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A Mermaid's RansomA story of two lovers who could not be differentDaughter to an angel and a mermaid Alexis has grown up in peaceful waters So when her nightmares begin the mer angel has little idea what to make of them A Mermaid's Ransom by Joey W Hill Paranormal Romance Dec 1 20094 ½ starsJoey Hill has out done herself with the third installment in her mermaid series This daring book explores the dark side of human nature What is really evil? In her latest book Alexis the daughter of the angel Jonah and the mermaid Anna has always kept herself slightly apart because her power to feel other’s emotions can be overwhelming When she begins to have erotic dreams of a mysterious and sensuous lover she is troubled but not worried Unfortunately Alexis does not realize she is part of magical spell of binding The man of her dreams is actually real and part of an evil world where there is only death and despair During one of her dreams Alexis suddenly finds herself transported to the Dark One world where she finds herself a hostageDante has dreamed of this moment His spell has worked and the goddaughter of the witch who trapped him here will finally do his bidding Dante plans to use Alexis as leverage in an attempt to get the witch to open the doorway into his mother’s world A world of freedom from the Dark One world Dante is half vampire and half Dark One and as such is feared innately evil To survive in this harsh work he has killed and sacrificed When his vampire mother was brought to this world she was raped and grew pregnant with him Both were unable to escape Dante has had to beg scrape and terrorize to gain his independence in a world that only respects violence and cruelty To survive he has had to be cunning and brutal When his mother finally went insane and died Dante only had the cherished stories of her world and vowed to find his way there no matter the cost But when Dante transports Alexis into his world her beauty and gentle nature make him feel emotions he has never felt before With Alexis he finds there is another side to life one that scares as well as enthralls him As he reaches for the world that was stolen from him he must come to grips with his past of violence One which he realizes Alexis has no part ofThis was a thrilling read from start to finish as I was uickly drawn in the powerful relationship between Dante and Alexis Each needed each other to realize their full potential Alexis may be gentle and caring but she in extremely understanding with her empathetic skills She is the ideal person to accept Dante’s special individuality as she guides him in this new world Her courage and fortitude as she stands up and stands beside Dante are inspiring As Dante grows and realizes the new world he has claimed is not easily mastered I was fascinated with his odd mix of shrewdness naivety and ability to work through his troubled past Dante is the most darkly charismatic hero I have ever read Even as I was repelled by his past I was enthralled by his compelling nature His drive to change himself and make sense of his new world was transforming and mesmerizing to readI really feel Mermaid’s Ransom pushes the envelope For anyone who is bored with the typical romance and loves the paranormal this is a book you will not soon forget It is both edgy and magical I would not recommend it for readers who enjoy light romances The scenes between Dante and Alexis are sexually charged and the many characters are not cut and dried Dante’s struggle to make sense of his new world and redeem himself with the help of Alexis was gripping and intense And Dante’s history of violence and torment do not make him an easy hero to read As he fights against his dark and dominant nature there is very real angst and emotion This is a memorable book that I found difficult to let goReviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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The leader of the underworld he longs to escape it How better than to hold for ransom the Prime Legion Commander's daughter? But there's one thing Dante never planned on the way Alexis steals his hea I wish I could rate this book higher than 5 stars it is so damn good Joey Hill is one awesome writer and story teller I absolutely loved this series and highly recommend to anyone who loves books that are highly emotionally charged I cried reading this one and I normally don't cry when I read so that just goes to show how much this one moved me I loved loved loved Dante and Lex I loved Jonah and Anna in the first book of the series and cried when I was reading it Mina and David's story was just as good I can't say it enough go and get this series read it you'll be glad you did Thanks to Joey for this wonderful world she has created

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A Mermaid's Ransom doc ☆ Paperback » moneyexpresscard ¶ A story of two lovers who could not be differentDaughter to an angel and a mermaid Alexis has grown up in peaceful waters So when her nightmares begin the mer angel has little idea what to make of them In her dream is the loneliest man Alexis has ever met —In her dream is the loneliest man Alexis has ever met and she's strangely drawn to him Until the night her dream comes trueBorn of a vampire and a Dark One Dante only knows brutality And although he's A MERMAID'S RANSOM is not an easy read by any means but it is perhaps the lightest of the three series installments in Joey W Hill's Daughters of Arianne Series I don't mean that it's light in tone because that's certainly not the case instead the lightness I'm describing can be contributed entirely to the heroine Alexis She is perhaps the most human of all the series characters and her sarcastic wit isn't acerbic but funny and comforting and therefore she becomes a much needed breath of relief Like a comical relief moment in a dark drama Alexis provides a tension release moment where the reader can take a breath and process the dark and gruesome undertone of the novel In addition her tangible humanity makes her very easy to relate to and her all encompassing love reaches out to the reader and provides comfort for the rocky journey ahead with these two amazing but radically different characters In short Alexis provides a very necessary balance of light to what could have otherwise been a dark and horrifying readA rare being known as a mer angel Alexis inherited the angel and mermaid traits of her parents Jonah and Anna the hero and heroine of series installment one A MERMAID'S KISS You can see a beautiful reflection of Alexis's uniue form on the novel's cover In addition like all the Daughters of Arianne that have come before her Alexis has the ability to shift from her mer angel form to human And while her beauty is an inevitable draw its Alexis's angelic aura and her undeniable essence of goodness that both draws and repels people making for a lonely existence Lastly she's been gifted and cursed with a strong empathic ability that reuires learned and fortified filters to keep her from being completely bombarded by the emotions of others If left unchecked or in moments of great stress Alexis can be rendered nearly catatonic by the emotional pressure However this gift proves invaluable when it comes to the hero who would have otherwise never been given chanceFor sixty some odd years Dante has been trapped in the gruesome landscape of the Dark One world Known as a Dark Spawn Dante's vampire mother was captured tormented and raped repeatedly by Dark Ones She conceived birthed and guided Dante as best she could all the while being chained and abused until her mind crippled from the abuse gave out and she imparted the last of her soul's memory to Dante Living his life in fear and as a scavenger Dante was a repeated mark to torment by the Dark Ones Beaten and sodomized within an inch of his life on a regular basis Dante learned that in order to survive one had to do it by any means necessary The Dark One world revolves around death and destruction where the weak is preyed upon and the strong become powerful through fear and violence This was the environment that Dante was born in matured in and eventually through a will of iron ruledAfter the epic Mountain Battle Mina Dark Spawn and heroine of A WITCH'S BEAUTY destroyed the rifts that allowed the passage of Dark Ones to Earth and thus eternally closing the window that Dante had to the world he should have been born into For twenty years he's maimed killed and learned the magical skills to dominate and rule the Dark One world Breathing solely to find a way to escape Dante infiltrates Alexis's dreams and binds her to him with with his vampire nature Pulling her through a blood soaked dream portal Dante captures Alexis with the plan to ransom her for his release from the Dark One world However he didn't plan on the impact the little mer angel would have on a heart he never knew he possessedDante is a highly unconventional hero Hell it can even be argued that he isn't a hero at all He's a d