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BarrayarBujold Lois McMaster Barrayar Graepub Bujold Plik Bujold. 4 stars Barrayar a Hugo winner and Nebula nominee back in 1991 is a book that improved dramatically for me on reread It's interesting subtle and complex than I initially gave it credit for And it's fascinating to see the development of Cordelia and Aral's characters from their initial beginnings in Shards of Honor and their growing relationships with each other and with the people around themThe first half of Barrayar is a little on the uiet side deliberately paced as Cordelia a woman with socially liberal views comes to terms with her new life as Lady Vorkosigan in the rigidly traditional and militaristic society on Barrayar Her husband Aral is appointed as regent to the child emperor of Barrayar which puts Cordelia and Aral in the bull's eye of political machinations which become dangerous than either of them anticipated Readers who are familiar with Miles Vorkosigan from the later books in this series will get the beginning of his story here and it's well worth your time The second half is a whirlwind a heart stopping adventure with Cordelia and her new friends at the center of a desperate plan that has far reaching implications for the entire planet of Barrayar The first half might be a bit slow paced for some as it sets up the second half but it's worth the waitCordelia is a character for the ages an outspoken unstoppable force whose steely determination is combined with intelligence a warm heart and concern for the people around her other than those that are causing trouble for Cordelia or those she lovesHe tried to hurt Aral through me I found that annoying I wish you would cease trying to annoy me Count Vordarian I'm afraid you might succeed Her voice fell further almost to a whisper You should fear it tooAral is a great foil for her a strong character in his own right but it's Cordelia who's at the center of this story I'd love to meet her She'd probably kick my butt into shape in a dozen ways I didn't realize were needed until she pointed them out to me

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Barrayar review ✓ 104 ↠ Bujold Lois McMaster Barrayar Graepub Bujold Plik Bujold Lois McMaster Barrayar Graepub na koncie użytkownika olam • folder Bujold Lois McMaster • Data dodania sieLam • folder Bujold Lois McMaster • Data dodania sie. I am so sold on Cordelia and Aral as a couple This might be an old scifi saga but it's one that has aged well in my opinionThis is the third book chronologically and tells of Cordelia after she married Aral Vorkosigan and came to live with him on Barrayar Naturally a few things about this society are alien to her and to us but she also realizes some weird things about her own culture and that both aren't exactly perfect Moreover since the Emperor has appointed Aral regent there is a lot of stuff to organize and get used to Originally Cordelia thought she'd marry a retired military commander but now she finds herself in the middle of political intrigue attempted assassinations and the likesBut not to worry Cordelia is kick ass once again while still being her own person empathetic sensitive She needs Aral because she loves him but she will also fight like the proverbial lioness for him He tried to hurt Aral through me I found that annoying I wish you would cease trying to annoy me Count Vordarian I'm afraid you might succeed Her voice fell further almost to a whisper You should fear it too And Aral despite being strong honourable strategic as seen in the discussion about the rescue attempt but also loving and kind needs her just as much The first half of the book might seem slow to some because all the political players have to be moved into position but what we read here is very important for the second half of the book and in fact the rest of the series as well as the characterization of all the secondary characters such as Bothari and Droushnakovi what a love story THAT is with Koudelka So it's worth the wait and once action does happen phew that was a wild rideAs usual the author gives us an adventurous tale that hides some very deep and important topics Such as consent sexual as well as to medical treatments or how a society treats physically disabled people The latter especially since Barrayar is being portrayed like Sparta when it comes to babies and disabilities This was a very up to date topic even so back when this was written From a modern perspective I have to say that I personally think I would probably terminate a pregnancy when being notified of my baby's disability I know many cannot understand that but even nowadays you don't exactly live in paradise if something is wrong with you and a physical or mental disability means there is indeed something wrong even if I think we should integrate disabled people fully in any society Thus I think it's better to not subject my child and memy partner to such a life with today's technology it's also easier to spot when something is wrongNevertheless I loved how Cordelia fought for Miles against Aral's father even succeeded and how the young boy even manages to change his grandfather's stern mind This is the saga of an underdog to some extend after allWhat I probably like most about this is how the author manages to portray a topic from all kinds of angles She shows different points of view and the readers decide which they prefer or if they would try to find a way in between even There is also no stiffness about the characters; they can learn and evolve change their minds This makes the scenes and problems as well as the characters much lively and 3 dimensional

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Lois McMaster Barrayar Graepub na koncie użytkownika o. Third read update 12617The love story between Aral and Cordelia continues but it's really a tale about Barrayaran politics and cultural horrors To cull genetic mistakes or not To break from the hold of barbaric cultural practices or notHell it even goes a long way to toward teaching us forgiveness for the mentally ill Although to be perfectly fair Cordelia's bulldog of a man has a lot of nobility in him for latching on to a truly noble mistress but maybe that's missing a point somewhere It's not him It's her Cordelia And my goodness she really kicks ass Besides all that I'm REALLY enjoying the hell out of all the characters who get screen time here and it spurs me on toward all the times I see them in big roles later and I'm loving how the whole series gels together Even the development of certain themes told with different nuances are all here set up and knocked down and will be knocked down just as gloriously laterAm I a total fanboy I must be if I'm chomping at the bit to re read the whole series Again For the third time Original reviewI remembered this fondly as I reread it now and than ever it was nice to revisit Revolution stolen babies friendly monsters it really had it all especially if you're looking for a solid space opera that has very little in the way of spaceships I jest but not really The worldbuilding is very solid the characters are really amazing and memorable long long after first reading them I found myself smiling at what I remembered to come next and chuckling at the ignorance of later characters when it came to the past of which this novel is the presentIt can certainly be taken on its own merit and should be but it is all the greater in the wider tapestry