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READER Ó DOC A Whole Lot of Love FREE Ë On the phone Layla Laraway had always driven men wild with her sexy voice But in face to face encounters few looked past her full figure to the woman inside So long ago Layla had stopped believing in fairy talesand Prince CharmingOne look at Layla Laraway and CEO Ethan Winslow knew he'd found a princess Han all those 34 24 34s he used to date And suddenly this far from marriage minded man was seeking to sweep Layla off her feet and convince her that happily ever afters could come true I thought I'd never ever read this kind of books but here I am I enjoyed the story maybe 'cuz I'm a big woman so I totally understand traits of LaylaPretty ugly duck realizes she's a kindly and beautiful woman and gets the hunk and sensible man story

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On the phone Layla Laraway had always driven men wild with her sexy voice But in face to face encounters few looked past her full figure to the woman inside So long ago Layla had stopp Hh meet when heroine calls hero to participate in a charity auction for Alzheimer’s researchsupport Hero CEO of a small tech firm thinks she has a sexy voice Heroine can hear his interest but knows he’ll be disappointed when he sees what she really looks like She’s tall almost six feet and big – as in voluptuous – big hips and bust but with a defined waistI include this description because it’s repeated a lot in the story And because her weightappearance is the central conflict in the story Her former fiancé dumped her after she put on weight following a hospital stay caused extreme dieting She then decided she’d rather be healthy than try to diet But she hasn’t accepted any dates since dresses neatly in dark clothes and works constantlyThe hero is surprised when he meets her at the auction but he uickly suppresses it He has his own backstory baggage He is a workaholic ever since his parents died when he was 17 and he was responsible for his two younger sisters He is CEO of this tech company because the former CEO mentored him all through college and made him his heir when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Hero is very invested in Alzheimer research but can’t bring himself to visit his old mentor in the nursing home Heroine’s mathematics father died of Alzheimer’s that is why she is involved in this foundationOkay back to the plot The comedian who is emceeing the auction unexpectedly brings the heroine up on stage and dares someone to bid on a date with her It’s supposed to be a comedy bit but the audience is uncomfortable and the heroine is humiliated Hero bids on her – the highest bid of the night – and heroine leaves before he can talk to herHeroine thinks he wasn’t serious about a date but he insists They go for a day of sailing and have a great time Heroine hears about his sisters etc They then go on some lunch dates and heroine decides he’s going to keep it in the friend zone so she won’t get her hopes upAt this point in the story the minor characters begin expressing the good bad and ugly about judging people by their appearance The hero’s bff from high school turns out to be a real pig saying every cliched mean thing about overweight women and their desirability Thankfully the hero pushes back and eventually dumps him – although the dumping is off page The heroine’s bff is all about positive body image and true love overcoming all etc The middle ground is held by the heroine’s sisters who are delighted with the heroine coaxing their brother out of his workaholic shell and letting the heroine know that the hero has always been good looking has always had women chase him and misunderstand him and is just as vulnerable emotionally as the heroine Out of this tangle the hero just goes for it and kisses the heroine surprising both of them with instant arousal With a taste of that passion the hero pursues her wins a place in her bed and the rest of the story is the heroine’s to mess upThere is an unexpectedly poignant moment when the hero works up the courage to visit his mentor in the Alzheimer locked ward It made me cry – not tear up – cry It was analogous of meeting someone you thought had died and telling them everything in your heart It was the ultimate of second chances and sniff it slayed meThis is a beautifully done category romance that tackles some serious issues The Hh are compatible from the start – their opening phone dialogue made me smile with toe curling delight The love scenes are perfect for these two Hero is so into her I gave it five stars because it made me cry because I believed the romance and because it made me think It made me think because weigh

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A Whole Lot of LoveEd believing in fairy talesand Prince CharmingOne look at Layla Laraway and CEO Ethan Winslow knew he'd found a princess Layla was woman than any he'd ever met and he desired her far t I found this book via a blog I think Smart Bitches Trashy Books but I'm not sure several years ago and it's been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to get around to it for a while I finally did First off the title is terrible Absolutely terrible There is no excuse The book itself however is pretty good I only wish it were longer I'm sick of seeing the typical naturally thin perfectly proportioned romance heroine I loved seeing someone like myself in a romance novel also the cover art is off because if that's supposed to be Layla then I don't see what the big pun intended deal is with her weight I also loved the background story of Alzheimer's I liked that they had something in common that drove them and brought them together though I wished Layla's back story would have been a bit in depth I found Layla's insecurities a bit annoying but then I thought about it and I suppose I'd think the same thing if in that position I'd probably even think it was a prank of some sort So I really can't blame the character for her thoughts on the matter Honestly this book was really a waste for a serial It definitely should have been a longer standalone book on it's own Several people probably wouldn't even give it the time of day simply because it's a serial I would love to see books like this and no the heroine having small breasts or a boyish figure does not constitute an imperfection