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Download Ð Ink Exchange ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Unbeknownst to mortals a power struggle is unfolding in a world of shadows and danger After centuries of stability the balance among the Faery Courts has altered and Irial ruler of the Dark Court is battling to hold his rebellious and newly vulnerable fey together IfEThe tattoo does bring changes not the kind Leslie has dreamed of but sinister compelling changes that are than symbolic Those changes will bind Leslie and Irial together drawing Leslie deeper and deeper into the faery world unable to resist its allures and helpless to withstand its peri. Bullet ReviewIn some ways better than Wicked Lovely in some ways worse Leslie is a way cooler character than Aislinn and I like her struggles AND the choice she makes at the end On the other hand super emo Faerie boy Niall made me laugh at how emo he was while Irial makes feminist me rage I'm also not happy how violence and possession are mistaken for romantic intentions25 stars graciously rounded to 3 mostly because of Leslie and her final choice While this is an OK series it's dark and rather dull I won't be pursuing seuelsFull ReviewLeslie is Aislinn's friend but she has absolutely no clue about the world of Faerie Not that she really cares she's too preoccupied with her alcoholic father and drug addled and horrible brother who drugged her and let his druggie friends rape her What she wants most is a tattoo and to snuggle up next to the hot Emo Faerie guy that hangs around with Keenan Asilinn and Seth But Irial the Dark King has other plansIt seems like eons ago since I read Wicked Lovely a book that I read and mysteriously rated 4 stars even though I distinctly remembering feeling iffy about the whole thing I really didn't like it enough to continue but I had heard that book 2 was better so I bought itFast forward to today and I realize I need to clean out a ton of these books from my library particularly all these shtty YA books So I beebopped to my library and picked up audiobooks because I can read them way faster than paperbacks or hardcoversA part of me likes Ink Exchange because it is way memorable I barely remember the plot of Wicked Lovely and for those who are thinking about starting the series here I say go ahead background details you need will be provided and it's about a totally different character anyway and Leslie is a far interesting character In Wicked Lovely you think Leslie is going to be yet another Regina a blonde blue eyed popular high school btchInstead Leslie is a bruised and battered girl Her family is torn apart after her mother leaves her father an alcoholic and gambler her brother a drug dealer who thinks nothing about setting his sister up for rape It's tragic and disheartening No wonder Leslie flees to Pins and Needles horrible cliched name BTW for a tattoo No wonder all her conversations are light and frivolousThe problem ultimately with the novel is that it is less about the protagonist Leslie and about the IrialNiall dynamic You see Irial and Niall were best buds back in the day sleeping around partying that sorta thing Only Niall grew a conscious and become emo I swear I can hear Amy Lee in this pictureAnd Irial decided that consent was optional Seriously this isn't sexy AT ALLBoth guys want Leslie only Irial will be creepy and force her to go with him Which is why Niall Asilinn and Keenan the three people that know that Irial is looking at Leslie don't tell Leslie about her stalkerBecause THAT'S gonna turn out wellWhy are we not surprised that Leslie is captured her emotions are stripped away from her to fuel Irial and his people and she is basically forced to do numerous things against her will such as watch as fellow mortals are forced to have sex and are killedThis book is unnecessarily dark and Leslie is forced into doing things than she makes the choices she purports she does until the end that isview spoilerAt the very end Leslie decides she's had enough of Faeries and cuts off relations to both Irial and Niall Even when Niall is all I am yours she's like I want to be on my own thank you very muchWhile I liked the initial NiallLeslie dynamic it's really the only romantic relationship as I do NOT consider Irial a viable romantic option it's nice to end a YA book withOUT the prereuisite romance hide spoiler

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Nd brutality will followSeventeen year old Leslie knows nothing of faeries or their intrigues When she is attracted to an eerily beautiful tattoo of eyes and wings all she knows is that she has to have it convinced it is a tangible symbol of changes she desperately craves for her own lif. Wicked Lovely Melissa Marr's first novel was on my Best of 2007 list and I've been very excited about the seuel Ink Exchange The storyline follows Aislinn's friend Leslie Leslie is surrounded by a fog of secrets and unable to break through the fog because of something that happened to her while Aislinn was caught up in her own set of the tumultuous events in Wicked Lovely The gulf between the two girls only grows wider as they find themselves unable to talk about how they have each been irrevocably altered While Aislinn negotiates a tricky truce between Keenan and Seth Leslie is left to fend for herself waitressing tables to pay the bills and avoiding going home for any length of time She is also storing away a little cash to get a tattoo as a symbol of taking her life back and escaping the terror that's dominated it for too longTurns out she's not completely alone though Aislinn has commissioned Niall Keenan's friend and right hand man to watch over Leslie haunting her steps in order to protect her from the Dark Court faeries who seem to have developed a sudden unhealthy interest in her Chief among Aislinn's worries is Irial the Dark King himself But unbeknownst to any of them Leslie has chosen Irial's tattoo to ink on her back a process which will link the girl and the Dark King allowing him to feed off human emotion through her and thereby keep his people from starving Add to that the complication that Niall is falling in love with Leslie Irial is falling insomethingwith Leslie And Niall and Irial have A History A long dark twisted and surprisingly moving oneThe thing about Ink Exchange is just when you think it can't get any worse it does With a vengeance A sort of hazy starbursty kind of worse Until you want to run screaming onto the page snatch Leslie and Niall and yes Irial too in your arms and stash them away somewhere warm and safe and dry until they're able to heal Short of being able to do that you keep reading I liked Leslie I liked her a lot And I hated that she had so few choices available and that for the majority of the book she was being manipulated left and right By those who loved her wanted her and hated her alike It made me mad At all the characters even as I loved them Even my beloved Seth who seemed to see clearer than anyone except perhaps Irial And it made the ending a very satisfying one But it wasn't an easy read And it wasn't a pleasant one And I still epilogue be damned have the aforementioned urge to run in and save them all But I will wait Somewhat impatiently For book three

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Ink ExchangeUnbeknownst to mortals a power struggle is unfolding in a world of shadows and danger After centuries of stability the balance among the Faery Courts has altered and Irial ruler of the Dark Court is battling to hold his rebellious and newly vulnerable fey together If he fails bloodshed a. I'm not really sure what to say about this book It disturbs me that the protagonist Leslie who has survived a horrible sexual assault is by the end of the book repeatedly used both emotionally and sexually for weeks by the Dark Court king Yet we're supposed to think this is a healing thing because her proximity to the Dark King feels so good that she forgets everything except being with him But she wouldn't need him or feel anything toward him were it not for the tattoo using his blood that was put on her back and he knew that she'd need endless sex with him once it was done I found this story truly distasteful particularly since this book is YA I'd expect this plot in a novel with adult characters not teens The fey have lived hundreds of years and they can't find adults to interact with Creepy and not in a good wayThe most sympathetic character was Niall but his backstory is never truly told and his relationship with Leslie fizzlesI was also very bothered that the tattoo artist who put the fey king's blood into the tattoo on Leslie without her knowledge pays no price for doing this to her No one is angry Leslie comes to acceptance of what he did and that's it He helped the Dark King trap her and use her but no one seems to care Humans have died because Rabbit did this to them in the past but since Iriel comes to care for Leslie we're supposed to think that makes it okay I guessOne of the things that continues to bother me about Marr's storytelling is being thrown into the story without ever having the action explained or clear until the book is than half over Even when the book is finished I still don't know what a Ly Erg glaistig or the Bananach are and I feel like I need to read these books with the encyclopedia of fey creatures sitting beside me If you're going to create a whole world kindly explain how it works and what the creatures areFor me a disappointment