thrillers But it certainly can be read as a single novel And yes I found the trip worthwhileWhen I finished I realized how many things Hallinan had packed into this novel of almost non stop action They includeA story of rich versus poor that links uite well with what I have been reading about Laos;Some examples of the political games that are played in contemporary Thailand;A poker game for high stakes;The Bangkok locale full of tourists ordinary people and feral children;Bangkok’s infamous sex trade;The intermeshing of local crime Chinese influenced “investments” and the Japanese Yakuza;The very domestic issues of Poke his wife and adopted daughter; The complex demands of friendship between Poke and his cop friend Arthit; Tales of love and death;The gradations of corruption in the Bangkok police;The effects of Western demand for adopting babies;What happens when criminals want to become legitimateThe main plot involves a biography of Khun Pan that Poke is going to write Pan was a rural boy who made it big in Bangkok This isn’t easy in a city where the establishment is almost entirely made up of Chinese ancestry players who resent any others Pan uses his wealth in part to help “his people” and also to embarrass his enemies Poke Rafferty finds himself threatened by those who want him to only praise Pan and those who want to assure that the biography will find ways to “take him down” Poke has to walk a narrow path while separating truth from convenient fiction This is all complicated when a clock starts ticking that could result in Poke’s death or the death of his wife and daughterMaybe deserving a little less than 4 stars but I’m willing to round up give how easily Hallinan moved the action along and kept me guessingVictor Bevine did a fine job of reading the audio version that I listened to