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FREE EPUB Ü MOBI Breaking The Silence î 9781419919534 Ä MONEYEXPRESSCARD » After enduring a horrific childhood William Jackson lives a solitary existence working as a computer programmer from his Minnesota home His safe routine is blown to pieces when the daily sight of an unknown woman Til it explodes in a brutal act of violence that tears Jenny’s life apart Will struggles to help her rebuild her courage and sense of self as his own demons and fragile memories threaten their chance at happiness but perhaps they can learn to heal each other Reader Advisory This book contains a realistic violent near rape scene OkayI'm going to have some HUGE SPOILERS on here but I've got to rant a littleFirst of all for the first 65% or so I loved this book It was light hearted sweet fun and HOTJenny was so cute and witty She said some of the funniest things I've read in a while I loved how she brought Will out of his shell She was just what he neededWillwhat can I say about Willfor a man with very little words he spoke volumes I absolutely loved how he would get off to fantasies of Jenny and he had never even met her He had only seen her from his window Slowly he came out of his shell and you begin to really see him He was so possessive and loving towards Jenny And for a virgin hero MAN could he set some sheets on fire Whewis it hot in here?? He must have watched a lot of porn And above all when IT happens he is there for her in all ways He was awesomeNow one thing that bugged me a lot was around 84% Will tells Jenny he loves her It's very clear she does too but what she says isI think I love you back Now this just put a bad taste in my mouth We're already 84% in to the story and they've spent several weeks together yes it's a very uick romance so at this point I would expect her to KNOW she loves him I DO NOT WANT I think I love you I want I love you too Too as in alsonot maybe or I'm not sure I want DEFINITELY I was SO girl crushing on her up to this point Then I was just mad By this time IT had happened and she knew what kind of man Will was He stood by her at a terrible time in her life He revealed his own personal tragedy to her so she would know he knew how she was feeling HE DID EVERYTHING RIGHT I was in love with him at this point SO at 95% MAJOR SPOILER HERE he asks her to marry him Her first response is Shit really? Then she says Oh what the hell Okay And I'm sitting here like WTF??? UhhhhHow about a yesTHEN he says I love you again And she says wait for itYeah I figuredWTF did I just read???Now when they have sex the first time after IT she cries He wants to know if he did something wrongawwww he's so sweet He wants to know why she's crying She says I don't know why Relief? Release? Because I love you? This is the closest we get to an I love you from her I was really disappointed35 Disappointing StarsSafety Gangview spoiler Will is a virgin Jenny is not but it's been around 3 years for her since she's been with anyoneEvan a coworker of Jenny's tries to rape her It is as near rape as you can get without actual penetration He has beaten her up pretty badly He holds her down and rips her panties off He penis is at her opening trying to get in It is descriptive Will gets to her at this point I was kind of shocked it got to that point I wasn't expecting it to go uite that far Of course she is traumatized but pulls out of it within a few weeksWill was sodomized as a teen by another teen living in the foster home with him It is not detailed just a recalling of him being on top of him from behind holding him down His father also killed himself by shooting himself in the head hide spoiler

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After enduring a horrific childhood William Jackson lives a solitary existence working as a computer programmer from his Minnesota home His safe routine is blown to pieces when the daily sight of an unknown woman walking her dog sends his heart into a tailspin Jenny Fitzgerald’s love life is at a definite low Her only potential There was just something I really loved about this book It was sweet and after I had finished reading it I just felt happyIt could have been longer in all honesty and the issues involved explored deeply and I would have happily read it But it left me with such a lovely warm feeling after reading it it is hard to fault that It had some great side characters with some humorous moments It did include a scene some ppl may find difficult to read view spoiler a violent near rape hide spoiler

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Breaking The SilenceDate in sight is her annoying and creepy coworker Evan until a stunning man appears before her like a gift from some kindly sex god Who is she to turn down what’s offered to her on a hunky blond platter? Will and Jenny’s friendship develops as their hunger grows into love Meanwhile a jealous Evan watches his rage building un What a wonderful book I loved this sweet story Will was awesome Overcoming a terrible childhood but still lacking in social interactions Jenny helps him overcome his shyness and insecurity But he is also possessive protective and sweet What kept this from being a five star? At times the story dragged a little Not a lot but sometimes scenes were too drawn out and I wanted to move on to the next one The sex scenes were hot but I almost felt they too were too drawn out But I was happy with the uantity of sexy times The book started so sweet I was worried it would be very Puritan But it was not alt all Other than Jenny and Will meeting and falling in love not a lot else happened util a shocking event Luckily it brought them closer togetherTotally safe from OWcheating Like could not be safeSafety Gang spoilers for other trigger view spoilerJenny is physically and sexually assaulted Is it fairly detailed and disturbing He did not actually rape her but the assault was tough Since it was such a sweet book it was pretty shocking hide spoiler