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BOOK ↠ Ç Sebastian Faulks Published to international critical and popular acclaim this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the present As the youn “But you must live your own life eventually You have one chance only” A poetic heart breaking novel about the atrocities of war and the hope that springs even under the most harrowing circumstances Sebastian Faulks writes with elegant beautiful prose and creates memorable characters Stephen Wraysford and Isabelle Azaire take the central stage due to their tragic love affair but for me the characters that are the heart of the novel are Jack Firebrace and Weir representing all that is good in a time of war and the importance of self sacrifice in times of duty The only feature that didn't attract my attention was the part of the narration that is set during the 1970s I understand why Faulks decided to include it in Birdsong but I wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there There is a BBC adaptation produced in 2012 with some alterations but with respect in the spirit of the novel and a great performance one of his many great performances actually by Joseph Mawle as Jack Firebrace “I don’t know your life history but I think children need to believe in powers outside themselves That’s why they read books about witches and wizards and God knows what There is a human need for that which childhood normally exhausts But if a child’s world is broken up by too much reality that need goes underground”

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FREE MOBI Í DOC Birdsong 9780679776819 Ã Published to international critical and popular acclaim this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the present As the young Englishman Stephen Wraysford passes through a tempestuous love affair with Isabelle On that is as tragic as A Farewell to Arms and as sensuous as The English Patient Crafted from the ruins of war and the indestructibility of love Birdsong is a novel that will be read and marveled at for years to com It's as if the author is writing from personal experience The way that the characters and the atmosphere are built by Sebastian Faulks is just amazing The reader is taken in to that atmosphere and shares the feelings of the main character Stephen You cannot fail to be totally captivatedAnyone who has served for any significant period in the Armed Forces will instantly relate to the use of black humour to cover the awful reality and horror Faulks also manages to reflect on how every aspect of life continues perhaps in the background as the war goes on There is a strong and emotive love story There is a very powerful understanding of the futility of war and its effects on everyone involved regardless of national allegiance One of the most poignant parts of the book for me is the description of the feelings of the sappers as they tunnel deep below the battlefield knowing that their counterparts are experiencing the same hopes and fears only feet away through the awful mud and darkness Death is never than a split second away Note It makes it even personal to me as I was in the Royal Engineers Sappers during my military career I'm happy to report though that I never had to get involved in the activity of sapping or tunnelling Having had the privilege of sitting with Somme veterans listening to their vivid memories of the trenches and the contacts and those friends who lost their lives I can say with great confidence that the superb writing of Birdsong takes us as close to being there as is possibleA scene which some may say in the greater scheme of the whole book pales into insignificance but is still very well worth mentioning is the extremely erotic yet tastefully presented first sexual encounter between Stephen and Isabelle which occurs early on in the story There are other encounters throughout the book but I found this to be one of the most sexually arousing pieces of writing that I have ever read It omits just the right amount of detail to allow the reader's imagination to run riot AmazingEvery emotion is touched during the reading of this bookThe title is evocative I found several reasons to entitle the book this way not least Stephen's declaration regarding his feelings about birds and the reasons behind those feelings When you read the book keep the title in your mind Seeking the meaning adds an extra dimension to your readingIt is a shame that it is not possible to award six stars to any book that I review for Birdsong would surely deserve such an award This one definitely makes it into my lifetime favourite fiveI would have no hesitation in recommending Birdsong to absolutely anyone but most especially to any politician who is thinking about sending young people to their deaths in warFootnote I was surprised that The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann featured in Sebastian Faulks's top one hundred books It sits right at the opposite end of the gripping to boring spectrum of reading to this magnificent work Birdsong is gripping

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BirdsongG Englishman Stephen Wraysford passes through a tempestuous love affair with Isabelle Azaire in France and enters the dark surreal world beneath the trenches of No Man's Land Sebastian Faulks creates a world of ficti Sebastian Faulks' Birdsong is a kind of Harleuin romance with a literary slant All the elements for pulp romance are there romantic hero soldier refined gentleman; unhappy married woman; romantic locale French suburbs countryside; numerous gratuitous sex scenes I remember horrifically an excess of pulsating members and curtains of flesh At the same time Faulks strives to give it some literary taste which I believe he largely fails to do The time jumping between pre war at war and present day seems haphazard and the present day revelation of Elizabeth Benson has the dull patina of a celluloid ending I think of present day Rose in Titanic the end of Saving Private Ryan etc the cinematic cheat of closing a tragedy by removing it from its era neglecting the interceding lives of its characters what I hate about epilogues It is no surprise that Faulks was commissioned to ghost write an installment of the James Bond series Devil May Care Faulks writes for the cinema but mostly he writes to the base male fantasies and mock Hemingway an masculinity that appeals to contemporary male readers sex war violence camaraderie and friendship His attempts at literary effects fail him and damage the pulpy material beneath HE is a plot author with poor plot pacing his attempts to bridge past and present day a connection which fails to entertain or convince repeatedly stunt the built up momentum of Stephen and Isabelle's romance and later on the gray violence of the battlefieldI look at the top uotes for Birdsong and find dull pulp and platitudes I know I was there I saw the great void in your soul and you saw mine Something one might find in a schoolboy's diary The prose which is often flabby at the seams is filled with my short phrases with faked originality and stunted aesthetics slipshod attempts are juxtaposing and reconciling the ugliness of war and the beauty of passion Something had been buried that was not yet dead The novel abounds in cliché from trite aphoristic turns of phrase to the overall story very little strikes the reader as truly original or insightful The Brideshead Revisited inspired memories are stilted and unnatural poorly executed If one is to read this book one should only read it at the surface for a war torn romance diving in deeper will only reveal the shallowness beneath the surface the smallness inside of a postured grandness