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Who are the victims hereTo hear liberals tell it you’d think they do nothing but suffer at the hands of ruthless entities like the “Republican Attack Machine” and Fox NewsReallyIt’s just another instance of the Big Lie of course In Guilty Ann Coulter explodes this myth to reveal that when it comes to bullying no one outdoes the Left For instance• The myth of the Republican Attack Machine The most amazing thing lib. Less a book than a piece of carefully calibrated propaganda for Ms Coulter's tweets GUILTY will find exactly the audience it is intended to and speaks directly to their prejudices and anxieties like all good fascism does So you can expect middle class values ensrhined as a kind of self congratulatory gospel of intolerance No sense of global politics no sense of history and no real grasp of the imaginary statistics that might back up her unshocking assertions about the evils of social responsibility free thought and political contextIf Coulter's ideas were original or her wit sharper I would admire her I cannot even dislike her as a cardboard pundit because she is a blonde face on a bland machine As it is I think she is a very lucky lady milking her moment for every shekel she can sueeze out of the moron majorityLots of idiots to harvest so her scythe will stay busy

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Guilty Liberal Victims and Their Assault on AmericaErals have done is create the myth of a compliant right wing media with Republicans badgering baffled reporters into attacking Democrats It’s so mad it’s brilliant • “Brave” liberals In addition to being beautiful compassionate tribunes of the downtrodden liberals are brave I know that because they’re always telling me how brave they are • Obambi’s luck While B Hussein Obama piously condemned attacks on cand. Shrill opinionated one sided and poorly argued Personal versus substantive attacks If this book was researched like her other books a lot to the facts about the Liberal Media are based on misleading NexusLexus search results Takes offense at the mainstream and calls it Liberal Bunches together all sorts of groups into an amorphous mass of undifferentiated LiberalAnd she is wildly inaccurate in a lot of places Take for instance her scoffing at the Obama campaign's fears of the Right Wing Attack Machine Yet this machine actually does appear to exist just below the radar Here's an example from W's 2004 bid In the SC Primary ads suddenly appeared hinting that John McCain had a love child w a black woman Asinine Unfounded But the target audience is clear either overtly or covertly racist white people Follow that up with the Swift Boating of Kerry in the general election Twice the same thing happened An unfounded hearsay attack running counter to established facts appeared at the right time to push W into office Plausible deniability from the campaign Empirically such strongly correlated phenomena point towards one conclusion Something is likely happening I doubt it is a conspiracy But it does smack of a well run marketing campaignSo here's the net result of W's election and the Right Wing Republican Rove's Attack Machine Two Vietnam vets who served with honor are dragged through the public suare A half informed public running around trying to distinguish the real from the false If they have the time or energy after school and soccer practice and laundry and dishes and home improvement projects Is that the America we want Is it ethical for political wonks who know the facts to willfully deceive Is there no decency left in this country Think of that when you listen to claims of Right Wing patriotism The likely reason why the attacks did not take place in 2008 is that A Democratic strategists by mentioning the attacks before they actually happened effectively inoculated the masses against spurious viral smears; and B McCain was at base level a man of extreme honor Not perfect but a man worthy of respectCoulter's style throughout the book is mean spirited than funny Though I thought that her calling Obama O Bambi was witty But not particularly movingBTW I found her take on the potentially destructive impacts single motherhood has on children and society thought provoking Even through her insensitive shrillness But I uestion whether her data is accurate Is it coming from peer reviewed sources Or from rightist think tanks without the reuisite intellectual rigor that peer review entails like the Cato Institute Is single motherhood the cause or the symptom of societal ills

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Guilty Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America Free read Ò 2 ✓ Who are the victims hereTo hear liberals tell it you’d think they do nothing but suffer at the hands of ruthless entities like the “Republican Attack Machine” and Fox NewsReallyIt’s just another instance of the Big Lie of course In Guilty Idates’ families his media and campaign surrogates ripped open the court sealed divorce records of his two principal opponents in his Senate race in IllinoisOne recurring truth about liberals says Coulter is that “they viciously attack all while wailing that they are the true victims” With Guilty–a shockingly specific catalog of offenses that liberals would rather we forget–Ann Coulter presents exhibits A through. Why you may ask Well 1 I have never actually read an Ann Coulter book having only heard her views as one of those conservative talking heads on news shows as well as some of her early appearances on Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect remember that show and her name seems to come up freuently in some of the books I have read recently so I figured I would make the attempt; 2 I consider myself a liberal and I honestly wanted to know why Coulter and fellow conservative Republicans appear to hate me and my fellow liberals so much; and 3 I do not want to contribute any to the already polluted national conversation in which both sides bicker endlessly by trying to out insult each other without actually listening to what either side has to say so I sincerely wanted to read and attempt to understand the other side of the argument I chose Guilty out of her steadily growing body of work for no apparent reason completely arbitrarily Let me start by saying that it is clear that Coulter is an intelligent person who clearly and passionately cares about politics and its place in the world today Let me also start by saying that I actually found myself agreeing with some of what she had to say mostly regarding the media and probably would have appreciated of her arguments if it weren't for the way she formulated her arguments To explain It's apparent from reading her book that Coulter may not have taken a college course in debate speech or basic rhetoric or if she did may have skipped the day in which it was discussed that one's argument loses credibility when you mock ridicule insult or verbally assault your opponent or the very people whom you are trying to convince It's also not always wise to interject humor especially when such humor is inappropriate insensitive or just plain mean spirited To exemplify In Chapter 2 Victim of a Crime Thank a Single Mother Coulter argues that single mothers women who choose single motherhood that is as opposed to widows and divorcees who are involuntary thrust into single motherhood not only cost taxpayers roughly 112 billion every year according to a 2008 study but place an extra burden on our nation's law enforcement because of their higher likelihood to neglect or kill their children in order to spend time with their boyfriends This statement by the way is NOT supported by any cited study She goes on to list several well publicized murder cases involving single mothers and their children including Susan Smith and Casey Anthony Now while her argument appeals primarily to emotion rather than logic Coulter's tirade against single mothers is going pretty strong up until this In 1998 twenty five year old single mother Tami Lynn Richards left her two children three and one and a half years old alone in their apartment while she went to a bar to drink and listen to a band One of the boys set a fire when he was playing with matches he found in the apartment Both boys died On the other hand from what I hear the band was pretty awesome There is a proper time and place for humor but I'm pretty sure a discussion of two young boys killed in a fire through a mother's neglect is neither It's in poor taste and callous In another example from Chapter 4 Witless Witnesses to History Coulter's argument turns to government insiders who write tell all books Specifically she refers to Scott McClellan's book What Happened Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception a book that I read and admittedly found to be rather tame in its accusations which made Bush out to be less of a monster and of an easily suggestible and somewhat incompetent commander in chief Strangely enough Coulter d