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review A Mathematician's Lament How School Cheats Us Out of Our Most Fascinating and Imaginative Art Form Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ “One of the best critiues of current mathematics education I have ever seen”—Keith Devlin math columnist on NPR’s M“One of the best critiues of current mathematics education I have ever seen” Keith Devlin math columnist on NPR’s Morning EditionA brilliant research mathematician who has devoted his career to teaching kids reveals. Definietly a must read for all math teachers I was starting to get a bit bored in the end but when I started to realize that the book was over Paul Lockhart shows where the current system leads us to a mass productions of pattern recognition machines read students I really liked the introduction parable

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Math to be creative and beautiful and rejects standard anxiety producing teaching methods Witty and accessible Paul Lockhart’s controversial approach will provoke spirited debate among educators and parents alike and i. I know 4 stars Really The content and the ideas and the presentation are 5 star material He's a bit crude sometimes and there's a particularly hedonistic phrase used near the end of the book part 2 not the free essay material that I felt was just unneeded And since I recommended this to all my dear homeschooling friends some of whom have tender sensibilities I knocked a star off Disclaimer doneNow for the high praises YES math is supposed to be FUN It's about noticing thinking discovering beauty coincidences patterns sense reasoning and FUN I typed all sorts of uotes into the goodreads database just check the right sidebar on this book's page and you'll see a link to uotes from this bookI was blessed I suppose to not only inherit nerdy genes but critical thinking genes; to have been exposed to puzzle fun growing up; and to have had a great public school experience over all; AND to have had a go at your own pace math curriculum in 5th grade which was the highlight of every day I didn't particularly enjoy timed multiplication tests in 3rd grade I choke under pressure and Linear Algebra kicked my fanny in college But everything in between was fun Ok I lied Mrs Oyamot used to mark off point for misspelled words on our Algebra tests which I thought was a bit crankyThe point being Lockhart's Lament is preaching to the choir with me I've always loved math And I've always loved it because of the fun of exploring and discovering and its beauty I got that out of math class even though it wasn't taught that way Also I'm on the educational fringe already I homeschool and don't use curriculum; I'm so far away from being concerned with K 12 curriculum it isn't funnyFrom my notes p46 Honest intellectual relationship caused me pause I suppose because it looks so different depending on the setting and the age And I take honesty for grantedp48 We lean things because they interest us now not because they might be useful later There's truth in that and it's certainly true for the young and the immature and some personalities But I hope that if someone is becoming truly educated and not just taught they develop a desire to learn useful things Of course that's gradualp49 Large digit addition is too advanced for most 3rd graders Wait until they're naturally curious about numbers I mostly agree with this; primarily because this is how I handled reading I didn't push reading on my kids rather I exposed them to lots of books I modeled reading and I read TO them Especially because math is so maligned in today's world I think exposure to playing math is essential If you wait until someone develops a natural curiosity without exposing them to said subject it might never happen Exposure in a playful fun way is essentialp50 Preparing tomorrow's workforce today is such a sarcastic loaded remarkp52 He contrasts memorizing poetry the awful way of teaching to writing your own the only good way and I believe them to be points on a continuum It's asking a lot for a child to write poetry without any exposure Exposure again is keyp63 Cogs in a great soul crushing machine rivals the oft uoted Titanic reference in the beginningp64 More staggering cruelty towards The System The problem is not that the students can't handle it it's that none of the teachers canp78 9 This pretty much epitomizes his criticism The problem with the standard geometry or any math curriculum is that the private personal experience of being a struggling artist has virtually been eliminated The art of proof has been replaced by a rigid step by step pattern of uninspired formal deductions The textbook presents a set of definitions theorems and proofs the teacher copies then onto the blackboard and the students copy them into their notebooks They are then asked to mimic them in the exercises Those that catch on to the pattern uickly are the good studentsThe result is that the student becomes a passive participant in the creative act They are being trained to APE arguments not to INTEND them So not only do they have no idea what their teacher is saying THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY THEMSELVES ARE SAYINGPart 2 of the book models a few instances of uestioning and working for the answer My favorite was the one about odd numbers and suare numbers I never knew that one The second part of the book was a nice complement to the first but simply reading the essay online certainly communicates the pointHis detractors are fair when they say that he gives little concrete suggestions about how to go about teaching math without curriculum but on the other hand one of his main points is that you can't teach math if you don't love it Your enthusiasm and guidance will facilitate math learning based on where your students are and your time together etc BUT the world would certainly benefit from this is what we did to explore math today ideas Highly recommended if you think you're not good at math If you dislike math there's a good chance you don't understand what it is AT ALLHappy mathingsee also especially doodling in math class

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A Mathematician's Lament How School Cheats Us Out of Our Most Fascinating and Imaginative Art FormT will alter the way we think about math foreverPaul Lockhart has taught mathematics at Brown University and UC Santa Cruz Since 2000 he has dedicated himself to K 12 level students at St Ann’s School in Brooklyn New Yo. The author of this book really loves math and believes that what is bring taught as “math” in schools is not math but rather an exercise in soul crushing drudgery and torture He has some interesting points He says that true mathematics is an art form and has no practical purpose other than to bring joy to those who practice it It should be taught as an art form just for the sake of enjoying its true beauty just like we would study great literature art or music As a Charlotte Mason inspired educator I am intrigued Miss Mason believed in a “liberal education for all” and did not think all learning had to be related to preparing for a particular trade But I digress The first part of the book is a mouthy rant against the current system and the second part is an introduction to “true mathematics” namely problem solving Figuring out how numbers work together how patterns work how lines relate to each other in space etc What is sorely lacking is any kind of practical description of how a person would lead a child in practicing “real mathematics” Perhaps he would say I am missing the point