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In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms review å 104 » In In Praise of Stay at Home Moms internationally syndicated radio host Dr Laura Schlessinger celebrates these essentially important yet overlooked women The author of eleven New York Times bestsellers—including Stop Whining Start Living and The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage—and #1 In In Praise of Stay at Home Moms internationally syndicated radio host Dr Laura Schlessinger celebrates these essentially important yet overlooked women T. To be honest I couldn't finish it When you choose a path in life you often search out those who validate and support your choice to buoy you on days when your path is challenging However after the first two or three chapters I felt that the author was so negative towards those whose choice was not mine that it bordered on superiority I do not believe that all women who do not stay home with their children do so because of selfishness She didn't seem to even acknowledge that so many do so because they had no other choice You can just hear the anger in her voice And then to think that she is a working mom by the way which I've heard her rationalizations for just seems so hypocritical You can support and encourage the choices of stay at home moms without denigrating those who choose differently It felt like the old tactic from school days put someone else down so that you can feel better about yourself I can think of a hundred reasons why I'm happy with the choice I've made to be an at home mom without even referencing those who continue with careers while raising kids

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W host in the country Dr Laura offers support guidance and words of inspiration and wisdom to the than 68 million full time stay at home mothers nationwide. This book was suggested to me by my mother a former stay at home mom on a particularly rough day with my three small sons Needing an emotional boost of some sort I waited for my husband to get home from work and then headed straight for Barnes Noble We're on a tight budget so the 2599 price wasn't cheap for us but it was worth the investment I needed to read every word in that bookDr Laura begins by promising the book is designed to validate those moms who have chosen to remain home with their children rather than entering the work force Although her views on the matter working moms vs SAHM are obvious she focuses on uplifting the stay at home mom rather than tearing down the working mom She shares stories inspiration happy endings and even websites all designed to help SAHM's to see the value in what they do every day She talks about the role of husbands and what wives can do to gain their support and make the home a happier place She offers suggestions for getting through those tough times when the role of full time mother and wife may seem daunting and even thankless She reminds her readers of the incredible blessings of being a SAHM and the joy it can bring to so many lives She often lists some of the sacrifices many SAHM's must make such as nicer cars furniture expensive haircuts new clothes etc As a SAHM mom I can attest to these sacrifices There are moments when it's easy to wish for those things and wonder if getting a job which would take me away from my children would be the answer to my frivolous longing However Dr Laura's book encouragingly reminds SAHM's they are missing nothing of great significance when compared to the all too fleeting and beautiful moments they share with their children every dayTruly this is a wonderful book for those who will recognize its message and content for what it is Validation support and the tribute SAHM's so desperately need and crave in a world where their role has become less and less revered and respectedThank you Dr Laura

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In Praise of Stay at Home MomsHe author of eleven New York Times bestsellers including Stop Whining Start Living and The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage and #1 female radio talk sho. I thought I would like this book considering I'm a stay at home mom And her message is great it's a nice change to hear someone saying that being there for your kids is important as I believe it isBut the tone of this book bothered me The over casual writing style and a few dumbed down grammatical choices like less instead of fewer and a few others led me to believe that either Dr Laura or her editor or both feels that stay at home moms or SAHMs as she calls them need to be talked down to I also don't like her portrayal of men Some men are actually intelligent and care about their families As much as she bashes feministas I have no idea where she came up with that word in her book she sounds like one almost every time she talks about men—because she treats them as animals or objects not as people