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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Leroni of Darkover ä From the founding of the Comyn Council to a Terran's first encounter with Iaran here are original tales that take readers from Guild House to Dry Town from the Terran spaceport settlement to the heart of Hastur's Domain in an exciting new exploration of Darkover and its mysteriesInal tales that take readers from Guild House to Dry Town from the Terran spaceport settlemen. ue saudades eu estava dessa série Eu sou apaixonada por Darkover o mundo criado pela Marion Zimmer Bradley e uando deixaram de publicar os livros em português no Brasil eu fui obrigada e xeretar na para descobrir o ue mais tinha sido escrito e achei um monte de AntologiasDurante uma época a Marion reuniu contos escritos por fãs as famosas fanfiction e deu um tratamento mais profissional para elas reunindo os contos por temas e publicando os melhores em antologias Eu comprei vários desses livros em 2016 e resolvi reler alguns para matar as saudadesLeroni of Darkover reúne histórias onde o tema principal é o laran o poder psíuico ue os darkovanos com sangue chieri tem esse poder pode assumir várias formas e a Marion reuniu algumas boas historias sobre o assuntoAlgumas historia ue eu mais gostei foram “The Rebels” com Varzil o Bom um dos personagens ue são sempre citados nas historias mas se sabe pouco sobre eleThe Bargain com uma mulher como personagem principal ue tenta consertar as burradas do seu marido ignorante e como isso acabou afetando os Elhalyns para sempreFood for the Worms é uma historia sobre um laran bem diferente e um castigo bem merecido para um marido das Cidades Secas DemaisAvarra's Children achei meio confusa mas no final acabei gostando porue tinha o meu uerido Regis HasturThe Tower at New Skye adoro as historias sobre a colonização de Darkover sempre aparecem algumas coisas bem interessante sobre os costumes e esse vai tratar do inicio das Torres e do treinamento do laran

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T to the heart of Hastur's Domain in an exciting new exploration of Darkover and its mysterie. Another enjoyable anthology Years ago I read everything by MZB I could get my hands on Once in a while one of them comes off the shelf for a re read Enjoyed all but the Trillium books


Leroni of DarkoverFrom the founding of the Comyn Council to a Terran's first encounter with Iaran here are orig. Let's start this with a uibble there is obviously a dire need for a dictionarygrammar of Darkovan words I was always under the impression that 'leroni' was a female plural The male plural would be laranzu'in where the apostrophe represents a glottal stop; the neutral plural meaning males AND females would be 'leronyn' This is an anthology which means pretty much by definition that it's uneven in uality But since the editorial decisions were made apparently by Bradley herself the ineuities are also heavily influenced by Bradley's OWN prejudices She herself often argued that she was impartially choosing the 'good' over the 'poor uality' But she was a little self aware than this implies She was aware that she had prejudices against certain sorts of writing certain themes plots characters etc which had nothing to do with some 'objective uality' of the writing Further her exhortations to people not to take 'no' for an answer arewell to put it bluntly while they're not insensitive or sadistic they are consciously cruel Bradley repeatedly apologizes for this realizing that she's counseling people who are BY DEFINITION sensitive and vulnerable to be callous persistent and tough and to 'improve' writing which is often MUCH BETTER than what's 'commercially viable' by adopting what my father too often called 'protective coloration' accepting and adapting societal principles which are too often deplorable simply in order to be accepted Never mind that the writers often had something of great and truly novel potential value to contribute she implies they should accept the standard versions But in reality if people won't accept it for what it IS i believe you might as well not even bother to tryPart of the problem is that Bradley has been coopted by this 'nothing new under the sun' drivel Of COURSE there is nothing new under the sun There is nothing at ALL under the sun in the Solar System the center of gravity is always DOWN though local circumstances might make it appear otherwise The center of gravity in the Solar System is INSIDE the Sun Not in the center of the sun but near the surface on whatever side most of the rest of the mass of the Solar System is at the time meaning the gas giants and particularly Jupiter The center of gravity thus moves around but it is always below the surface of the sun And this is NEW KNOWLEDGE not than about 450 years old since it wasn't possible to determine where the center of gravity for the Solar System WAS until it was realized what mass there WAS in the Solar System and where the masses were located This is in the most literal sense 'revolutionary' knowledge because the word 'revolution' didn't imply massive changes until the 1453 publication of Copernicus's deathbed bookHere on Earth with the Earth AND the Sun under us there are thus most DEFINITELY new things Things change and they really change and the differences matter Before Copernicus the celestial revolutions still occurred but nobody knew HOW they occurred or successfully defined things in terms of them In anthropology which it's evident Bradley had no respect for there are stories that are FAR different than the stories the Ancient Greeks told and seeking out the analagous and ignoring the differences does NOT contribute to understandingOne of the best exercises of this sort of thing is a demonstration we once had in an ethnomusicology class The teacher played a Bach choir and then a cacophonous dissonant chant The catch The singers were the EXACT SAME individuals It was not that they didn't understand the Bach music at least as well as other performers it was that they were trying to achieve something else ENTIRELY with their own musicThe stories in this anthology thus represent not the 'best' but rather what Bradley PREFERRED out of the hundreds possibly thousands of stories solicited or unsolicited which Bradley received continuously whether she was planning anthologies or not This must be borne in mind and if it's not it's not Bradley's fault she's uite up front about itNote that there's a or less chronological bibliography by internal dating NOT by publication date in the prefatory materialStories1 Introduction see above for comments2 Building A fairly insulting account of how the Comyn Council came to have the customs it developed3 The Ferment Bradley argued that she was always looking for new ways to use laran In this case the adolescent heroine uses laran to control the workings of yeast Which raises the uestion does Darkover have yeasts of its own or did the first ship bring some strains of them as well4 Wings Orain from Hawkmistress is tested for laran as a child and learns about whether it matters if he has laran or not5 The Rebels Varzil the Good fascinates people and they try to imagine his youth In this story Varzil gets a taste of forced empathy when he travels with 'bandits' as if he was one of them6 A Dance for Darkover A Darkovan expatriate returns because she's the only heir to her Council Seat meaning she's either an Aillard or an Elhalyn because she has a living brother She finds herself in a Grass Dance situation7 There Is Always Someone Ann'dra Carr is sought out by a former friend from Earth who fears he is in danger8 Reunion One of the things people find most troubling about the Comi'i Letzi'i is that they do not allow their sons to live in the Guild House after they pass the age of 5 bear in mind the difference in year length a five year old Darkovan is closer in physical age to a Terran of 7 years This is not in the Oath but is a matter of custom But there IS a renunciation of male family in general including brothers This isn't clear And there is often a renunciation of links to female relatives as well In Darkovan society where one is often emotionally closer to foster kin than to biological relatives this would be a little less stressful but it still causes problems for example if biological kin are not raised together how will they become inured against incest In this case a child meets his grandmother for the first time to the confusion of everybody9 A Way through The Fog There tends to be an assumption that only Comyn have laran This has always been an absurd assumption of course since all human Darkovans are descendant from the original ship personnel which was very small it's most likely to be an Island of The Color blind sort of situation The laran gifted must arise in EVERY family and although the towers select for certain defined 'gifts' there will always be new variants and combinations arising In this case it's a sort of homing talent10 The Gods' Gift An ordinary child becomes the victim of a supposed destiny when a Lord's son dies rescuing him11 The Speaking Touch During Project Telepath a psychometrist comes to join the Project12The Bargain A woman deals with an inept husband and begins to establish Council Right for Elhalyn women13 The Witch of The Kilghard Hills It develops that the position is held not by an immortal or by a familial heir but by election by the spirit of the shrine14 The Gift A twin who thinks he has no laran discovers a version of the MacAran Gift15 Invitation to Chaos A uarrel about whether Keepers should have seats on Comyn Council16 The Keeper's Peace Using characters from Stormueen; Renata of Aldaran fosters the son of two of her former circle members17 Food for The Worms Set in the Dry Towns The