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Summary The Big Rich ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF å What's not to enjoy about a book full of monstrous egos unimaginable sums of money and the punishment of greed and shortsightedness Phenomenal reviews and sales greeted the hardcover publication of The Big Rich New York Times bestselling author Bryan Burrough's spellbinding chroniLbinding chronicle of Texas oil Weaving together the multigenerational sagas of the industry's four wealthiest families Burrough brings to life the men known in their day as the Big Four Roy Cullen H L Hunt Clint Murchison and Sid Richardson all swaggering Texas oil. Is it any wonder Texas oilmen inspired soap operas like Dallas and Giant Here's a cursory list of their goings onDrinkin'Gamblin'Whorin';Bigamy;Old fashioned Jew hatin';Commie huntin';Jesus findin';Coke snortin';Sidewalk sleepin';Market cornerin';Right wingin';Island buyin';290000 in silver dollars;Wrestling matches at the symphony;Armed robbery;Billion dollar debts;One lobotomy;Hazard pay just for working in Texas humidity;Founding the AFC and the Dallas Cowboys;At least one crooked Italian count;Corruption;Leasing the same land to 11 people simultaneously; and finally a couple of murders but those were just tangentialThe Big Rich mostly follows the Big Four oilmen Roy Cullen HL Hunt Sid Richardson and Clint Murchison The list of supporting characters reads like an atlas of Houston and Dallas includingMD Anderson;John Henry Kirby;John Connally;Brown Root;Lyndon Johnson;Jesse H Jones;George Strake;Sam Rayburn;Sid Bass;Lloyd Bentsen;both George Bushes;Glen McCarthy;Eugene McCarthy;various Roosevelts;Blaffer;and dozens My five star rating is really just for Houstonians and Dallasites Civilian readers may wish that fewer historic personages had been named so that the important ones would stand out Yet watching all these street signs and hospitals and art galleries come to life makes me think I know why Homer included too damn many characters in The Iliad everyone wants to hear about their ancestorsThroughout it all author Bryan Burrough Public Enemies uietly has the attitude shared by many Texans and Houstonians in particular yes this city is a humid mosuito ridden swamp overrun with cockroaches congestion and libertarians but its OUR humid mosuito ridden swamp and YOU don't get to talk shit about itAt the end after cataloging decades of ambition and foolishness he feels wistful about the days of these larger than life figures

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Tycoons who owned sprawling ranches and mingled with presidents and Hollywood stars Seamlessly charting their collective rise and fall The Big Rich is a hugely entertaining account that only a writer with Burrough's abilities and Texas upbringing could have written. Intriguing stories about the men unfortunately mainly men that I grew up hearing about in Texas These are the backgrounds of the men who made Texas famous for oil and big money Really enjoyed the gossipy but true life adventures Sadlymany of these families have devolved into the right wing politicians and now have brought shame onto Texas Actually they were doing this for decades but not as openly Very detailed and researched Now I know who owned some of those houses I used to walk my dogs by while living in Dallas I know this sounds shallow but I would have liked a few photos of people and events

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The Big RichWhat's not to enjoy about a book full of monstrous egos unimaginable sums of money and the punishment of greed and shortsightedness Phenomenal reviews and sales greeted the hardcover publication of The Big Rich New York Times bestselling author Bryan Burrough's spel. This is a fun tour It's particularly strong on the early years of HL Hunt Roy Murchison and Sid Richardson the Bass family founder The book loses its way a bit with the big detour through the Glenn McCarthy story which deserves its own book The main problem with the book is Burrough's strident liberal political correctness It's ultra conservative this and ultra conservative that over and over again Burroughs can't fathom why any of these people whom he otherwise admires might not be political liberals and he gives one ludicrous sociological explanation after another to account for it The answer of course is that all of these folks were men and women of their times and were very much in the mainstream of their era There is also the possibility that people like HL Hunt who were right about uite a few things where others were not might possibly have been right about most of their political views as well That America MIGHT owe them a debt of gratitude Burroughs thinks such an idea ludicrous The men were political laughingstocks he says over and over again But if you can make it through the cloying apologies to his political masters his editor and the reviewers one supposes the remainder of the book is a wonderful romp through a fascinating epoch of American history And there are uite a few ecstatic sordid weird and wild moments along the way from HL Hunt's THREE families he was nearly a TRI gamist to the great moments of long delayed validation for the oilman's oilman Sid Richardson The book wanders thematically a bit through the stories of the second and third generations but there are some good tales there as well and we find out what ultimately happened to all those oil fortunes and what the descendants did with what was one of the biggest piles of loot in human history Ultimately I recommend this Burroughs tells a good long story well