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REVIEW Riversend ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê The Stunning Seuel to the Highly Acclaimed Amberlight Fighting doubt and convention beset with great challenge and facing profound change Tellurith leads her displaced House to a new beginning and a different life in Iskardaa life that includes men and women as euals But the traditionalT includes men and women as euals But the traditionalist Iskardans are outraged by Telluriths policies and appalled by her love for two husbands Alkhes the rough dark Outlander who brought Amberlight its doomand golden Sarth epitome o. This was breathtaking I read the previous book Amberlight and enjoyed the beautiful prose and the imagination at work A city run by women and the mysterious sentient stone uerriue is thrown into chaos by the arrival of a stranger In places I found the plot hard to follow but by the end I was so caught up in the uniue love story I just wanted Riversend was an easier read – the prose has clarity without losing its poetic ualities bringing to life a different world and the story is strong in its exploration of relationships under pressure Tellurith and her House are in exile after the destruction of the uerriue around which their society was based Now she must lead her people not only to safety but through an upheaval in gender roles and traditions At the heart of this is the struggle of her two husbands to accept their new roles at odds with their upbringingI was a little thrown in places by plot twists that seemed to come out of nowhere but it didn’t matter too much The strength of the story was in the depth of moral integrity displayed by the main characters and the exploration of their choices under intense and competing pressures of love and dutyIt is also a reflective tale on gender roles an interesting mirror to our own society In places where actions shocked or surprised me especially the depiction of sexual violence I tried turning it around – if genders had been reversed would I have felt the same And when the answer was ‘no’ why not If you like fantasy based around mature strong willed characters or are interested in gender roles and expectations I think you’ll enjoy this

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F the urbane men of the Amberlight Towers To achieve Telluriths dream both must re shape their lives To preserve the dream all three must journey to Dhasdeins imperial capital of Riversend and face deadly menace and perilous machinati. I think this is Sylvia's best so far The three narrators who tell the story are each vivid and engaging as they try to sort out who they are to each other who they are to themselves in this new world after the fall of the city of Amberlight the first in this series everything changes and who they are in the world post Amberlight Good plot twists lots of the rich description Sylvia is known for and it kept me reading

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RiversendThe Stunning Seuel to the Highly Acclaimed Amberlight Fighting doubt and convention beset with great challenge and facing profound change Tellurith leads her displaced House to a new beginning and a different life in Iskardaa life tha. While Riversend is just as beautifully written as its predecessor Amberlight and much as I appreciated the addition of Alkhes and Sarth as first person narrators of the story I can't help but be uncomfortable with how rape is treated in this book Specifically rape where the victim is male; leaving aside the arguably gratuitous amount of suffering Alkhes is forced to go through the SarthisZuri plotline bothered me a lot What Zuri does is unuestionably sexual assault but it's romanticized by the narrative in a way that none of the attempted male on female or male on male sexual violence is Kelso makes an attempt to acknowledge how messed up this is Zuri herself is ready to commit suicide afterwards from guilt and shame but There's a whole lot of victim blaming and everyone seems upset about the fact that Zuri is a sexual sadist than the fact that the 'incident' was rape Sure the former is alarming and disturbing to anyone who's not into that particular area of BDSM but that the whole thing was non consensual doesn't seem to ping on anybody's radar at allI don't know Some of the aftermath makes sense in the context of this particular world and culture the author has created but I can't pretend it made for easy reading Otherwise this is a five star book that I couldn't put down and I loved it even than I loved the first book and am off to immediately buy book three But I can't mark it as five stars in good conscience so I think I'm just going to leave this one completely unrated